Monday, April 30, 2012

                Octomum a complete mental case 

Octomum has  filed  bankruptcy there is a  surprise for ya  huh !!

The mother of  16   which in my eyes is  way to many kids  for any human being to suffer i personally myself  think one is  way too many that's because i am selfish and enjoy  playing .

 This is  a women that has  said  she looks  after her  kids  but she is tanked and  going to lose her house .

listen every once in a while i know  women get stressed  with kids its  a job  one  that i  do not  want/wish on anyone  i have  a sister  who does a phenomenal job on her  kids  and its not easy its a  commitment .

  its not like a paper round its all day  she informs me from time  time to time  that  he boy  is  a handful ...multiply that  by another 15  and bingo 

But hey  to spend  $525 on a hairdo the day before her bankruptcy hearing... that is  totally unnecessary  she could have bought maybe  things like oh i don't know  here is a  random thought food and  clothing for the  kids

Even if you have  lots of money it really does  not  go far  when you  have  16  rugrats/anklebiters/windowlickers  trailing back and forth and eating like termites  because we all know  that  when  kids are growing all they do is  eat shit and  sleep like a little machine

I have never liked octomum because of her disregard she already had  6 kids and she went in for the fertility drug.... i  put her menatlity in between a used toilet roll and  a dehydrated boweevil

This  broad has  not a gram of  self respect its very obvious how she operates  in here life  she  really is  not  a  bright  bulb at all  but what can you expect from a  broad that has knocked out 16 kids

I feel  bad for her  kids  she  does deserve to lose  them  she   cannot be  functional if she puts a hairdo in front her  children that shows  whats in her  brain  ..why does she  need a  $525 hairdo is she  going out on the town to find a guy that  is  going to get to  date her ,then she really is  a  fricking wack job ,what man in his right mind  would want to go near her .....

rumour has it she wanted to look like angelina jolie...nothing of the sort  although Angelina  although has a  few hundred children of her own she is like  different and it doesn't hurt she has  brad pitt who is not broke and i think her parenting skills  along with a bunch of nannies helps .....

octomum said she wold never do  any sort of porn and now she is saying she is going to do it to survive...i like broads  but i do not  think i would like to see this  chick naked  ...once again fame has its way of making people sell their souls!!!

                                     Dating a dentist ....eeeeeek!!!!

I have  just read  a man who was  dating a dentist  was breaking up with her  and he  went to her to get his teeth  fixed .......

listen up  folks  up folks if you are dating a dentist  and you are  deciding to can their  ass    would it not be  a better  idea  to go to  another  dentist 

maybe this guy was  not thinking  logically is  a  word to the wise  my fellow  friends  if you are going to break up with a girlfriend/hooker/broad/ may want to know  women do not think on the same lines as us ..

it may be the wrong time to announce your departure in a relationship prior to have your pearlies/teeth/gnashers  worked on by an emotionally imbalanced female dentist..if you are smart you wait till after  the whole  procedure is done or  simply do not go to her  with this  as you may like the guy lose all your fricking teeth .

i did notice the women was polish  we all know  Russian women and  eastern block females  are a little  differently wired from a lot of women in the world may have  missed the James bond  movies when you were growing up  but i loved  James  bond  spy  movies and the Russian broads  did  not take  departure  lightly 

maybe this chap in the  subject  did not know  about  women for the Easter block ,i hope he does now  ....

she was  jailed  for three years  but hey the guy  has lost his  fricking teeth  what  a dumb ass  this dude  is  hopefully he may get dental  implants ...when Will guys learn that a women scorned is  a  fricking nightmare ...the span of time has  taught man   nothing  

women have brought down some of the most powerful men in history and  have guys learned .nope

 if you are dating someone in a   profession  where surgery is involved you may want to finish up what's been done to you  before  you lose  more than your fricking teeth !!!!!!!!!!

                          Maybe i am a pig or something

I don't know  about anyone else  but  being single  means  i can really do whatever  i want,however if you are in a relationship things are different, because your significant other will not be happy if you are staring at a  hot girl/guy/whatever side of the fence your on .........(in Florida that can be  a whole other  blog but i will stay on this ).

Anyways i was getting a cup of  my morning java/Joe/blend/  whatever you call it and in line was  a really hot chick...being a single hot blooded  male who loves  all sorts of eye candy ( let me say if you got diabetes by looking at hot chicks  i would be diabetic by now)........ 

But one thing rattles my cage  if a  girl is going to dress with her cans trying to escape at 9 am....i got to look and she knows she is  dressing provocative ......but here is why  it gets retarded know you  have  a nice rack and legs that will not stop so why get  hacked off when someone  like me is staring at your cans ...if you are going to dress like a ho i am going to look at you like  a ho  its  the dynamics of life ......

i get the whole  chick power deal that women talk about  but when i see the like of  beyonce  with  nothing more than a dishcloth ...this is how  i remember  her  by  nothing more 

maybe someone who dresses  like she is  going to  a  revue  has little to offer upstairs and  more downstairs but that's all good  all i am saying i  i see  a woman  half naked  and  you see this in  Florida a lot if you have to  let the  twins hang out then you are really attracting pigs like me to stare at your goods ,i am not looking for intelligence all i see is  a babe  hanging her  rack out so it is what it is  right 

You know i have been to  some govt building (let me clarify this by saying nothing criminal on my behalf ) and saw women walk around with  nice suits on and let me say they look  very elegant and  intellectually hot    i am not sure but i  do not think  many govt buildings  let  women walk around with their  twins  trying  to escape .......

my point in this  blog as long as  women are going to dress  like skanks/ho's entertainers/stripper...or whatever  i will keep staring  i am all for it  but   if you cannot hack a pig like me  staring at your ass and  legs  then  maybe  you have  less upstairs  in that bleached head  than i already gave you credit for  ......

Florida...... the child support , does not make sense ........

i have lived in Florida  for a long time .....sometimes i think too long  but the  weather  is phenomenal...and does not matter where i go, i like the  climate here.

there is a  strange thing i have  just learned  about  living in Florida...if you have kids  and do not pay child support things  get  nuts.

If you have kids and you  do not pay child support,they take your  licence ,suspend it ,now i do not get this ,because as far as i know  i think you need  a licence  to  maybe  get a job,in the scheme of things,unless you  live a  5min walk from your  job

People do make mistakes in life  and i know  for the big picture its like everything else in life the masses of people ruin it for the ones that care but  maybe  cant  help situations ,but suspending a licence is impractical.

Florida law wants you to pay child support  but  how the hell can you if the very thing you need to  make money is taken away from you ,and then you are put in jail so how can you make  money when you are in jail  ,unless you are like  Martha Stewart  or  some  celeb like Lindsay Lohan .

Florida is a mental sandbar and its only redeeming quality is  the  good weather i am not sure why i like living here  i think the weather.i have  travelled a  lot and  let me say wholeheartedly without thought ,Florida on the whole is a  fricking toilet with great weather ,its run

you have Miami a complete  shit hole  from start to finish its a violent drug infested  but  its no California  ,there area  few  certain parts that are Nice like  star island  ...only for the rich ...and the corruption ,its really for the Spanish and  not English speaking if you decide to spend a weekend there  you  might want a crash course in Spanish .....there used to be a thing in the  70 or 89's  a bumper sticker ....saying would the last America  leaving Miami  please take the flag ....... 

anyway i have started  off the subject about child support  the state of florida will suspend a  licence  and put you in jail how does that solve  child support  that is  insane if you put a man in jail he cant work if you  take his licence  in florida how does he get anywhere  everything is  so  far apart and walking is  dangerous  this  law  must have been made up by a real man hating  legislature or whatever these people  call themselves ,

there has to be other way  to  penalisze  someone  for their mistake  this  seem  to be   nonsense  in  every way shape or  form  but somehow  we  all know  attornies  got in on this,i cant see how this resolves anything at all 

then to top it off  when you are in prison you are still made to make  money how  can you  do thins,then you  have to  get  pay to get your  licence re-instated ......

maybe i am off kilter  somehow  but  i do not have  kids   and never really wanted to have them at any time  in my life  ,because i always thought that  they were an  expensive long term investment and i have witnessed  tat when kids  get older  they do not really give a  rats ass  about their parents  you're  still paying when they leave the house and in today's  economy  sometimes there is the boomerang effect  the only shitty parts is they return with kids of their own because they have  lost their  house and  belongings  because of the economy so is it really a good investment ,maybe not?

 having kids is a big commitment and a long term investment and sometimes  we  think and  do  stuff  that does not make  sense and  love    does that to people ..i have always thought  love is  a  business  myself  invented  along the road to make money  much like marriage ,a big  crock ....

but punishing someone for  something they done wrong is all fine and dandy but doing it in such a way that  he  cannot do  nothing its like insane  living in florida  anyone  with a gram of  common  sense ( this is where the exclusion of  florida legislatures and cronies come in  because they do not make sense of anything they do  becausee for them its all about fucking over the people  that voted  for them )...know that  when livnig in this  swamp you need  a car  to get  anywhere ...unless you live  in the city (who would want to )  who ever concocted this notion of punishment  must be  rich,.. have no kids... and not understand  the shitty retarded transit system this state  has ...

The stupidity in florida is epidemic and it will not get better  as  long as there is men in suits who are into  political hand wringing and good old boys mentality ,putting a man in jail for  not paying child support is  like wasting tax payers money there must be an alternative to this  taking his licence  does not help ,unless of course  there is  the underbelly in all of this (and you can believe if its florida there will be ) someone somewhere who made up this  absolutely ridiculous punishment /law making big bucks from it !!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

         reality TV ....really are you sure people can be that dumb....

Reality TV   its starting to  be  questionable  about what is  really  reality and staged  for  rating  i mean   ...are  people  that desperate  to be   what they   call themselves  famous  by being complete    douche bags  and  idiots .

The  cast of jersey shore has  done  nothing for  the   Guido image  or   Italian  culture of long island  and  surrounding  places   like stat ten island and so on and so forth.

Lets be honest all you see on  reality TV between  jerseylicious and  jersey shore  and of course  the  housewives of  new  jersey  is a  bunch of   loud  obnoxious  narcissistic  orange tanned , cankled  broads  with   so much  hair  and make up   its puts barbie to  shame  

not to  mention  mob wives  ,lets be  honest reality stars  have   been the ones  shitting all over their  culture and giving it a  bad  name  ,i have  heard  Italians   complain about  how the image  has  been  soiled ............well   look at  TV  here is  a list of  maybe  why  and then you will see why people  have  a bad  idea 

1.jersey shore.......
3.housewives of new jersey
5.mob wives 
6.the godfather 1,2,3,4,5 i am not sure how many there was i got bored after the  first one 
7.the movie...... casino 
8.good fellas...........
9.the sopranos 1 thru  i think it  might have been in the hundreds  i  liked the gratuitous violence and  comical sidebars  it had to offer   the lighter  side to crime 
10  the  movie  Donnie brasco  with johnnie  depp  playing a  wise  guy and  sneaked in to expose  the  running  of  how   the mafia  really do not care  about  how they get the money as  long as they get the money......

The list goes on  Italians are complaining they are getting a  bad  rap   really  how  come .....its funny   people  sometimes  want the spoils  as  long as  they do not suffer!!

.....i have  witnessed in clubs  around  America   places  like the Hampton's  ,Miami ,ft lauderdale  of  actual  Italian guys  talking with a  broad   new  york accent  acting  all  bad  and then  telling his  friends  "does he know  who i am " seems its like  the macho  stuff is  all good  as  long as it  does not  get in the way  of   peoples gig

reality  has  really taken  life to an all time  low   like the real housewives  those  women  will  eventually suffer  for their mouths  i have no recollection of  anything but these  broads  are  ugly nasty  hos  with bad  make up  false  tits  and whining and the only think i feel bad  is   that the husband  are not getting laid ...i guess they are too busy ....... filing their  nails

Puck and his  crew...... in the  real World  on MTV ( who incidentally  were the pioneers of the whole reality TV  ) where  the  true  connoisseur's of  reality  tv  not scripted  it was really funny and sometimes  downright  disgusting  but  puck  did not care  ....his  housemates  were disgusted at Puck  but he was  so real and  so  nasty .....

I get that TV  has to get rating to stay in  business its  not rocket science  but  its  really  lost its  edge  we  all know the apprentice  which i love  and  is somewhat  staged  it has  to be    but  Donald  is the master of   making  people   feel   really  beneath  human  but he is  donald  .....

the flip side ty penningtons  house programe  of building a house in  two  days  has  left women   wondering     when she  phones  a handy man  can  he  do the  job in  3  minutes instead  of  the true  time  which is mostly a  couple of  hours we  all know   these  programes    which have  couples  swapping rooms and   doing this  in   2  days  its  not true  we  all know  if your in the business   its not that easy  noting  ever  goes according to plane 

i have  had  the pleasure of  meeting some of  these  guys   from  these  programes  and you know  they have   a  lot of extra  guys on hand  ..i have  been in the business  a  long time  and there is  no   quick  recipe  for  a decent job......

reality  TV  does take the reality out of  life   because behind the camera  there is  always  shenanigan's  and we  all know   art imitates  the real  life    and the TV  can do  slide of hand  , but if you  are like  some people  who are addicted  to the likes  of reality  and the  crap  kardashians  and  all the  shit they do and buy into  all the soap operas  and believe  that the stuff  is  real   

 one  thing you  may overlook in all of this  reality  skit/opera/drama/cabaret/stage ..human beings  whether  they are  famous or  not  have  a price  to which they will operate  and nowadays the soul can be  bought for  a little piece of fame 

nearly  every one  wants to be famous in one  way or  another  whether its on stage  or  you tube or  blogs!.....entertainment has  big bucks ..and the smell of  money and  success  is  a powerful aphrodisiac which TV  execs know there will never  be  a  shortage  of  addicts and as long as their  is addicts there will be reality TV......

Impractical implements in the house .....

I have written about this subject  many times in many different  forums ,chats  etc  ,about the  things people  buy and  put them  in their  house  for show 

I am talking about  items in bedroom ,bathrooms and dining room tables all over  America 

listen up ,we all know  guys in general  unless, your carter oysterhouse or whatever  or some designer dude ..or a  Rachel ray  follower who incidentally is  annoying like doctor Phil because she /he is  an Oprah bitch !!!...which means he/she is under the harpo production which we all know is Oprah spelt backwards and her  channel is  chunkin badly so she probably need  them to keep her  above a billionaire hoo sob ......

anyways back to the items in question regarding firstly the bathroom there is nothing more annoying in a bathroom  to have  towels  that cannot be  used  mere  decorations  and here is why its  annoying ......its taking up precious towel rack space  that could be used  for  a functional towel ......

we all know  women do their  house  up  so their  friends can admire it ,because  guys  do not give a rats  ass  and you can say all you want  need basics  like a lazy boy ......large screen  stainless steel walls and a massive  waste  disposal in the middle of  the room so he can just shove the beer and  pizza and  wings into it without moving an inch ......

listen the day a  company  comes up with a lazy boy with a built in shitter to the waste  disposal   it will be the end to  house  furnishing  

lets face it men will still have the same bed  they porked/banged and puked in  since college  because we  see a  bed as a long term investment with built in character  a  man we  can sleep anywhere .......

and  sofas  we  can still have the  same  sofa  as  we  watched  miami vice in in the 80's  as  guys see it when  furniture get worn it attains  character  like the old  college  van

 Designers gag and  die  at this  very  practice  like a pair of  jeans  man can keep  jeans  until they split....designer  cause all the problem they  fill a  women head with nonsense  and mostly its an  effeminate job where  most  men  who are into  the rough parts  of  life  do not venture  ..

Venus Williams turned tennis pro  turned  designer ....

Cindy Crawford turned model turned designer 

mike Tyson turned boxer  turned actor  turned  psycho....hard to imagine mike Tyson talking about a cherry side board with strawberry satin sheets  not gonna  happens ...

listen it does not make sense  why  those  towels are not functional 
 do women go to other women's bathroom sit there  taking a dump/pee whatever and  feel  rub and  put the towels in their face and wonder....... i  wonder where she  got those  towels   j.c.Penney's ,nordstroms  wal-mart towel kingdom  bed bath and beyond   ..hell no    i bet you no chance  because when your in the middle gear of  crapping    wondering where  towels come from is  not a priority 

its madness  no one in their  right mind  goes to a  bathroom  and  site  there   examining towels if you do  you need to get a life  for  sure .....

second madness  of all  is   why do  you need  207  pillows on a bed  then   take them off  and put them  (a) the floor   B  a  special  chest just for the pillows at  night  if you went a purchased  a chest  just  for this practice  the  your  are truly a deranged  broad  and so is your  husband  for  letting you .......

this  is total insanity  who the hell  comes  to your  house  and talks  and  say  hey  debs   lets go to your  bedroom and check out the pillows  you bought i am  so in need  of  207 pillows  for  my  bed    and  the  crazy part is they are so  expensive .....then you say lets  go look   no no one  its  a  way of  eventually leading the girlfriend into the house  showing all your  shit them  eventually the  bedroom and the only thing a  guy cares  about those  pillows  is  banging you in amongst  them   a  fact    only a real man  would admit to that  one   

and last and finally  the  ones  who set dinner  tables  there is  no instant guest  this is another  insane practice by women  guys    want to eat  and write  shit on a table its what a  table  for   why have  it all set   no one  is  coming like  Kate   the  duchess of Cambridge or whatever    there is  always plenty of time  to set a  table .....this  is designers  way of making shit  load of  cash   ...listen  designers  make  money from nothing  they  basically pump ideas  inn to a women's  head  for the sole purpose of  spending  lots of cash  practicality is  never a  designers  first   point  of  importance its  spending the husbands  loot and  because all women  like to show of to all other women   its  all about  who can have the best  stuff .....its a fact  

women do not dress  for men they dress  so that  other  women  Will make them feel good   men  only care  about  when you wear  your  heels in bed  with Fredrick's of  Hollywood ....gods bless  Friedrick   

a house  is a place  to be enjoyed  no show  what your friends  don't have  practical  but i guess as long as  there are designers and women who have the need  to  show off their  goodies  and  there  is cash  this practice  will only  get worse  


Friday, April 27, 2012

           Snooki...really a  mum ..............

snooki is pregnant can u believe  someone  would  want to actually harvest a child  with someone  who has  made
 career out of  being a complete  idiot ...........

yes folks she  has  been catapulted   to stardom through those friend at reality TV. a normal course of events    snooki would be your  average everyday  Honduran/Dominican or whatever she is a wannabee Italian  not sure why people  want to be other  nationalities

 ...i find that strange  i like  just being me
whether i would be Scottish or  Hungarian,i think your  derivation  has no relevance of your  mind .

But if your  an attention seeking ding dong who wants to hang around with juiced up  Guido's pretending your  Guido and having an insatiable demand for  Guido's then  someone  will see a way to use you for their  entertainment  value.

obviously snooki wants to be remembered  by this  because lets  face it  she  will always  be known  for being a ding dong hanging around  with Guido's  getting drunk and in  fights.
    she will never have  an  elegant gig  like  ivana white or host American idol  unless they run out  or seriously talented  individuals.

the only thing i see is when  little snooki  comes of age  that kid  is going to  get some  serious ridicule .

 ...i mean  lets  face it  its she is  not  Gwen Stafani  or agulera or j-lo , Carrie Underwood , its snooki who is you  mum mean snooki is  not known  for  any special skills  unless you call the occasional flash of her birth canal  on jersey shore a  talent.

you know these family values  are doomed  and even if  she  wants  to be a  good  mum

   she will be  under the media microscope  24/7/365....and someone  somewhere will be  waiting with an i-phone  or camera  because everyone now is a paprazzi looking for the moment...thanks to our friends at  you tube who have revolutionised  life (which is awesome ) 

 everyone who wants to see  snooki scew up, because this is no reality show its a life , having a  kid  changes  everything

 not being the  shiniest coin in the cup... she will screw up and the tables will be turned ....fame has  a strange way of turning on you ?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

                                 THE PRICE OF GAS.....
..            .we all know its a game but we don't get to play....

We all know that the price of gas  is determined by how much the companies can bang out of us

 Its easy for the oil companies to blame ,Syria,Iran,Afghanistan,Oil platforms,Mister smiths bad knees,Saddam Hussein.....but we all know this  is  all crap.

 know BP only makes about $3222 per second give or take a few bucks ,i mean boo hoo sob ,if people stopped putting up with the crap they are being fed .

Can you imagine if people stopped using their cars for one day in America (which will never happen because i myself like to drive to the coffee shop and  back and although i do bitch and moan but i am as guilty as everyone else . 

As long as Americans have their love affairs with the automotive then oil companies will keep playing with the price of  gas/petrol whatever you want to call it  and strangle hold us all .

I truly believe the planet is  way beyond repair,even if we all start to be treehuggers tomorrow it will be a century before the planet will  start to feel healthy.
I think the  hybrid is  a great  idea ,but too little too late and way overpriced and your return is a long term .
, i love when you get the celebs who, tell you they are concerned and love to  own a hybrid  but they really are not  into the carbon footprint at all because really what celeb  do you know  that  flies  economy ,very few ,and why should they.
As long as we drive and  need to,listen we all cant do biz on bikes right ....would be good  but in reality not gonna happen.
We need  cars and they are an integral part of out lives for all sorts of reasons,the oil companies will keep playing with our wallets and our love for our most precious possession ............our cars....?.......
                                  Secret service ...not that secret.......

Well this is so  funny.
The people employed  to be secret are not very good at it.
They are bloody cheap.
How  do secret service people  get jobs?
Its certainly not based on intelligence.
same for our CIA.
I mean come on folks, like this is a new  revelation.
Agent banging hookers in  foreign countries?
The only reason  this whole practice has arisen is because one of the secret service agents  lacked  street  smarts.
Rule  #1:
Never beat  a hooker  down on a price, unless  you have spoken to her  pimp/dad/agent/producer/sugar daddy/

I would  love to be  a fly on the wall when the guy  goes home  to his  understanding wife explaining why he is out of  a job and his  kid  is  going to have to leave his ivy league because daddy tried to bang a foreign national prostitute,
Love how the media and stuff give them these exotic names and was cheap all because mummy is not servicing secret service daddy in the bedroom.
Ironic  how  how the service man is  not being serviced ...apparently one of them  was  him  immoral thoughts  about our  girl sarah palin  i seriously think to be  an agent like  that  you may have to be  a little peculiar i have  said it now and will say it again  get a  man/woman with  no confidence and give them a  position of power and you have  one  deadly  employee .....i mean look at the  guy/woman that writes  traffic  tickets  they are  not the wisest  smartest  people  on the planet  but you  cannot mess  with them and  they  can  write you up   they have  a  power could  not pay me  enough  to   do a  job   where  people really hate  your  guts  so bad they  wanna  kill  you ......back to  what i was  saying  most of them  that  got  fired  must  have family  life's   i  would  love to see this  unfold    how does a  secret service man  keep a  secret  like  that ....i bet  he is  sleeping on the sofa  until the house is foreclosed  on  ....i personally think this  shit  has  gone  back as far  as  the  secret  service  was  started   i mean lets  face it  a  man  away  from his  wife  on  long assignments  sees  a pretty  you  foreign  national   ( i just love  using that  terminology ) ...i.e  immigrant  and  needed  to play  why the hell not  what the eye s  do not see the heart  does  not  miss.....i think  there  are  more  than  just the secret  service in on the   foreign national  banging  ......word of  warning   pay the full asking price  you  cheap ass !!!!!!!!!!!!
new gingrich   we all knew  he  was  done  for .........

newt gingrich  folded  well we  all knew  .....i mean not to be  funny  where the hell did  his parents find his name  in a pond  ..trouser lizard  i mean is  that his  real name ...or is  it  his  stage  name   ...i mean  we  all knew  we  could  never  have a  president  of the  good old  USA  called  newt ....c'mon ...i mean .mitt is  going to  be  bad  enough   but  not as  bad  as  newt   we  all think of the geico  lizard  we  you say  newt ....i mean this   fricking  ding dong  want to colonize the moon  for  gods  sake least  mitt  is  a mormon  and  he is  indirectly  connected  to    marie osmond and  to me  that is  game   newt  brings  nothing to the table  he has  been  married  three or  four times so he is  a  cheater   like  john edwards  but  on a less  glamorous  scale   he  has  nothing   exciting to  bring to the table     clinton had  the saxophone  on jay leno ....goerge   bush  had  the twin daughters ....barock  really had   only barely managed  obama  girl  but  really  she  did not get that  famous ...not  sure  what  happened  to here  o and  George had  conoleeza rice  quite attractive in a   librarian conservative  sort of   musical genius  sort of  way  you know  these  really  clever  women  dress  conservatively   thats how  you  know  they are  smart  they  do not  need  to 
 expose much their  minds are their  sex  objects i am  glad  newt is out  make  way for  someone   decent  he knew all along  he  was getting  beat  santorum was  great  his  wife  was  hot   that  gave  him  game   ...but as a person  who really does  not give  a rats ass  about voting  i like the drama    hat  goes  with it  ....although i do miss sarah  palin  i think  people   thought she  was dumb i think  she  was a   game player  and using  her  stupidity as a  cover  either  way i liked  her .........

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

               why are people surprised.when they  vote ................

it  never  ceases  to amaze me the  amount of people that  vote  .then when they find out that the guy is slug/ass /has been liar/thief/used car salesman/total bullshitter (this would be mostly the entire entourage involved with the American govt) ......and promises  get broken people  fail to see  that the govt  mostly like overlords/drug barons/crime syndicates/pimps/gangsters blacked up SUV's and wear black suits .....i mean  cut me some slack they even wear  blacked up glasses there are a correlation somewhere in this equation ......i mean you cant blame the govt you blame the people  for being gullible enough to buy their  hype  much like the slick cowboy in the  days  selling snake oil ..and doctor pepper  this is what i have been told  that  doctor  pepper  was  an old  remedy ....we all know the voting system is rigged  somehow or  other  but name a thing that's not rigged  why are people  not even questioning the voting.....anyways  people stand out in the baking sun  in a hope  for change what ...i honestly believe  nothing has changed  ...i  do sincerely believe barock obama  means  well  his intentions are  good  but the road to hell is paved  with intentions  also  strippers poles  and  bad people ...but that's  another  talk show all on its  own .....there are 3 people on this planet   and as it goes   in the movie  hustle and  flow  ...........there is the  talker .............there is the  walker.....but then  there is  the  very unusual  3rd  guy   who talks the walkers into  walking for  him ....and i  sincerely believe  the  presidents have mastered  this  unique  gift  ...

Monday, April 23, 2012

new home

i would like to welcome you to my new home at go .....first of  this is  my third attempt to write this fricking blog and it keeps  disappearing .....secondly  would like to thank the tireless efforts of the  latest www sensation james worley and entrepreneur and  website genius  whose tireless effort to  beat networksolutions ass  was victorious ....thank you for the  great endeavour.........well on to  the next thing is   john edwards   it would be  funny  for this  preppie ass white  boy to go to  jail  and  get  molested   he shit all over  his  wife  who was  dying of  cancer ...but what bothers  me more  is  the babae   he   banged   she  was  gross  and if  your  are  a  future  president  you  do not  do what bill clinton does  and  go  with like  monica  lewinsky  an  overrated  handbag  maker ........i mean  what the hell ur  president  of  America  and you  end  up  playing with a  nasty  chick and cigars  ...i  had  respect for the man  though  he  did  say  blowjobs  was  not sex   i tend  to disagree that  on all levels   it still involves  the exchange of  body fluids  ...but that's  just me john edwards like all presidents fell for the  vag/pussy/birth canal /whatever you call it the leader of the so called economic engine of the world  you would  think  he  would have  been thinking with his  big head rather than the little one..................


  I had no idea it was a bitter sweet thing with coke .......and today it has been linked to diabetes......... and  i am not sure why it see...