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i would like to welcome you to my new home at go .....first of  this is  my third attempt to write this fricking blog and it keeps  disappearing .....secondly  would like to thank the tireless efforts of the  latest www sensation james worley and entrepreneur and  website genius  whose tireless effort to  beat networksolutions ass  was victorious ....thank you for the  great endeavour.........well on to  the next thing is   john edwards   it would be  funny  for this  preppie ass white  boy to go to  jail  and  get  molested   he shit all over  his  wife  who was  dying of  cancer ...but what bothers  me more  is  the babae   he   banged   she  was  gross  and if  your  are  a  future  president  you  do not  do what bill clinton does  and  go  with like  monica  lewinsky  an  overrated  handbag  maker ........i mean  what the hell ur  president  of  America  and you  end  up  playing with a  nasty  chick and cigars  ...i  had  respect for the man  though  he  did  say  blowjobs  was  not sex   i tend  to disagree that  on all levels   it still involves  the exchange of  body fluids  ...but that's  just me john edwards like all presidents fell for the  vag/pussy/birth canal /whatever you call it the leader of the so called economic engine of the world  you would  think  he  would have  been thinking with his  big head rather than the little one..................


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