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What a dumb ass !!!!!!.....he should have auctioned  them for some cash .....there are plenty sick bastards that would have paid a fortune ......for them ......after all ........people have bought worse there are websites  or that stuff  ........i am sure  people worshipped  him Hollywood elite know that connection ........jeffrey was liked some certain circles america everything is for sale even the human soul....look at Hollywood.......  full of bought and sold losers ...........otherwise......why do so many actors..and actresses....... have addictions or kill themselves .......fame and  fortune ......

Hamptons Restaurant Owner Sets Fire to Table Where Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein Sat
Eric Todisco
The owner of a Southampton, New York restaurant did what he felt was needed to wipe out the "bad energy" that came from the table once regularly occupied byHarvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.
Zach Erdem, the owner of 75 Main, chopped up and burned Table 1 with a large crowd gathered around him in order to erase the memories of the disgraced moguls' from the restaurant's history.
"When I thought about it, like Jeffrey Epstein used to sit at this table, all I could think was I need to burn this f----ing table and make sure nothing is going to stain my restaurant," he told CNN.
Epstein was awaiting trial on federal charges of sexually abusing underage girls when he was found dead in his jail cell last August. Weinstein, meanwhile, is serving a 23-year sentence after being found guilty in February of first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape. He is also facing multiple sexual assault charges in California (Weinstein, 68, has denied all allegations against him).
Alexander Koerner/Getty; Neil Rasmus/Patrick McMullan via Getty Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein
According to Erdem, both men used to sit at Table 1 when visiting the Southampton eatery.
“Every single time, every week or two, he came with three or four girls,” Erdem recalled to the New York Post of Epstein, whom he said last visited the restaurant in 2015.


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