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Couple’s Wedding Is Canceled After Bride Is Caught Having an Affair with Groom's Uncle

A Reddit user shared that five minutes before the start of the wedding, the maid of honor came over to tell her the event was canceled

<p>Getty</p> Photo of a bride and groom during a wedding ceremony


Photo of a bride and groom during a wedding ceremony

A bridesmaid is sharing the chaos that caused her friend's whole wedding to get canceled the day of.

On Reddit's Wedding Shaming Subreddit, the woman explains how leading up to her friend Dana's, wedding, which was supposed to be on Jan. 14, her friend, 29, had crazy demands for the members of her wedding party. For example, she asked all her bridesmaids to spend $2,000 on their dresses and also cancel their family vacations to go on her bachelorette trip.

Additionally, she told her fiancé, Josh, that he wasn't allowed to invite any of his single female friends.

"Now the meat of the story comes on the wedding day," the bridesmaid writes.

"The whole day she had constant outbursts. She made people cry," the friend adds talking about the bride. "Like, wedding staff and bridesmaids. The MoH deserves a medal for the amount of diplomacy and bulls--- control she had to do. I for the most part took the easy route and decided to work outside the bridal suite like checking flowers, making sure food was okay. Basically any excuse NOT to be around bride."

<p>Getty</p> A wedding dress hanging in a room


A wedding dress hanging in a room

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In the post, the woman goes on to explain how five minutes before the start of the wedding, the maid of honor, who was Josh's sister, came over to tell her the wedding was canceled. "I asked her what happened," she said, to which the maid of honor told her, "Dana was having a 'quickie' with Josh's uncle in the room. Josh caught them."

When the maid of honor told her this she writes that she just stared at her with her mouth about to reach the floor.

"She told me to run and that she was trying to get as many people out before things exploded," she continues. "So I quickly got my purse, gathered the two bridesmaids that were carpooling with me, and we left like the devil was after us. I checked with the other bridesmaid and all had escaped."

<p>Getty</p> Bridesmaids in pink and vioilet dresses holding floral arrangements


Bridesmaids in pink and vioilet dresses holding floral arrangements

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Following the wedding disaster, she explained how Dana called her demanding $5,000 to help pay her cancellation fees. According to Dana, it was her duty as a member of the bridal party to handle those fees. "I obviously told her no and that she might as well lose my number," the woman writes. "I am never speaking to this woman again."

Reddit users responded to the post and shared their reactions to the situation, explaining why in the grand scope of things, things worked out for the best.

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"It's a good thing he got out of the wedding but how didn't he realize he was making a huge mistake before then; not being able to invite women that aren't family is a huge red flag," one person wrote. "Plus all the other toxic behavior that was described leading up to the wedding should have been a sign that the bride was a bad person and the marriage wasn't going to last."

Another person chimed in and added, "You should check in with the MOH and find out how long the thing with her uncle had gone on and what the fallout was there."

"Cancellation fees?!? Even at 30min till ceremony, all the vendors, supplies and set up, are there and ready to roll. They better have charged her the full bill," someone else said.

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