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It seems like every day there's a new dance trend going viral on TikTok, but the latest viral dance trend, the Notti Bop, is a little bit different than the rest. Set to the song of the same name by Kyle Richh, TikTokers have been "Notti boppin'" for the past month by rhythmically punching their hips along to the track, often with police officers, teachers and other authority figures. Little do many of these participants know, "Notti Bop" is a diss track and the dance was created as an indirect way to mock the death of a young rapper. Here's what you need to know.

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Where Does 'Notti Bop' Come From And What Does It Mean?

"Notti Bop" is a diss track by New York-based rapper Kyle Richh. He started teasing the song on TikTok earlier this month in videos where he dances along to it by punching his hips rhythmically as he raps, "Notti boppin', punching my hips." The full song dropped on October 8th and it wasn't long before the dance spread across the platform, wracking the original sound for the song up to over 15,000 uses in around two weeks.

Kyle Richh allegedly wrote "Notti Bop" as a diss track against 14 year old drill rapper Notti Osama, who was stabbed to death at a subway station earlier this year. Allegedly, Osama got into a fight with a 15 year old rival, who was arrested. The full details on his death are unclear, but the drill rap scene is known for the violence that surrounds it, with young rappers regularly losing their lives due to gang-related activity. The dance is allegedly meant to mimick a stabbing motion, mocking the way Osama died.

How To Do The Notti Bop Dance

Doing the Notti Bop dance, also known as "Notti boppin'," is easy. All you have to do is stand in one spot, then rhythmically and softly start alternating punching each hip with your fists as Richh sings, "Notti boppin', punching my hips." Some people follow the hip punching with a spin, although it's not necessary.

How Is The 'Notti Bop' Used Online?

The Notti Bop is the most popular on TikTok, but it can also be found on YouTube and Twitter. In most of the videos, TikTokers are seen performing the dance with authority figures like police officers, principals and teachers. The idea seems to be to trick unsuspecting people into performing the dance on camera, essentially having them mock Notti Osama's death unknowingly.

Doing the dance with an authority figure isn't necessary as other videos simply have groups of friends performing the dance together. As the story behind the dance has spread online, discussion, memes and videos about the dance itself have also spread. Some people are calling it the most disrespectful dance in New York, while others are shaming people who do the dance.

What Song Is Sampled At The Beginning Of 'Notti Bop?'

"Notti Bop" starts with a sample of The Backyardigans song "Castaways". Notably, "Castaways" went viral on TikTok last year, actually boosting it to the number one spot on Spotify's Viral 50 chart in May 2021.

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