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LIVING ON THE EDGE .................


Well at least when he dies  ......he will not have to sell it will pop into the ocean ....his own  grave  as to say ......i do not understand why  people  buy into the   these places mountain tops .....woods and  dangerous places  ....but hey!!!..........  money and  fools  ......are  easily parted ......

California Doctor Refuses to Leave $16M Cliffside Mansion Despite Landslide Concerns

Coastal homes on cliff edge with evident erosion, under clear skies
New York Post

Three cliffside homes in Southern California are in jeopardy after heavy rainfall led to a huge landslide.

Footage shows three multimillion-dollar homes sitting on the edge of a cliff in Dana Point, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Though all three homes are considered safe to live in, one of the homes, a $15.9 million, four-bedroom property, appears to be extremely close to the cliff's edge.

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According to the New York Post, that home is owned by a local radiologist, 82-year-old Lewis Bruggeman, who told KCAL, “The house is fine, it’s not threatened and it will not be red-tagged.” He added, “The city agrees that there’s no major structural issue with the house.”

Dana Point City Manager Mike Killebrew corroborated Bruggeman’s statement, telling CBS News that a geotechnical engineer and building inspector from the city went to Bruggeman’s home to evaluate the situation. After speaking with the homeowner, they deemed that there was “no imminent threat to that home.”

In footage from the home, it’s clear that part of the cliff slid off and fell into the ocean. The two homes that sit next to Bruggeman’s $15.9 million property are worth around $14.1 million and $12.9 million, per The Post.

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