Friday, April 27, 2012

           Snooki...really a  mum ..............

snooki is pregnant can u believe  someone  would  want to actually harvest a child  with someone  who has  made
 career out of  being a complete  idiot ...........

yes folks she  has  been catapulted   to stardom through those friend at reality TV. a normal course of events    snooki would be your  average everyday  Honduran/Dominican or whatever she is a wannabee Italian  not sure why people  want to be other  nationalities

 ...i find that strange  i like  just being me
whether i would be Scottish or  Hungarian,i think your  derivation  has no relevance of your  mind .

But if your  an attention seeking ding dong who wants to hang around with juiced up  Guido's pretending your  Guido and having an insatiable demand for  Guido's then  someone  will see a way to use you for their  entertainment  value.

obviously snooki wants to be remembered  by this  because lets  face it  she  will always  be known  for being a ding dong hanging around  with Guido's  getting drunk and in  fights.
    she will never have  an  elegant gig  like  ivana white or host American idol  unless they run out  or seriously talented  individuals.

the only thing i see is when  little snooki  comes of age  that kid  is going to  get some  serious ridicule .

 ...i mean  lets  face it  its she is  not  Gwen Stafani  or agulera or j-lo , Carrie Underwood , its snooki who is you  mum mean snooki is  not known  for  any special skills  unless you call the occasional flash of her birth canal  on jersey shore a  talent.

you know these family values  are doomed  and even if  she  wants  to be a  good  mum

   she will be  under the media microscope  24/7/365....and someone  somewhere will be  waiting with an i-phone  or camera  because everyone now is a paprazzi looking for the moment...thanks to our friends at  you tube who have revolutionised  life (which is awesome ) 

 everyone who wants to see  snooki scew up, because this is no reality show its a life , having a  kid  changes  everything

 not being the  shiniest coin in the cup... she will screw up and the tables will be turned ....fame has  a strange way of turning on you ?

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