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                Octomum a complete mental case  Octomum has  filed  bankruptcy there is a  surprise for ya  huh !! The mother of  16   which in my eyes is  way to many kids  for any human being to suffer i personally myself  think one is  way too many that's because i am selfish and enjoy  playing .  This is  a women that has  said  she looks  after her  kids  but she is tanked and  going to lose her house . listen every once in a while i know  women get stressed  with kids its  a job  one  that i  do not  want/wish on anyone  i have  a sister  who does a phenomenal job on her  kids  and its not easy its a  commitment .   its not like a paper round its all day  she informs me from time  time to time  that  he boy  is  a handful ...multiply that  by another 15  and bingo  But hey  to spend  $525 on a hairdo the day before her bankruptcy hearing... that is  totally unnecessary  she could have bought maybe  things like oh i don't know  here is a  random thought ....l
                                     Dating a dentist ....eeeeeek!!!! I have  just read  a man who was  dating a dentist  was breaking up with her  and he  went to her to get his teeth  fixed ....... listen up  folks  up folks if you are dating a dentist  and you are  deciding to can their  ass    would it not be  a better  idea  to go to  another  dentist  maybe this guy was  not thinking  logically is  a  word to the wise  my fellow  friends  if you are going to break up with a girlfriend/hooker/broad/ may want to know  women do not think on the same lines as us .. it may be the wrong time to announce your departure in a relationship prior to have your pearlies/teeth/gnashers  worked on by an emotionally imbalanced female dentist..if you are smart you wait till after  the whole  procedure is done or  simply do not go to her  with this  as you may like the guy lose all your fricking teeth . i did notice the women was polish  we all know  Russian wom
                          Maybe i am a pig or something I don't know  about anyone else  but  being single  means  i can really do whatever  i want,however if you are in a relationship things are different, because your significant other will not be happy if you are staring at a  hot girl/guy/whatever side of the fence your on .........(in Florida that can be  a whole other  blog but i will stay on this ) . Anyways i was getting a cup of  my morning java/Joe/blend/  whatever you call it and in line was  a really hot chick...being a single hot blooded  male who loves  all sorts of eye candy ( let me say if you got diabetes by looking at hot chicks  i would be diabetic by now)........  But one thing rattles my cage  if a  girl is going to dress with her cans trying to escape at 9 am....i got to look and she knows she is  dressing provocative ......but here is why  it gets retarded know you  have  a nice rack and legs that will not stop so why get  hacked off when someon
Florida...... the child support , does not make sense ........ i have lived in Florida  for a long time .....sometimes i think too long  but the  weather  is phenomenal...and does not matter where i go, i like the  climate here. there is a  strange thing i have  just learned  about  living in Florida...if you have kids  and do not pay child support things  get  nuts. If you have kids and you  do not pay child support,they take your  licence ,suspend it ,now i do not get this ,because as far as i know  i think you need  a licence  to  maybe  get a job,in the scheme of things,unless you  live a  5min walk from your  job People do make mistakes in life  and i know  for the big picture its like everything else in life the masses of people ruin it for the ones that care but  maybe  cant  help situations ,but suspending a licence is impractical. Florida law wants you to pay child support  but  how the hell can you if the very thing you need to  make money is taken away from you ,an
         reality TV ....really are you sure people can be that dumb.... Reality TV   its starting to  be  questionable  about what is  really  reality and staged  for  rating  i mean   ...are  people  that desperate  to be   what they   call themselves  famous  by being complete    douche bags  and  idiots . The  cast of jersey shore has  done  nothing for  the   Guido image  or   Italian  culture of long island  and  surrounding  places   like stat ten island and so on and so forth. Lets be honest all you see on  reality TV between  jerseylicious and  jersey shore  and of course  the  housewives of  new  jersey  is a  bunch of   loud  obnoxious  narcissistic  orange tanned , cankled  broads  with   so much  hair  and make up   its puts barbie to  shame   not to  mention  mob wives  ,lets be  honest reality stars  have   been the ones  shitting all over their  culture and giving it a  bad  name  ,i have  heard  Italians   complain about  how the image  has  been  soiled .......
Impractical implements in the house ..... I have written about this subject  many times in many different  forums ,chats  etc  ,about the  things people  buy and  put them  in their  house  for show  I am talking about  items in bedroom ,bathrooms and dining room tables all over  America  listen up ,we all know  guys in general  unless, your carter oysterhouse or whatever  or some designer dude ..or a  Rachel ray  follower who incidentally is  annoying like doctor Phil because she /he is  an Oprah bitch !!!...which means he/she is under the harpo production which we all know is Oprah spelt backwards and her  channel is  chunkin badly so she probably need  them to keep her  above a billionaire hoo sob ...... anyways back to the items in question regarding firstly the bathroom there is nothing more annoying in a bathroom  to have  towels  that cannot be  used  mere  decorations  and here is why its  annoying ......its taking up precious towel rack space  that could be used
           Snooki...really a  mum .............. snooki is pregnant can u believe  someone  would  want to actually harvest a child  with someone  who has  made  career out of  being a complete  idiot ........... yes folks she  has  been catapulted   to stardom through those friend at reality TV. a normal course of events    snooki would be your  average everyday  Honduran/Dominican or whatever she is a wannabee Italian  not sure why people  want to be other  nationalities  ...i find that strange  i like  just being me whether i would be Scottish or  Hungarian,i think your  derivation  has no relevance of your  mind . But if your  an attention seeking ding dong who wants to hang around with juiced up  Guido's pretending your  Guido and having an insatiable demand for  Guido's then  someone  will see a way to use you for their  entertainment  value. obviously snooki wants to be remembered  by this  because lets  face it  she  will always  be known  f
                                 THE PRICE OF GAS..... ..            .we all know its a game but we don't get to play .... We all know that the price of gas  is determined by how much the companies can bang out of us  Its easy for the oil companies to blame ,Syria,Iran,Afghanistan,Oil platforms,Mister smiths bad knees , Saddam Hussein.....but we all know this  is  all crap.  know BP only makes about $3222 per second give or take a few bucks ,i mean boo hoo sob ,if people stopped putting up with the crap they are being fed . Can you imagine if people stopped using their cars for one day in America (which will never happen because i myself like to drive to the coffee shop and  back and although i do bitch and moan but i am as guilty as everyone else .  As long as Americans have their love affairs with the automotive then oil companies will keep playing with the price of  gas/petrol whatever you want to call it  and strangle hold us all . I truly believe the planet is  wa
                                  Secret service ...not that secret....... Well this is so  funny. The people employed  to be secret are not very good at it. They are bloody cheap. How  do secret service people  get jobs? Its certainly not based on intelligence. same for our CIA. I mean come on folks, like this is a new  revelation. Agent banging hookers in  foreign countries? T he only reason  this whole practice has arisen is because one of the secret service agents  lacked  street  smarts. Rule  #1: Never beat  a hooker  down on a price, unless  you have spoken to her  pimp/dad/agent/producer/sugar daddy/ I would  love to be  a fly on the wall when the guy  goes home  to his  understanding wife explaining why he is out of  a job and his  kid  is  going to have to leave his ivy league because daddy tried to bang a foreign national prostitute, Love how the media and stuff give them these exotic names and was cheap all because mummy is not servicing secret service dad
new gingrich   we all knew  he  was  done  for ......... newt gingrich  folded  well we  all knew  .....i mean not to be  funny  where the hell did  his parents find his name  in a pond  ..trouser lizard  i mean is  that his  real name ...or is  it  his  stage  name   ...i mean  we  all knew  we  could  never  have a  president  of the  good old  USA  called  newt ....c'mon ...i mean .mitt is  going to  be  bad  enough   but  not as  bad  as  newt   we  all think of the geico  lizard  we  you say  newt ....i mean this   fricking  ding dong  want to colonize the moon  for  gods  sake least  mitt  is  a mormon  and  he is  indirectly  connected  to    marie osmond and  to me  that is  game   newt  brings  nothing to the table  he has  been  married  three or  four times so he is  a  cheater   like  john edwards  but  on a less  glamorous  scale   he  has  nothing   exciting to  bring to the table     clinton had  the saxophone  on jay leno ....goerge   bush  had  the twin da
               why are people surprised.when they  vote ................ it  never  ceases  to amaze me the  amount of people that  vote  .then when they find out that the guy is slug/ass /has been liar/thief/used car salesman/total bullshitter (this would be mostly the entire entourage involved with the American govt) ......and promises  get broken people  fail to see  that the govt  mostly like overlords/drug barons/crime syndicates/pimps/gangsters blacked up SUV's and wear black suits .....i mean  cut me some slack they even wear  blacked up glasses there are a correlation somewhere in this equation ......i mean you cant blame the govt you blame the people  for being gullible enough to buy their  hype  much like the slick cowboy in the  days  selling snake oil ..and doctor pepper  this is what i have been told  that  doctor  pepper  was  an old  remedy ....we all know the voting system is rigged  somehow or  other  but name a thing that's not

new home

i would like to welcome you to my new home at go .....first of  this is  my third attempt to write this fricking blog and it keeps  disappearing .....secondly  would like to thank the tireless efforts of the  latest www sensation james worley and entrepreneur and  website genius  whose tireless effort to  beat networksolutions ass  was victorious ....thank you for the  great endeavour.........well on to  the next thing is   john edwards   it would be  funny  for this  preppie ass white  boy to go to  jail  and  get  molested   he shit all over  his  wife  who was  dying of  cancer ...but what bothers  me more  is  the babae   he   banged   she  was  gross  and if  your  are  a  future  president  you  do not  do what bill clinton does  and  go  with like  monica  lewinsky  an  overrated  handbag  maker ........i mean  what the hell ur  president  of  America  and you  end  up  playing with a  nasty  chick and cigars  ...i  had  respect for the man  though  he  did  say  blow