Thursday, April 26, 2012

                                 THE PRICE OF GAS.....
..            .we all know its a game but we don't get to play....

We all know that the price of gas  is determined by how much the companies can bang out of us

 Its easy for the oil companies to blame ,Syria,Iran,Afghanistan,Oil platforms,Mister smiths bad knees,Saddam Hussein.....but we all know this  is  all crap.

 know BP only makes about $3222 per second give or take a few bucks ,i mean boo hoo sob ,if people stopped putting up with the crap they are being fed .

Can you imagine if people stopped using their cars for one day in America (which will never happen because i myself like to drive to the coffee shop and  back and although i do bitch and moan but i am as guilty as everyone else . 

As long as Americans have their love affairs with the automotive then oil companies will keep playing with the price of  gas/petrol whatever you want to call it  and strangle hold us all .

I truly believe the planet is  way beyond repair,even if we all start to be treehuggers tomorrow it will be a century before the planet will  start to feel healthy.
I think the  hybrid is  a great  idea ,but too little too late and way overpriced and your return is a long term .
, i love when you get the celebs who, tell you they are concerned and love to  own a hybrid  but they really are not  into the carbon footprint at all because really what celeb  do you know  that  flies  economy ,very few ,and why should they.
As long as we drive and  need to,listen we all cant do biz on bikes right ....would be good  but in reality not gonna happen.
We need  cars and they are an integral part of out lives for all sorts of reasons,the oil companies will keep playing with our wallets and our love for our most precious possession ............our cars....?.......

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