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My question is  can  somone  not   determine the difference  betweena  wild turkey and  a  human me i have never  ever  hunted ........i am not into  one sided   cruelty .......still if that is  your bag ....then  go on  right ahead and  shoot  your friend ........

Hunter thinks he’s firing at turkey, then man yells he’s been shot, Florida cops say

Photo from Jonathan Cooper via Unsplash

A hunter thought he spotted a male turkey in the woods and shot at it, but he hit a man instead, Florida police said.

Shortly before 8 a.m. on March 17, authorities received a call reporting a man shot in the woods of Flagler County, according to a news release from the Bunnell Police Department.

When first responders found the man, he had birdshot wounds to his head and torso, police said. They called a helicopter to airlift him to a Daytona Beach trauma center.

Officers spoke with the hunter, who said he was hunting when he saw three female turkeys in the road, according to police. He followed them, and in the “low light,” he thought he saw a male turkey in the woods.

He fired his shotgun at it, but it was actually a decoy set up by another hunter, police said. Then the turkey hunter heard the man shout out that he had been shot.

The hunter called 911 and “expressed remorse,” police said. He led officers to where the incident occurred, and they found a shotgun shell, puddles of blood, a stake for the decoy and an instrument to make a turkey call, according to Bunnell police.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the incident.

Authorities did not release information on the injured man’s condition and did not say whether any charges will be filed.

Bunnell is about a 75-mile drive northeast of Orlando.

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