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guest book

As i do like to rant from time  to time on many various topics  some  acidic .....some provocative i feel it only fair that i should get  a  response on  how people feel  on  what i say ....... i  am trying to  get a  guestbook on blogger ......... but as i am not a techie ....... i  don't  know how  to get a  guest book set up  if you would like to  send an  email to will copy and paste it   just as you send it no filters ...... no altering .......although no attachment peace as some may be deemed  unsuitable and illegal just email will be  copied and put on the guest book.....always good to know what others  are thinking 

The president is the president after all

I have never voted ...i never will ....i don't  believe in the system any govt system as i think its a sham ...for the  rich by the rich .....and the poor  get constantly fucked on a  daily basis .....but its  been like that  since inception ,.......however i dont think it matters  who  gets in they have to lie to your  face  to make you believe  they care ...its  just politics  not  personal ....but most  people  sincerely believe that  politicians  care  about them ......but then the masses  are not  smart or  educated  enough  to think critically ......they get  by  .....have their  kids ..... and  get a job..... a nice house  .a paycheck and  their  little   appliques .... to make their lives  comfortable they  say a  job stands  for  just over  broke .......fact that  6 out of  10 families in America  do not have  $400 dollar in cash readily available for  an  emergency.....that's  pretty  fucked up  .... However my point of this rant blog etc ....

great website

 I just met a great human being who has this  amazing website ......its  called  of all things .... highly recommend this ....brilliant ......

mty thoughts

I believe  we live in  time where people have  lost their  fucking minds and  respect ....there is lack of  family structure and strength and understanding ... i have personally witnessed in my own ex family who  did  nothing more than smile at each other while stabbing each other  in the  back ......only when my mother was  dying ...... and  died....  did i realize  how sinister  ......cold .....ignorant  ......and  deceitful .....and thieving family was ...... I was  held accountable for  not  being the  biological prodigal son who never  hung around and mooched and  begged  borrowed and stole  ....nope i went off and  did my own thing ...was not  always the  right thing but i  did get life  experience .....which is  what i did family pretended  like they cared they didn't it took the death of  my mother  to unite  2 very jealous spiteful sisters  embroiled in years of  backstabbing  jealousy and  hatred and using kids in an emotional game of  favouritism to may paren

happy eatser

We are living in some pretty  fucked up times  right now  where people have lost all self respect dignity self worth and  shame here is  perfect  demonstration of the  stupidity ignorance and  low mentality level of human beings ...only in America  can the  Easter  bunny get into a  fucking street brawl  ...and i bet this  asshole is a parent  ... Celebrity Watch the Easter Bunny throw punches in a street brawl, because Florida   Mike Wehner, BGR News   22 hours ago   Reactions   Reblog on Tumblr   Share   Tweet   Email Of all the holidays on the U.S. calendar, Easter is definitely one of the most low-key. Families gather, eat some ham, and maybe the kids hunt for colored eggs or eat a bunch of candy, but it’s generally pretty chill. That is, unless you’re in Florida, where being in the holiday spirit and donning an Easter Bunny costume doesn’t stop anyone from getting into a heated street brawl in Orlando. A video, which was first posted by Instagram user Work


 This is why some women should be  sterilized ... U.S. Woman arrested after 3-day-old puppies dumped in a trash bin in Coachella   Sherry Barkas, USA TODAY   3 hours ago   Reactions   Reblog on Tumblr   Share   Tweet   Email PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – A woman suspected of  dumping a bag containing seven 3-day-old puppies  behind an auto parts store in Southern California  has been arrested  by Riverside County animal control and law enforcement officials. Animal services spokesman John Welsh said Deborah Sue Culwell was arrested at her residence in Coachella Monday evening. Culwell is facing up to seven counts of felony animal cruelty, Welsh said. Officials said store surveillance video shows a woman pulled up in a Jeep next to a trash bin outside the Napa Auto Parts store just after 1 p.m. last Thursday. The video then shows the woman got out of the vehicle carrying a plastic bag. She walked toward a bin used for recycling materials,

you see all that glitters is not gold

you see fame and  fortune comes with a price  someone as  cute and talented and perfect as Ariana grande is empty and  depressed  ....all that money fame and  fortune yet she is  depressed .... fame is a drug a powerful drug that the  insecure and shy thrive on  because they want to be loved  because they do not love themselves  they want everyone to love them ...... Freddie mercury was lonely he said it many many many times he used to cry and the only time he  felt loved was on stage  in front of thousands of drunk high fans . its a gift and a curse all on the same platform ...and if you look at all the awards these  people  are all suffering from the  same  disease ... fame is a  disease and usually the insecure and lonely seek it out   so it will solve  all their  problems  because they do not love themselves  so they look  for  love in others ..... it never  pans  out  usually the famous can only date  famous  ....birds of  a feather  fly together they only understand e