Thursday, April 26, 2012

                                  Secret service ...not that secret.......

Well this is so  funny.
The people employed  to be secret are not very good at it.
They are bloody cheap.
How  do secret service people  get jobs?
Its certainly not based on intelligence.
same for our CIA.
I mean come on folks, like this is a new  revelation.
Agent banging hookers in  foreign countries?
The only reason  this whole practice has arisen is because one of the secret service agents  lacked  street  smarts.
Rule  #1:
Never beat  a hooker  down on a price, unless  you have spoken to her  pimp/dad/agent/producer/sugar daddy/

I would  love to be  a fly on the wall when the guy  goes home  to his  understanding wife explaining why he is out of  a job and his  kid  is  going to have to leave his ivy league because daddy tried to bang a foreign national prostitute,
Love how the media and stuff give them these exotic names and was cheap all because mummy is not servicing secret service daddy in the bedroom.
Ironic  how  how the service man is  not being serviced ...apparently one of them  was  him  immoral thoughts  about our  girl sarah palin  i seriously think to be  an agent like  that  you may have to be  a little peculiar i have  said it now and will say it again  get a  man/woman with  no confidence and give them a  position of power and you have  one  deadly  employee .....i mean look at the  guy/woman that writes  traffic  tickets  they are  not the wisest  smartest  people  on the planet  but you  cannot mess  with them and  they  can  write you up   they have  a  power could  not pay me  enough  to   do a  job   where  people really hate  your  guts  so bad they  wanna  kill  you ......back to  what i was  saying  most of them  that  got  fired  must  have family  life's   i  would  love to see this  unfold    how does a  secret service man  keep a  secret  like  that ....i bet  he is  sleeping on the sofa  until the house is foreclosed  on  ....i personally think this  shit  has  gone  back as far  as  the  secret  service  was  started   i mean lets  face it  a  man  away  from his  wife  on  long assignments  sees  a pretty  you  foreign  national   ( i just love  using that  terminology ) ...i.e  immigrant  and  needed  to play  why the hell not  what the eye s  do not see the heart  does  not  miss.....i think  there  are  more  than  just the secret  service in on the   foreign national  banging  ......word of  warning   pay the full asking price  you  cheap ass !!!!!!!!!!!!

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