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 I will never have problems with boots and bikinis  ,,,,,especially when its a  hot  chick ........can never  not post this  ....although  there is no correlation ...bikinis in hot in cold  ....but hey!!!!!!who cares ......right ......!!!!no one  gives a fuck these  days one  good  job .......

Kendall Jenner Modeled Jimmy Choo Boots with a Bikini — Here’s How Fans Reacted

Kendall Jenner Modeled Jimmy Choo Boots with a Bikini — Here’s How Fans Reacted

You’re not alone if this summer/fall weather outside is confusing you — I mean, do you wear a sweatshirt over a tank and shorts, or wear your cozies in the morning and sweat it out by the end of the day? Kendall Jenner's vote is for a full beach-ready 'fit with winter booties, so don't pack away those bikinis just yet — especially if you're looking for a celeb to dress up as for Halloween.

Kendall Jenner posed in a pair of Biker II Over The Knee boots (the sort of chunky, flat-soled, thigh-high winter boots that would keep your legs cozy even on the snowiest days) for a Jimmy Choo campaign. The model sported a black triangle-cut string bikini and high-rise bikini bottoms set with her black leather boots for classic monochrome styling that Jimmy Choo described as a "high-octane take on a timeless style." Needless to say, fans had mixed reactions to the ~high fashion~ campaign.

"Why is [sic] she has to be naked? 🤷♀️" wrote a user in the comment section. "The perfect boot to wear with my bikini!” joked another. And one person simply asked, "Why is she in her underwear if she's selling boots?" Why, for ✨ fashion ✨, of course.

In other photos from the same campaign, Kendall lounges by the pool in tap shorts, shows off a sparkly purse on an oversized yellow pool chair, and poses against a background of L.A. palm trees in an oversized blazer similar to styles that Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid have recently worn.

Kendall, who is currently dating Devin Booker, has been laying low since the close of Paris Fashion Week where her sister's ex-husband, Kanye West, put on his controversial "White Lives Matter" show.

The model recently opened up about being "extremely overworked" earlier on in her modeling career and shared, "I was saying ‘yes’ to everything because I felt really, really grateful and really honored to be in the position. So I was always saying ‘yes’ and it just took a lot out of me to the point where I just wasn’t happy anymore. And so, I had to set those boundaries for myself.”


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