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         reality TV ....really are you sure people can be that dumb....

Reality TV   its starting to  be  questionable  about what is  really  reality and staged  for  rating  i mean   ...are  people  that desperate  to be   what they   call themselves  famous  by being complete    douche bags  and  idiots .

The  cast of jersey shore has  done  nothing for  the   Guido image  or   Italian  culture of long island  and  surrounding  places   like stat ten island and so on and so forth.

Lets be honest all you see on  reality TV between  jerseylicious and  jersey shore  and of course  the  housewives of  new  jersey  is a  bunch of   loud  obnoxious  narcissistic  orange tanned , cankled  broads  with   so much  hair  and make up   its puts barbie to  shame  

not to  mention  mob wives  ,lets be  honest reality stars  have   been the ones  shitting all over their  culture and giving it a  bad  name  ,i have  heard  Italians   complain about  how the image  has  been  soiled ............well   look at  TV  here is  a list of  maybe  why  and then you will see why people  have  a bad  idea 

1.jersey shore.......
3.housewives of new jersey
5.mob wives 
6.the godfather 1,2,3,4,5 i am not sure how many there was i got bored after the  first one 
7.the movie...... casino 
8.good fellas...........
9.the sopranos 1 thru  i think it  might have been in the hundreds  i  liked the gratuitous violence and  comical sidebars  it had to offer   the lighter  side to crime 
10  the  movie  Donnie brasco  with johnnie  depp  playing a  wise  guy and  sneaked in to expose  the  running  of  how   the mafia  really do not care  about  how they get the money as  long as they get the money......

The list goes on  Italians are complaining they are getting a  bad  rap   really  how  come .....its funny   people  sometimes  want the spoils  as  long as  they do not suffer!!

.....i have  witnessed in clubs  around  America   places  like the Hampton's  ,Miami ,ft lauderdale  of  actual  Italian guys  talking with a  broad   new  york accent  acting  all  bad  and then  telling his  friends  "does he know  who i am " seems its like  the macho  stuff is  all good  as  long as it  does not  get in the way  of   peoples gig

reality  has  really taken  life to an all time  low   like the real housewives  those  women  will  eventually suffer  for their mouths  i have no recollection of  anything but these  broads  are  ugly nasty  hos  with bad  make up  false  tits  and whining and the only think i feel bad  is   that the husband  are not getting laid ...i guess they are too busy ....... filing their  nails

Puck and his  crew...... in the  real World  on MTV ( who incidentally  were the pioneers of the whole reality TV  ) where  the  true  connoisseur's of  reality  tv  not scripted  it was really funny and sometimes  downright  disgusting  but  puck  did not care  ....his  housemates  were disgusted at Puck  but he was  so real and  so  nasty .....

I get that TV  has to get rating to stay in  business its  not rocket science  but  its  really  lost its  edge  we  all know the apprentice  which i love  and  is somewhat  staged  it has  to be    but  Donald  is the master of   making  people   feel   really  beneath  human  but he is  donald  .....

the flip side ty penningtons  house programe  of building a house in  two  days  has  left women   wondering     when she  phones  a handy man  can  he  do the  job in  3  minutes instead  of  the true  time  which is mostly a  couple of  hours we  all know   these  programes    which have  couples  swapping rooms and   doing this  in   2  days  its  not true  we  all know  if your in the business   its not that easy  noting  ever  goes according to plane 

i have  had  the pleasure of  meeting some of  these  guys   from  these  programes  and you know  they have   a  lot of extra  guys on hand  ..i have  been in the business  a  long time  and there is  no   quick  recipe  for  a decent job......

reality  TV  does take the reality out of  life   because behind the camera  there is  always  shenanigan's  and we  all know   art imitates  the real  life    and the TV  can do  slide of hand  , but if you  are like  some people  who are addicted  to the likes  of reality  and the  crap  kardashians  and  all the  shit they do and buy into  all the soap operas  and believe  that the stuff  is  real   

 one  thing you  may overlook in all of this  reality  skit/opera/drama/cabaret/stage ..human beings  whether  they are  famous or  not  have  a price  to which they will operate  and nowadays the soul can be  bought for  a little piece of fame 

nearly  every one  wants to be famous in one  way or  another  whether its on stage  or  you tube or  blogs!.....entertainment has  big bucks ..and the smell of  money and  success  is  a powerful aphrodisiac which TV  execs know there will never  be  a  shortage  of  addicts and as long as their  is addicts there will be reality TV......


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