Monday, April 30, 2012

                                     Dating a dentist ....eeeeeek!!!!

I have  just read  a man who was  dating a dentist  was breaking up with her  and he  went to her to get his teeth  fixed .......

listen up  folks  up folks if you are dating a dentist  and you are  deciding to can their  ass    would it not be  a better  idea  to go to  another  dentist 

maybe this guy was  not thinking  logically is  a  word to the wise  my fellow  friends  if you are going to break up with a girlfriend/hooker/broad/ may want to know  women do not think on the same lines as us ..

it may be the wrong time to announce your departure in a relationship prior to have your pearlies/teeth/gnashers  worked on by an emotionally imbalanced female dentist..if you are smart you wait till after  the whole  procedure is done or  simply do not go to her  with this  as you may like the guy lose all your fricking teeth .

i did notice the women was polish  we all know  Russian women and  eastern block females  are a little  differently wired from a lot of women in the world may have  missed the James bond  movies when you were growing up  but i loved  James  bond  spy  movies and the Russian broads  did  not take  departure  lightly 

maybe this chap in the  subject  did not know  about  women for the Easter block ,i hope he does now  ....

she was  jailed  for three years  but hey the guy  has lost his  fricking teeth  what  a dumb ass  this dude  is  hopefully he may get dental  implants ...when Will guys learn that a women scorned is  a  fricking nightmare ...the span of time has  taught man   nothing  

women have brought down some of the most powerful men in history and  have guys learned .nope

 if you are dating someone in a   profession  where surgery is involved you may want to finish up what's been done to you  before  you lose  more than your fricking teeth !!!!!!!!!!

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