Florida...... the child support , does not make sense ........

i have lived in Florida  for a long time .....sometimes i think too long  but the  weather  is phenomenal...and does not matter where i go, i like the  climate here.

there is a  strange thing i have  just learned  about  living in Florida...if you have kids  and do not pay child support things  get  nuts.

If you have kids and you  do not pay child support,they take your  licence ,suspend it ,now i do not get this ,because as far as i know  i think you need  a licence  to  maybe  get a job,in the scheme of things,unless you  live a  5min walk from your  job

People do make mistakes in life  and i know  for the big picture its like everything else in life the masses of people ruin it for the ones that care but  maybe  cant  help situations ,but suspending a licence is impractical.

Florida law wants you to pay child support  but  how the hell can you if the very thing you need to  make money is taken away from you ,and then you are put in jail so how can you make  money when you are in jail  ,unless you are like  Martha Stewart  or  some  celeb like Lindsay Lohan .

Florida is a mental sandbar and its only redeeming quality is  the  good weather i am not sure why i like living here  i think the weather.i have  travelled a  lot and  let me say wholeheartedly without thought ,Florida on the whole is a  fricking toilet with great weather ,its run

you have Miami a complete  shit hole  from start to finish its a violent drug infested  but  its no California  ,there area  few  certain parts that are Nice like  star island  ...only for the rich ...and the corruption ,its really for the Spanish and  not English speaking if you decide to spend a weekend there  you  might want a crash course in Spanish .....there used to be a thing in the  70 or 89's  a bumper sticker ....saying would the last America  leaving Miami  please take the flag ....... 

anyway i have started  off the subject about child support  the state of florida will suspend a  licence  and put you in jail how does that solve  child support  that is  insane if you put a man in jail he cant work if you  take his licence  in florida how does he get anywhere  everything is  so  far apart and walking is  dangerous  this  law  must have been made up by a real man hating  legislature or whatever these people  call themselves ,

there has to be other way  to  penalisze  someone  for their mistake  this  seem  to be   nonsense  in  every way shape or  form  but somehow  we  all know  attornies  got in on this,i cant see how this resolves anything at all 

then to top it off  when you are in prison you are still made to make  money how  can you  do thins,then you  have to  get  pay to get your  licence re-instated ......

maybe i am off kilter  somehow  but  i do not have  kids   and never really wanted to have them at any time  in my life  ,because i always thought that  they were an  expensive long term investment and i have witnessed  tat when kids  get older  they do not really give a  rats ass  about their parents  you're  still paying when they leave the house and in today's  economy  sometimes there is the boomerang effect  the only shitty parts is they return with kids of their own because they have  lost their  house and  belongings  because of the economy so is it really a good investment ,maybe not?

 having kids is a big commitment and a long term investment and sometimes  we  think and  do  stuff  that does not make  sense and  love    does that to people ..i have always thought  love is  a  business  myself  invented  along the road to make money  much like marriage ,a big  crock ....

but punishing someone for  something they done wrong is all fine and dandy but doing it in such a way that  he  cannot do  nothing its like insane  living in florida  anyone  with a gram of  common  sense ( this is where the exclusion of  florida legislatures and cronies come in  because they do not make sense of anything they do  becausee for them its all about fucking over the people  that voted  for them )...know that  when livnig in this  swamp you need  a car  to get  anywhere ...unless you live  in the city (who would want to )....so  who ever concocted this notion of punishment  must be  rich,.. have no kids... and not understand  the shitty retarded transit system this state  has ...

The stupidity in florida is epidemic and it will not get better  as  long as there is men in suits who are into  political hand wringing and good old boys mentality ,putting a man in jail for  not paying child support is  like wasting tax payers money there must be an alternative to this  taking his licence  does not help ,unless of course  there is  the underbelly in all of this (and you can believe if its florida there will be ) someone somewhere who made up this  absolutely ridiculous punishment /law ...is making big bucks from it !!!!


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