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Into the Wild

We seriously hope no animals were hurt or injured while this photo was taken and that the driver was transporting them to a safe place. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, what do we see here? These deer are in for the ride of their lives. It's alike an amusement park or Disney Land in a four-wheeled vehicle.

Into the Wild |
Into the Wild/

They've never sat in a car before, which seems much quicker than walking. They're master hitchhikers, and by the looks on their faces, they'd love to ride a car again, especially on cold winter days. Riding one of these is much more attractive than pulling a sleigh.

Hands Are Full

You are on your way to work, you are stuck in traffic, and then you come across this. You think you've seen it all, but in fact you haven't. This guy's hands are full; he has one hand on his phone, but he's using the other to read a message using a magnifying glass.

Hands Are Full |
Hands Are Full/

The text must've been too small, so he needed it. But he's also jamming to music with those earphones. Now, if this guy were to be pulled over by a police officer, the police were the ones who would find themselves in a big problem. Where does it say, or where is it taught, that no magnifying glasses are allowed while driving?

It's a Hot Day

In the summer, it's great to have a pool in your backyard, even if it's an inflatable one. This driver decided to transport a pool deck in the back of his car. Maybe he could've called someone to ask for help. At first, it looks as if there is nothing in front of the deck, but trust us when we say there is a car in front, and there is a driver, and there is a reason we assume for all of this taking place.

It's a Hot Day |
It's a Hot Day/

We don't know if it's because this family is moving houses and decided to take everything with them, or maybe they just thought it would look good driving the highway like this. Sometimes, there is no reason.

Special Kind of Ride

This is what we call perfect fitting or perfect design. After looking carefully, what seems to be one thing suddenly turns into something completely different, and then you get a totally new perspective of whatever you are looking at. Is that a unicycle? It might seem like one, but if you look closer, it isn't.

Special Kind of Ride |
Special Kind of Ride/

It's a special kind of Penny-farthing bike that fits perfectly at the back of this guy's car. Luckily, he had enough space for it. Was the driver lucky to have a car in the perfect size to match the bike? Who cares? It's in this article, it looks great, and the driver is promoting sports (which we are all for).

Modern Tinder

There are two possibilities for this to happen. It's either that the parents of this son have had enough and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their 18-year-old bum of a son out of the house once and for all, or this could be the result of a really good prank (or bet) some bored dudes decided to try one Saturday night.

Modern Tinder |
Modern Tinder/

In exchange for taking the son out on a date, a 2004 Buik is promised with just 40K miles. One thing is unclear to us. Once we have taken the son out on a date and realized why he is still at home, do we get to keep the car if there's no second date?

Double Decker Parking

It is not clear how this car ended up balanced on the Fiat in the first place. It is like bad parking is its own special gymnastic sport. Well, this gray car certainly deserves a medal for creative bad parking. To end up like this, they must have been taking directions from someone with bad depth perception or faulty parking sensors.

Double Decker Parking | Alamy Stock Photo by PA Images / Laura Paterson
Double Decker Parking/Alamy Stock Photo by PA Images / Laura Paterson

Either way, they should call in the professionals at this point before more damage is done to either car. The only other reason we can find behind this is that this was taken in the UK, and we have an incident of a righthand driver trying to adapt to the country's left rules.

Build-A-Baby Factory

This poorly placed advertisement takes away from what is happening in this ad! At first glance, this bus quite obviously belongs to some kind of robot baby-making facility. Either that or the Terminator has mastered procreation. But then you realize that all this is — is a funny error. One so bad you forget what exactly it was you were looking at to begin with!

Build-A-Baby Factory |
Build-A-Baby Factory/

The baby's eye is fine; there is no need for donations to save the baby's vision, and her stomach (and belly button) are in a safe place, too. This is purely bad design and even worse execution. They were only given one job.

World Recession

There is nothing odd about seeing a rustic old tractor making its way to the fields. In fact, a sight like this can actually cheer us up on the way to work, changing the urban scenery with a touch of farm delights. But what doesn't quite work here is the man in the suit.

World Recession |
World Recession/

When you see a tractor like this on the road, the next thing you would expect to see is a man in mussy boots and rustic overalls. Oh well, it looks like the recession had hit the big corporates, too, and this is the best company car they could afford.

Spaceballs Jam

This drive to work will transport you back to 1987 when one of the best parodies was created. Back in the 1980s, there were no limits to what you could say on screen, and Mel Brooks took it all the way with his masterpiece. Whoever is driving this vehicle obviously thought so, too.

Spaceballs Jam |
Spaceballs Jam/

For those who haven't seen the movie, you might miss this gem, or find it disturbing, especially on the road (so go and watch the movie). However, to us, those who have memorized the script and can never get enough, this is one great start to the day.

The Traffic Light Guessing Game

Apparently, the traffic control center came up with a new game called "Who Can Guess the Traffic Light?" And hey, can you blame them? Imagine if you had to sit in a room staring at a screen all day, controlling a city's traffic. Wouldn't you want to spice things up a bit?

The Traffic Light Guessing Game |
The Traffic Light Guessing Game/

For everybody's sake, though, we hope this is just a case of an old traffic light that they forgot to take down. Otherwise, that intersection is just a disaster waiting to happen. And it's not going to be the only thing waiting. Can you imagine the drivers who would come across this and sit and wait for the lights to turn green?

Stay Out of the Bike Lane

This sign achieves something pretty amazing — it defies its own instructions! The sign reads, “Give cyclists space,” which is a great sentiment. Unfortunately, it completely undermines that statement by being positioned in the middle of the bike lane.

Stay Out of the Bike Lane |
Stay Out of the Bike Lane/

We have no idea what they were thinking when they put it up and dangerously blocked the bike lane, forcing bikers to swerve into the lane used by cars. Luckily, the cart has wheels, which makes this absurd situation easily rectified. Yet again, this is another great example of things you see while commuting to work that get you laughing and make your day great.

Just Throw It in the Trunk

This next photo is dangerous, harmful, and life-threatening in many ways. We'll start with the design. Where is the class? Everything is so tasteless. There is no thought about what goes where, and it seems that someone just randomly placed the skeleton heads in the trunk.

Just Throw It in the Trunk |
Just Throw It in the Trunk/

Then, we can't ignore the fact that this is hazardous. Any other commuter wouldn't be able to take their eye off, instead of paying attention to traffic. And, of course, those chains. Look how black they are. We would be scared driving behind it on a highway, let alone being in the truck with them.

An Obvious Choice

What day are you expecting in the office? Is it going to be easy, with no board meeting and a friendly lunch with Jack? Or will it be three meetings in a row and leaving after sunset? New Life Lane or Dead End? Although we guess it depends on what mood you're in at the moment, it seems fairly obvious.

An Obvious Choice | Alamy Stock Photo by Paul Nichol
An Obvious Choice/Alamy Stock Photo by Paul Nichol

Regardless, this is a very ironic and quite hilarious sign to come by. It would certainly be enough to leave a happy-go-lucky commuter pondering for a while. Going straight or turning left has never felt like such a big decision! What road would you take?

Subway Stop

Owning your own car is the best. It is a milestone in growing up and a ticket welcoming you into a life of independence. One of the best things about it is that you no longer have to use public transportation. No more standing unreasonably close to other commuters or walking to the bus stop in the rain.

Subway Stop | Alamy Stock Photo by REUTERS/Mal Langsdon
Subway Stop/Alamy Stock Photo by REUTERS/Mal Langsdon

But there is also a downside: the high gas price, insurance, and standing in traffic for hours at a time. It seems like the owner of this car couldn’t take it anymore and decided that they were sick of driving; they were going to take the subway instead!

Obstacle Course

Where do we start? This seems to be an old car that is still making the mile; however, it grabs more attention than any other posh vehicle on the highway. This driver promised his daughter a magic wand for her birthday, and Daddy never breaks a promise. One thing he misunderstood when the little princess gave him the instructions was the size and placement of the wand.

Obstacle Course |
Obstacle Course/

This is how Mr. Daddy found himself driving along the highway with a gigantic magic wand as an exhaust pipe. Anything to make his precious princess happy. Fun fact: this was taken in a suburb of Atlanta, which now explains everything we wanted to know but never dared to ask about that place.

Meet Colin

So apparently, some Reddit readers know that dude. His name is Colin, and he is a hitchhiker and not homeless like initially thought; he is a great musician, he has a great sense of humor, and apparently, he is safe (because he is Canadian).

Meet Colin |
Meet Colin/

Almost all drivers who came across him that morning believed he was begging for money; however, he wasn't. He felt so awkward that he missed the bus to wherever he was going and found himself begging for a ride. So, how do you tell the difference between someone after the dollar and someone just asking for a ride?

A Parent's Lesson

So this is another way of teaching the parents a lesson in life. Texaco gas station was so fed up with children running around the place, risking their own lives and others around them, that they decided to teach the parents a lesson once and for all.

A Parent's Lesson |
A Parent's Lesson/

What could be worse for a mother or father being around their children after consuming a Red Bull or two and possessing a Kazoo? How cruel can that be? We can guarantee that after experiencing this once, the next time they visit Texaco, there is no chance the kids will leave the car.

Ohio Is Everywhere

For some context — this Ohio-loving vehicle was found in Australia, of all places. Just imagine the journey this car did, from the middle of nowhere, Ohio, all the way to Australia. To see an American number plate in South America or Europe is one thing, but anything spotted Down Under always fascinates us. And then it hit us.

Ohio Is Everywhere |
Ohio Is Everywhere/

This car wasn't found after a long journey at all. As it turns out, there is also a place in Australia called Ohio. It is in New South Wales, and it's relatively small; however, according to this photo, some people are proud to live there. And anyway, we are sure there are many Americans down there who are proud of their motherland.

Easy Rider

We usually embrace all of the people's choices regarding what they want to wear. However, there is a time when we have to end it. Take this dude, for example, who we bumped into this morning on our way to work. You are not Prince; you will never be Prince, you might be just like your father, too bold, but we beg you to respect the purple rain.

Easy Rider |
Easy Rider/

And we do suggest you put something on to protect your head. You wouldn't want the next headlines to be; "A very unsuccessful attempt to look like Prince came to an end today, when the so-called rider thought it was more important to look cool than to stay alive."

Missing Person

Where do we begin? There are some women out there who just won't take no for an answer, and when this poor guy decided enough was enough and that divorce was the only solution, she wasn't having any of that. There was a limit to what she could handle, and not having him contribute to the family household was more than she could cope with.

Missing Person |
Missing Person/

By putting him in the trunk, she assured him he gets to work on time, gets paid at the end of the month, and pays his way through the Zara and Walmart bills. She picks him up from work the same way.

Modern Begging

Technology has affected us all, and not one thing hasn't changed. Even homeless people and how they ask for money to make their living is not what it used to be. If, twenty years ago, we would see a homeless person lying on a street corner, in his rags, hugging a dog (they always have a stray dog with them), then it's completely different these days.

Modern Begging |
Modern Begging/

A skunk has exchanged the dog, and the homeless man doesn't even need to be around. The skunk is there to save the spot so no other beggar takes over. Especially not at Christmas time when it gets really busy, and they can make a fortune.

Good Dog

Please note. This next photo has not been photoshopped; neither have any children been injured. This is a doll's head the pitbull is playing with. This is the most terrifying image we can come across any day. Yes, we know it's not real, but still.

Good Dog |
Good Dog/

The next thing we suppose will happen is the dog throwing up the rest of the doll it had already consumed. Why don't these dog owners take better care of their pets? Who are they trying to impress? And why do we have to see images like this even though they are not real, photoshopped, or interesting at all?

Caution Ahead

We love a play on words. We love and appreciate people who think out of the box and turn simple things into interesting moments full of humor. What we can't stand are laziness and people who do something for the sake of doing it. If you are going to update a road sign, the least you can do is do it properly.

Caution Ahead |
Caution Ahead/

Instead of using those cheap white stickers and handwritten letters, whatever happened to proper gangster graffiti spray? It would have looked much more professional, and people might have even taken notice. Next time you want to update a road sign, come to us. We'll show you how it's done.

Reality Bites

This is when reality is thrown in your face, and the true colors are revealed, all coated with a blanket of humor and a touch of sophistication. And we absolutely love it. Now, we are not sure where this sign is placed and where it was seen; however, it is so good it can be placed anywhere, and the message will make its way easily. Imagine a child seeing this hanging on his parent's door. Or, even better, at your mechanics?

Reality Bites |
Reality Bites/

What we are trying to say is that, just like politicians, you can't trust anyone. Parents are dishonest with kids when they don't want to expose them to the harsh sides of life; mechanics are dishonest with their clients because you can't really fix a 15-year-old car, and politicians, well, there is no need to explain.

Ask Me About My Wiener

First, for those who are finding it hard to identify what we are seeing here, this is a human-sized hotdog with a splash of mustard and a set of green headphones just walking down the street, singing Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do. This could have been taken during the world pandemic, thinking this might be a great alternative for a facial mask.

Ask Me About My Wiener |
Ask Me About My Wiener/

This could be a Halloween costume, which sure scares the heck out of us, and it could just be a plain old cold winter day. The dude just found this outfit very warm and cozy — what he looked like to others never crossed his mind.

Some Questions Are Better Not Asked

If you were to see this one morning on your way to work, a million questions would pop up in your head. A million and one more. What did the chicken cross the road? Before we answer that, we want to know how the chicken got there. The nearest farm is miles away!

Some Questions Are Better Not Asked |
Some Questions Are Better Not Asked/

Where is the chicken's owner? Isn't he or she concerned it might get run over? Not everyone will appreciate the joke here in front of us. Many would look at this and see dinner. So, why did it cross the road? Yep, you got it. To get to the other side.

Only in Florida

We came across this in the land where the sun never goes to sleep, where it never rains and dogs are commuted in three-seater motorcycles. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Florida. There is no doubt that the rider of this motorcycle is stuck way back in the 1960s, and the lady by his side hasn't gone far from the 1970s.

Only in Florida |
Only in Florida/

The coolest one of them all has to be Spook, the dog. And he is way up to date. The dog owners even added an orange pet coat to brighten things up. Otherwise, the three of them would be in black. We suggest a little modern-times upgrade for the rider and driver, too.


What is this supposed to mean? We read this sign ten times and still couldn't understand what lay behind it. Camels are very common in North African countries, and in the Middle East, so we suppose this is relevant only to them? And besides, this is all new to us.

Preference |

We never heard of men preferring the company of camels over the company of women, no matter where you came from. And another thing — who is this one man who prefers being around animals and not around women who goes on and on about the sale Walmart had and the delicious cupcakes Karen made?

Herding Highway

There are many things one can see on the highway while traveling to work. There are people commuting with children, people with dogs in the back seat, tractors and trucks, and vehicles in all colors of the rainbow. We have seen it all. Until we saw this, and then we realized that we hadn't.

Herding Highway |
Herding Highway/

We know that sheep and lamb don't usually travel by car. If they need medical care, the vet would visit the farm, so what is happening here? Maybe the owners have sold the poor little thing, and it is off to its new habitat? Or maybe it's on its way to find clothes for Daisy's sweet sixteen party?

Shoulder Cat

There are so many things weird and interesting about this photo. We all know that cats are not dogs. They are not as loyal as dogs, they don't communicate as dogs do, and they are not as active as dogs are in any way. Having said that, there is one quality that cats have and dogs can only dream of.

Shoulder Cat |
Shoulder Cat/

Cats can balance themselves in a way that no matter what happens, they will always — always — fall on four legs. They have nine lives, and if you see a cat falling from somewhere high, don't worry. There are eight more lives where that came from.

Everyone's Business

We had to read this three times before we got the joke. It took us a while to understand the #2 business, figuring out what business is considered second. Then, when the dime dropped, it all made sense. The owner of this business presents himself as the number one professional to give service in all issues concerning blocked toilets and sewage. Admirable.

Everyone's Business |
Everyone's Business/

If it took us a while to understand this, we assume we are not alone, and others might take their time in comprehending this, too. Maybe it's time to change the logo and think of something more comforting. We see no comfort in this whatsoever.

Danger Danger

In the outskirts of Australia, where the land ends and the desert begins, all sorts of signs can be found. There are inviting signs; there are limiting signs, and there are warning signs. There are also signs like this, which we still haven't determined where to categorize.

Danger Danger |
Danger Danger/

Many go on outings and hikes with their dogs, and, depending on the location, they could let the dog off the leash and have it run around to release some energy. It's not like doggy walks are performed in places that also house flying predators out to snatch your pooch off the ground, right?

Freedom of Speach

People have opinions on Adam Sandler movies. Those opinions are usually pretty strong and tend to go hard (so hard) one way or another. Some will love his productions with a passion and some will hate it with a passion. Either way, there is passion involved.

Freedom of Speach |
Freedom of Speach/

For some, this passion will have them pre-ordering tickets to the movie before it's even out in theaters, and for others, the passion will drive them down the steep, treacherous road to vandalism. This is what we are assuming was captured in this picture taken by a person who was just trying to get to work.

Travel Back in Time

This looks like a scene out of "Back to the Future" or something out of 1980s space movies. The dude who thought of this believed he could make his car fly faster. Well, have we got news for him, or what? Wake up and smell the coffee, our good sir.

Travel Back in Time |
Travel Back in Time/

Everybody knows that in order to make a car fly, it's going to need a little more than just a gizmo attached to the back. You will need to either fit it with actual wings or with jets at the bottom. With the current setup, the only way you could get that thing in the air is by driving it off cliff.

Thomas and Friends

We all grew up with him. And if not, our children grow up with him. The stories of Thomas the Tank Engine and his remarkable engine friends still preserve their magic to this day. This photo reveals the truth behind the cartoon character, one that we wish our children could avoid.

Thomas and Friends |
Thomas and Friends/

If this is the real Thomas, then by the look of it, he doesn't have many friends. Thomas is a lonely tank engine that is transferred every now and then in the back of a truck, on busy highways, and not even in the UK like most of us must have thought.

Green Morning

Whatever this person is doing, they are doing something right. Hair blowing in the wind, paddling their trusty, probably custom-made bicycle — now THAT is the kind of life we would like to subscribe to. Simply magnificent.

Green Morning |
Green Morning/

This person is taking care of their own personal fitness as well as the planet, and wearing the boldest lime green around to get everyone's attention. Well, consider our attention got. The picture only gets better when you realize the box in the back has a plastic parrot riding a bike with wheels in all colors of the rainbow while wearing a green beret.

Happy Halloween

If you want to scare someone, show them this. This could be a great Halloween prank. Call your best friend, arrange to meet at a certain parking lot, tell them you will be late, and another friend will pick them up. Describe the car being gray and the brand and tell them the number plate.

Happy Halloween |
Happy Halloween/

All you have to do is hide behind a tree and watch your friend's facial reaction when they approach this car. If we were scared just by looking at it on a screen, we can't imagine what would happen when coming across this in real life.

Skeletons Are Out of the Closet

We are all for decorating the houses, especially the windows on the main street, with holiday-themed decorations. We appreciate those who go all the way and admire those who participate. They take the kids trick-or-treating and turn the evening into a great big festival.

Skeletons Are Out of the Closet |
Skeletons Are Out of the Closet/

We bet that the people who placed this handy dandy skeleton in the window are just that kind of people. Sure, we can only see one tiny piece of the whole front of the house, but we bet the street-facing part is just full of jack-o-lanterns and well-placed cobwebs. Trick or treating at their place must be a hoot.

The Messiah

Even though loads of humans out there have been turning away from religion in the past few decades (and probably even more), there are many people out there who are still great believers and manage to preserve their trust and devotion to the lord. Not only that, they use their vehicle to spread the word. What can be more promising and enlightening than waking up, getting ready for work, and seeing this?

The Messiah |
The Messiah/

So, we get Mary, the woman in the center, but what we find difficult to understand is the message behind the two horses on each side. What do they represent? And why are we thinking of Julie Andrew and "The Sound of Music" when we look at the background of this truck image? This needs a few alterations.

Another Way of Riding

Look at this bike rider. Does everything look normal to you? When we first had a look, we thought the rider had a severed foot. After we looked closely, we realized he just had a pair of black socks on, which merged with the black leather seat. The way this guy is riding requires a lot of physical strength, balance, and guts.

Another Way of Riding |
Another Way of Riding/

We wouldn't want to come across a police officer on a highway after pulling us over for such a prank. Keep these routines for an amateur night, circus events, or anywhere that has on-call paramedics. This is just plain dangerous.

Mario the Plumber

Here is another great example of engaging marketing, excellent design, and a promising and successful career for Mario the plumber. Mario provides 24-hour emergency plumbing services and can fix almost anything that has been broken.

Mario the Plumber |
Mario the Plumber/

If you are unaware, in the UK, a double yellow line, as shown in this photo, is a strictly forbidden parking area except for emergency vehicles, such as police cars or ambulances. By the look of it, in this area of the UK, being a plumber is essential. Having a leaking sink is considered an emergency, and with a design like this, one will tow you away.

The Boys Are Back in Town

Welcome to the 21st century. Up until two decades ago, when the year 2000 just kicked in, the only extravaganza vehicles you could spot on the road would be an outrageous Lamborghini, an eye-popping Porsche, and if you were lucky, you would come across a black Batmobile. The Batmobile was definitely the highlight of the 1990s.

The Boys Are Back in Town |
The Boys Are Back in Town/

Nowadays, the expectations from the rich and famous have escalated, and four-wheeled vehicles won't do. It's private Jumbo jets and fighter aircraft we see these days roving the country's highways and causing traffic jams. At least now you can say you are late due to jet lag.

Alien to Planet Earth

It's late November. The streets are getting ready for the best time of year. Soon, everything will be sparkling silver and gold, and you'll be off collecting your Christmas gifts and tree decorations. You promised yourself that this year, you are going all the way. There will be no compromising, and only the best will do.

Alien to Planet Earth |
Alien to Planet Earth/

You get into your car, and then you see this. You can't believe your eyes, and you take a second blink. The Griswolds have moved in next door and brought all of the movie's cast with them. This is going to be a very merry Christmas, indeed.

The White Knight

This one is wonderful. We admire people who can see the funny side in everything, even when your precious car is involved. Monty Python is one of the greatest comedians of all time who made fun of any situation they were in and implemented some great quotes we use until this day. This guy added this timeless quote to his car instead of getting the damage fixed.

The White Knight |
The White Knight/

It's more than a scratch, as anyone with an operating eye can see, but he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. He just got the right decal "Tis but a scratch," which can be relevant for every future accident the car goes through. Honestly, if the car's functionality is still intact, this is a great way of saving money.

The Imperial March

Note: Put on "The Imperial March" before reading this. This is just so funny (and wonderfully nerdy) that we had to shake things up and make it a little more interesting. It's a Nissan Cube. Probably one of the smallest cars out there. If you look carefully, there is some kind of a badge/shield in front, so unless it's Halloween, whoever is driving must be on duty.

The Imperial March |
The Imperial March/

We haven't even begun to describe this vehicle, and it's already hilarious. Now, what about this number plate? Where do we even begin? DTH, no explanations are needed here. 5T4R, for anyone who hasn't tried early '00s chatroom speech, means "star", with the 5 representing an S and the 4 representing an A.

Who Let This Dog Out?

It doesn't matter what kind of hellish meetings you are about to have today, seeing this on your way to the office is bound to make you feel at least a tiny bit better. Come on, who wouldn't be perked up by watching this sweet doggo patiently waiting on its owner's bike, decked out in a helmet and sunglasses?

Who Let This Dog Out? | Ofek Hagag
Who Let This Dog Out?/Ofek Hagag

We wonder where this dude is taking his dog. Probably nowhere boring like a dentist appointment, no ma'am. Wherever it is must be quite an adventure. Perhaps the two are about to go on a coast-to-coast bike journey or a desert music festival.

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