Monday, April 30, 2012

                Octomum a complete mental case 

Octomum has  filed  bankruptcy there is a  surprise for ya  huh !!

The mother of  16   which in my eyes is  way to many kids  for any human being to suffer i personally myself  think one is  way too many that's because i am selfish and enjoy  playing .

 This is  a women that has  said  she looks  after her  kids  but she is tanked and  going to lose her house .

listen every once in a while i know  women get stressed  with kids its  a job  one  that i  do not  want/wish on anyone  i have  a sister  who does a phenomenal job on her  kids  and its not easy its a  commitment .

  its not like a paper round its all day  she informs me from time  time to time  that  he boy  is  a handful ...multiply that  by another 15  and bingo 

But hey  to spend  $525 on a hairdo the day before her bankruptcy hearing... that is  totally unnecessary  she could have bought maybe  things like oh i don't know  here is a  random thought food and  clothing for the  kids

Even if you have  lots of money it really does  not  go far  when you  have  16  rugrats/anklebiters/windowlickers  trailing back and forth and eating like termites  because we all know  that  when  kids are growing all they do is  eat shit and  sleep like a little machine

I have never liked octomum because of her disregard she already had  6 kids and she went in for the fertility drug.... i  put her menatlity in between a used toilet roll and  a dehydrated boweevil

This  broad has  not a gram of  self respect its very obvious how she operates  in here life  she  really is  not  a  bright  bulb at all  but what can you expect from a  broad that has knocked out 16 kids

I feel  bad for her  kids  she  does deserve to lose  them  she   cannot be  functional if she puts a hairdo in front her  children that shows  whats in her  brain  ..why does she  need a  $525 hairdo is she  going out on the town to find a guy that  is  going to get to  date her ,then she really is  a  fricking wack job ,what man in his right mind  would want to go near her .....

rumour has it she wanted to look like angelina jolie...nothing of the sort  although Angelina  although has a  few hundred children of her own she is like  different and it doesn't hurt she has  brad pitt who is not broke and i think her parenting skills  along with a bunch of nannies helps .....

octomum said she wold never do  any sort of porn and now she is saying she is going to do it to survive...i like broads  but i do not  think i would like to see this  chick naked  ...once again fame has its way of making people sell their souls!!!


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