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Money doe snot buy style .....class ......or pizazz.....look at lizzo .....she dresses and thinks  she is  hot  can implode   peoples   sense of style's  your money .......this  is not even  fashion ........but hey if you like  looking out of  place.........

'Worst Outfit Ever' Prompt Has People Sharing Horrendous Fits From Donald Glover, Lil Nas X, and More

The trend has social media users rediscovering the worst looks from their favorite celebrities.


Social media keeps calling out appalling moments from celebrities. This time, it's their worst outfits.

Around the same time that the 'Worst Bar You've Ever Heard' began trending on X, the platform's user popularized the 'worst outfit ever' thread, which user @Rome_Streetz kicked off.

X users jumped right into the mess, one pinpointing Donald Glover for his mesh bodysuit, lamĂ© coat, and hiking boots worn at BeyoncĂ©'s Renaissance album release party in 2022.

"Lmao shout out bino but this one is atrocious," a user said about the attention-grabbing look from the actor-singer.

Another call-out was CeeLo Green, who wore a fully gold costume at the 2017 Grammy Awards, which he later revealed to be his alter-ego, Gnarly Davidson.

On Drink Champs last year was Akon, who sported a gaudy Dior jacket, which some have pointed out may or may not have been authentic.

Also added to the worst-dressed X thread was Joe Budden, who has even had an Instagram page, @joebuddenfits, dedicated to the rapper-turned-podcaster's "best (or worst) fits from the infamous style god himself." But one user focused solely on Budden's pants, frustrated by his choice in jeans and once wearing a clash of sweatpants and cargos.

Russell Westbrook, who now has a popular streetwear brand, Honor the Gift, was called "Classic Russ" for his sleeveless white collar shirt and skinny pants combo worn before he became favored for his game-day looks.

Check out more from the thread below.

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