Friday, October 9, 2020

servile platform

 i despise  mark zucherburg ......not only as a human being ......but as a  2 faced gutless  employer .....who has the most gutless servile platform ever  and this is why i will never  use    face book again not only that he has  these  fact checkers  nothing  but gutless  spineless  low self  esteem beggars and  low life's  .....what sort of  scumbag would be a  fact checker  for  anybody.......... unless  your  an attention starved ......... low self worth....... parent less tosser........  form a broken family .......mark zucherburg is  today's  cause for why  most social media  scumbag is  causing trouble  ....his  platform  face book has  done nothing  more  .....than create  trouble ....violence  and  people  dying to be  faous   for  what ........he  likes  to show  videos of  people  being  abused  tortured  and  degraded  ...but as  soon as  you tell the truth ...this prick  bans  you .....well his gutless  pricks  do .......however  he  doesn't care he goes  jogging  every day  with his  body guards  because he is  a  scared  gutless  billionaire ......he is  imprisoned  by his money ........imagine needing all these  mach dicks  to go running with you because you are hated that much and have to build a  wall around your mansion are not free .......and probably his immigrant wife  needs a  bodyguard  too .......i despise  him so much  as  a  being all around  he  is like all billionaires  he  does  not give a  fuck about anyone ....... plus  he stole the face book idea ...anyways media like instagram and  facebook just breeds  desperate  self serving low self worth ...insecure .people  dying for attention ....still as long as  their are low self  worth human beings  ...which will be a  never  ending stream .......there will always be places  like this  thriving off  the lack of self esteem and  integrity of human beings  some  filthy parasite  ........

facebook isn't just banning political ads — it will also remove posts with 'content that seeks to intimidate voters'

Ben Gilbert
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Georgetown University in 2019. <span class="copyright">Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images</span>
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Georgetown University in 2019. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images
  • Facebook is taking sweeping precautionary measures ahead of the US presidential election.

  • Among those steps is increased moderation of posts with "content that seeks to intimidate voters," including the use of "militarized language" regarding poll watching.

  • The new policy is part of a years-long overhaul of how Facebook operates before, during, and after major elections.

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Facebook is taking a series of precautionary measures ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, and the latest such measure involves policing posts with "content that seeks to intimidate voters."

Specifically, Facebook moderators are watching out for "calls for people to engage in poll watching when those calls use militarized language or suggest that the goal is to intimidate, exert control, or display power over election officials or voters."

The social media giant announced as much on Wednesday evening, alongside the news that it will no longer accept political ads after the November 3 US presidential election — a reversal of arguments that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly made in favor of running unchecked political ads.

The moves are the latest foray to address criticisms with Facebook's role in elections as the world's largest social network.

In September, in anticipation of unclear election results, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will label any posts from candidates declaring victory before the results are conclusively tallied.

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing in the United States, more voters than ever are expected to vote from home during the upcoming presidential election. As a result, it's possible that the election results won't be officially announced until some time after the election on November 3.

If any candidate or campaign attempts to declare victory before the official results are in, Facebook will label those claims "educating that official results are not yet in and directing people to the official results," Zuckerberg said.

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