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Justice system scandal: Call to end early release rules as killers & rapists prepare to walk free after just two years - Daily Record

Justice system scandal: Call to end early release rules as killers & rapists prepare to walk free after just two years - Daily Record : 'via Blog this' welcome to scotland  ...nice  huh  !!!!

Jessica Simpson Reveals Baby Bump in Bikini | omg! Celeb News - Yahoo! omg!

Jessica Simpson Reveals Baby Bump in Bikini | omg! Celeb News - Yahoo! omg! : 'via Blog this' she is kinda  hot  for  apreganant  broad  but after all she is  jesssica simpson

goodbye 2013........

Well its that time of year  again  to ring out the old  and  bring  out the new ...... Hmm  ,well judging  by last year  ...its  gotta  to  be  better ...however  we  did lose  diva and  coke addicted   superstar  whitney houston ....and  also coke addicted  superstar ....robin  gibb....i personally  felt bad  for   gibb bros...after  all ....i love disco and the  bee gees  did the best  dance  music  ever ....who did not get laid  to  bee gees....think  about   whitneys   music  too  good  banging  music.... The saddest part of  2013   was  not the  killings at  sandy hook no sirreeee!!!!  bob...nor  the death of  whitney , .....the most horrisfic  thing to happen in  2013    wait for it .....kanye , no mummy  west  impregnating  that  ugly, nasty bitch , kim  kardashian  ,i mean  no one  wants  that  vag.... bad ...unless you are,  a  mentally  retarded  stalker ,  who  cannot  get  laid  with a  doctor's prescription, in a  chinese  brothel let's be  honest, the

Letter from Chinese Laborer Pleading for Help Found in Halloween Decorations | Work + Money - Yahoo! Shine

Letter from Chinese Laborer Pleading for Help Found in Halloween Decorations | Work + Money - Yahoo! Shine : 'via Blog this'

Shocking advert shows tumour growing from cigarette - Daily Record

Shocking advert shows tumour growing from cigarette - Daily Record : 'via Blog this'

shipping wars...reality series ....another waste of time......

I think execs  who  scour  for ideas  for reality TV  .....look  to see  who  could  be  the dumbest of  all ....i mean  take  for instance  ...shipping  wars  ....there  are  5-6  characters  star in the show,and every day  on  u-ship ,....they bid  for  deals .......there  are thousand  of  people  doing this  type of   work.....i am not sure about you  ,but we  know these  people  are  being paid  by reality  TV , So even if they are   getting 2 thousand   an  episode ,you can afford  to be  a  total  fucking  ding dong of the highest proportion ....... It's a  fact  you cannot fix  stupid ,yet these  so called  shippers   never learn  a  thing every day they ship ...... They are so  busy  needing attention  for the camera  and selling themselves  they forget practical  experience ......... Shipping wars the amish  mafia ....which  i  find  as  scary as  warm oatmeal    ....and storage wars .....and  honey  boo boo ....i will say  this  kid  is  gonna  hate her  li

Indian gang rape victim dies, alleged attackers charged

Indian gang rape victim dies, alleged attackers charged : 'via Blog this'

Trending Now | News Blog - Yahoo! News

Trending Now | News Blog - Yahoo! News : 'via Blog this'

Reaction to death of Norman Schwarzkopf - San Jose Mercury News

Reaction to death of Norman Schwarzkopf - San Jose Mercury News : 'via Blog this'

Google News

Google News : 'via Blog this'

Storm blasts northward, trapping planes as it blows toward Canada; 200K in dark in Arkansas - The Washington Post

Storm blasts northward, trapping planes as it blows toward Canada; 200K in dark in Arkansas - The Washington Post : 'via Blog this'

What's Trending Right Now?

What's Trending Right Now? : 'via Blog this'

Fontella Bass, R&B Singer Behind Rescue Me, Dead at 72 | E! Online

Fontella Bass, R&B Singer Behind Rescue Me, Dead at 72 | E! Online : 'via Blog this'

Ex-President George H.W. Bush in Intensive Care

Ex-President George H.W. Bush in Intensive Care : 'via Blog this'

realty TV all time low series ....AMISH MAFIA......

I have  known  for a long time  TV is  a   pile, but  some what  entertaining ....cable is  made  up , of  a few  hundred  or  so   programmes  ,mostly  which  are   fodder  ,for the min dless  shopper,i have  myself,had  a couple of  bargains  from  the  illustrious  QVC .... i do a dmit  ......every now and then   ,do  come  up  with a  good  ,hard t o resist bargain.... But i have seen reality TV go to its  lowest reality  TV show  yet ......Amish Mafia  i  am  not sure  about you , ,but i have  been to  pensylvania ....if you are  really  wanting cold weather.....and  mountains  and l ike desolation  .....then pennsylvania  is  for you really does  not have  a lot of  redeem ing qualities  does  however  offer  a  reality show  on  how  to  get fucked  every  day ,   in   the city of brotherly love   ...for  parking ......... ( parkin g wars )..... ( another  desperate  attempt  to  feed the mindless  em pty headed  TV  ju nkies  with undereducated  p

BP fined 7.8 billion for disaster.......

  B.P ,.......those  ever  so E nglish  oil chappies , from the  good old  UK , were   fined 7.8...billion dollars ......i think that's  like  4.8 billion  good old B ritish  pounds  sterling ...if  my mind  is  serving me  well....  It does  seem like a  lo t of  dosh/cabbage/flims/money/shekels / green ,....... or  however  you  may  phrase  your  te r ms for  good old  cas h ......... but to  BP ... B ritish P etroli e u m (or bad peo ple ) is   c orporation  makes  around  approx  ...... $3000 dollars p er  second ..on their  global oi l domination....yes folks  that   what  they  make  every second  of the day  when you   see  a fine  for  7.8 billion  ,its  really not  a dent in their  oil  barrel at  all .....and  of  course , we  all know , in between  getting  fines and  greasing some  major  countries (politicians ,and renegade african leaders)  palms  (excuse the pun)...the tax  write off s   must be  staggering  for  the  slick  execs at  BP ...and  of 

jordan shoes ...fights break out,,.

What the hell is  wrong with people ...fighting over  sneakers ...its not  like there are  only 5 pairs ...right ...i me an   is it  limit ed...first of it does not make  sense  to produce  100 pairs of  sneakers why are retarded  people fig hting be the first with a  pair of  jordan  sneake rs...i me an if the guy is  so so so  good  he  will not  be  making  a few    like  a few  hundred  thous and ... Eventually you  can get then  but  like  everything ,  else  if you  can wait, it will be  down in price ........its  not like these  sneakers  are  made of  gold  or  platinum  .....people   really  need  to get a li fe.......if you  are one of these  people  who wait in line  for  days  and  days  then you deserve t o pay  over the top  for  all your  shit  long as there  is  demand  there  will always  be a supply ...its  called  making money and  business  .........and  do  not  forget  about these  things ......our  great  chinese  friends  will al w ays

the price of fame is a hefty one ..but

Any one  looking  to go on he road  to stardom,should already know  or be informed ,that this road ,is paved with high expectations......all the time ,over and over  again you hear the price of  fame ,comes with the cost of your health and sanity ..... I think pe ople go into the spotlight ,needing and wanting all the attention,b ut then when you want ,peace and quiet well....that ' s  when your fame  will creep in and  cost you .....fame does  not  give you a day off  ever .....when you hit status ,and  limelight,doing simplistic things  you  used  to enjoy.....ends, going to  macdonalds ....your on the front page .... Lee ann rhi mes claimed the total impact of  fame made her go to a shrink,but she can afford it..... its part and parcel o n the long and  winding road....i mean millions of dollars are g reat,but your soul is  sold ,for fame ...its a fact its  not a fairy tal e...anonymity is a truly glorious trade off  to not being famous ,but with the rise of reality T

how the meida bleed everything to death

I do reali z e ,that in life we  have  to be informed of tragedies ,like shootings and  murders ,.....etc..etc ....but the media  beat  tragedies  to death  ,have you noticed  they show a video  over and  o ver  and  over  again.....enou gh already !!!!  i  mean how many  times  can you watch a one  minute  video  being shown  over and  over  again  ....the  worst  cu lprits  for this , is  FOX   news ...they  bleed the  shit out of  everything  that's   shocking wonder  people  are  depressed  watching  some one  minute  vide o...... I guess  if you  are  not that interested in  the nicer  things in  life  then like fox  all you can do is  show  depressing shite  like  some people  running out  of  a  school  building  a  thousand  times  while  your  narrating a scenario ..... news on the whole is  glamo uri z ed  ,and  normal thing do not  televise  say l ike  a man in  michigan  growing a  120lb pumpkin  ..he  may get  a  12  seco nd  slot  but you know it will be

call for greater gun control after school shooting

Once maybe twice a year,you get the odd  fanatic/loonie/re tard.....shooting up a cin ema/post office/school...and  now  you are  going to  get these  lefty liberals and  nuerotic  over protective  soccer mums ....wanting a complete  ban on weapons in america  ,all beca use this  ding dong  killed   children ,i get the loss  the sadness ,but mome nts  like these  happen all over the world  ,unfortunately  in america  too of ten ...the  guns are  not the prob lem ,the loonies  are ...there are  8 guns  per head of people in the USA ,to remove these it would be a  gargantuan problem ,and many  blue blooded american  would not  take  kindly to this  deal ....... Getting rid of the guns  will  not solve the problems,there will always  be  a ti ny  fragment of  people  wanting to  hold up scho ols/cin emas/post offices....etc etc , and  slaughter innocents  so they  can  get  attention in their  patheti c lives   ...all this  is  and  other s  is a  cry for  help and  self 

the real houswives .....are really not

Have you noticed  that the rea l housewives ....are truly the most fake of all bitches .......the rea l houswive of hills / where ever else these  wack jobs  come  f the  real world ....most women  do not have  duck lips......  kilos of  dollars  worth of blin g....bad plastic  surgery ....unless of course  you are dating  a  cougar  which does  not qua l lify as  a real houswife  thats would be   cheati ng ......reality TV is not  on about the  average peo ple who  are normal and  have  kids how are real real housewives  because they act like whores and fight for everyone to s ee ...i guess  normality  does not sell ......... Realit y TV or so called  realism  mirroring a  bad  sense of what women in this cir cl e of li fe are  and they are  selling themselves out ...and they only thing these  reality  TV shows  make  these  women look like  whores ..pure and simple  

A&E'S storage wars uncovered ............

A &E's storagewars so called reality TV show is getting uncovered  by one if its star s .....D ave YUP!!!! Hester ....,he claims the show is rigged (really!!!) with  expensi ve items is  a thing,  most reality shows  are complete  shite ....becau se the losers  that  flaunt in them ,are  being paid ,its not the salvation army , although if you sit and  suck in all the shite  on TV  then you are more  or  less  likely to buy into it...... Any o ne , who knows anyone in the storage busines s...that the  padlocks  do not get  cut   ,there is a red one  owned  by ma nagement they put that one  on when you do not pay the rent......and by the time  management pick through i t,   and the  handyman/maintenance  man is  done,  th ere is  not much left....i did  g o to one of these  many y ears  ago  before it  got r uined  by this  dumb  reality show.....there was  some picking bad the price was  reasonable......but that's  all gone  because of  reality TV..... If you

korea fires a rocket...........

I am not a liker of  the country  Korea in  anywy ay;s whatso ever ,but who ,has the right to determine ,if they can,or cannot fire a rocket......why ,bec au ue  america wants to control everyone........ I think korea ,has and should be able to do what it wants on it 's own soil....maybe there is  an  ele ment of fear  ,that makes  other countries  uneasy beca us e  they are  korea... I am not sure about you ,but  america  beats  it  chest about  what others do is  wrong and  dangerous....oh really !!!!!america  does  more  underhanded and sneaky  things  aga inst its own pe ople  ,and it bitches  about  korea being bad to its ow n people.... It's okay for america ,and UK  to launch rockets and sp y satelites  to spy on  eve ryone ...but no one  else  can do it..... A merica cannot po lice the planet ...although it does  stick it nose  into  too many  places  where they should not be .... you can only spread yourself so far then you start to thin out and become  weak .

NFL guy kills himself /////loser

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – While Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli is "very emotional" after witnessing linebacker Jovan Belcher take his own life on Saturday morning and the rest of the team is reeling from the murder of his girlfriend that preceded it, the Chiefs announced they will play their scheduled game with the Carolina Panthers on Sunday at 1 p.m. Belcher shot himself in front of Pioli and Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel in the parking lot at the team's practice facility outside of Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday morning, according to police. About an hour earlier, police said, Belcher allegedly killed his girlfriend at a residence in nearby Independence, Mo. Police identified the victim as 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins, the mother of Belcher's infant daughter.   I don't know  about  you people ,but i think tis is  one of the most selfish and inhumane acts a  human  being can do....this guy is  nothing more  than a  gutless  piece of sh