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SNOW GO !!!...........

 Let me get one thing out of the way!!!!! ......i hate the snow........ and  the cold .....that is why i left is always fucking snowing........ there .....and when it doesn't snow......... it rains ....... and snow!!! .....and it sucks .....nothing grows in the snow  nothing .......and i hate when people say ....... you can make  snow  angels ......big fucking deal ....bollocks .....i say .....however   driving and  snow .......... does not  mix ......and as i live in south  Florida......... we do not get snow  .......but why do fucking assholes drive in snow stay at home.........  till it disappears  ........and the  reason people  crash they do not pay attention...... or  they are in a hurry .........and you can bet your balls  to  a  country  fair  ....those are mostly married people ..........  because they have to go to work  ....otherwise  ........ you know i have bills to pay........ i got  a wife and kids to feed ......... or  she will leave me is  that for  black mail ......however here are pics ofd  wankers  fucking up  /......driving and  snow  do not  mix curry powder and  arse cream mixed together  .....or anal lube and sand ........etc ,.....etc....etc......

pictures That Prove Snow And Driving Do Not Go Well Together


It’s no secret that typical civilian cars aren’t necessarily designed with heavy snow in mind. While they are built to keep the driver and passengers as safe as possible in such conditions, snowy conditions can get so bad that there’s just nothing you can really do about it. If you’re one of those people who have to deal with snow and ice as part of your driving experience each year, you already know the struggle. Here are some amazing photos of cars stuck in snowy circumstances.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

If you live in a part of the world where the snow is known to dump down multiple feet overnight, it might not be the best idea to buy a car that’s white.

Picture of white car

Good luck trying to find it in a blizzard or being able to trust that other people will see you when you’re on the road. We’re guessing the owner of this vehicle is regretting their purchase right about now.

The Snow Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Arguably, the worst car to drive in snowy conditions would have to be one that’s anything more than a few decades old, which would still be considered new in comparison to this car.

Picture of blue car
Steve mueckus/Twitter

But this car’s owner wasn’t going to allow the weather to dictate whether he could drive his old vehicle, so he made some of his own adjustments. Now, he can plow through just about anything… probably better than most new cars on the road.

What In The…

We’re not sure how this Jeep managed to get stuck in a pile of snow this high, but some driver managed to do it. Our only guess is that they were trying to jump their car over it, but managed to crash directly into it instead!

Car in hill of snow

They’re either going to need some heavy machinery or wait for all that snow to melt if they want their car back. It even looks like the driver had to climb out of the back window to get out!

A Day In The Life

If you look inside the windows of just about any given minivan, this is probably close to what you might see. An adult driver trying to keep their cool, two children bickering in the back, and a dog eager to just be home and out of the car.

Picture of people in a car

We’re going to assume this is such a regular scenario in this minivan that they decided to draw a little picture of the scene using the snow.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

If you thought that it was bad to not have windshield wipers in the rain, you should try it in the snow! Clearly, whoever owns this car had somewhere they needed to be because nothing was going to get in their way, including their lack of visibility.

Picture of broom

When one of their wipers broke, they found the next best thing, a broom, and got to work attaching it to their car. It actually seems like it works!

Stylish Car

Who said that cars can’t have hairstyles? Clearly, the driver of this VW Bug disagrees. Whether they know it or not, it looks like their little car is sporting quite the mohawk as it’s driving down the street.

Picture of a VW

This is because either the driver needed to be somewhere fast or this is just how they prefer the car to look as they drive around town. Either way, it’s quite the look and definitely makes the car stand out!

Just Cancel Your Plans

Want to know what’s worse than a traffic jam? A snow jam. if you’re stuck in traffic, it’s bound to clear up sooner or later, but that’s not necessarily the case with snow. It could keep falling and only get worse, or these poor souls will have to wait until it either melts or they can dig themselves out.

Cars snowed in
BBC iPlayer/Pinterest

We really hope nobody was desperate to get somewhere because it doesn’t seem like they will be arriving anytime soon.

Weiner Down!

Imagine that you’re driving down an icy highway and you come across this on the side of the road. Although seeing any action is exciting enough, seeing a car in the shape of a hot dog is on a whole other level.

Car that's a hot dog

At least if the driver was waiting there for a long time for help to come, they wouldn’t get hungry! if there’s one car that shouldn’t be driving on icy roads it has to be this one.

Santa Coming Through

While everyone else is suffering through this brutal weather driving their regular cars, this person decided to take a lesson from the master of snow, Santa Claus himself.

Picture of a sleigh

They must have figured that Santa must know something about traveling in snow that they don’t, so they adopted his method of transportation. Other than where they got the reindeer, the other question is where’s the driver of this sleigh. They better hope they don’t get sleigh-jacked!

Stack Em’ Up!

This car hasn’t been moved in such a long time that it looks like there’s two cars stacked on each other!

Picture of car covered in snow

We hope for the sake of everyone that lives here that this was over an extended period of time and not just one night, or else everyone would be in this much trouble. What do people even do in this situation when they have somewhere to be? Is this a proper excuse for being late to work?

Safety First

If it’s snowing so much that all of the cars are completely buried, it might be a good idea to let people know where your car is located.

Picture of a car with a sign
Marcs Snow Patrol/Facebook

That way, if a snowplow comes through to clear the road, they don’t end up driving straight into your vehicle. Apparently, a simple sign that says “car” will do just fine. Something tells us that this isn’t the first time this driver has had to do this.

Now That’s A Problem

It’s one thing to have your car covered in snow. However, it’s a whole other issue when it’s covered in ice. If this is the case, you can’t just brush the snow off like you usually would because it’s basically glued to the car!

Car covered in ice

To fix this problem, you either have to wait for it to get warm enough to melt or melt it yourself using hot water; better hope the windows don’t crack either!

Without A Paddle

If you’re in the unfortunate situation that your car gets snowed in, you better hope that you’re in a city or someplace where help is close by. These people seem to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without anyone coming to their assistance anytime soon.

Car in the middle of nowhere

To make matters worse, they don’t even have to worry about getting just one car out of the snow but a whole trailer too! You can’t help but feel sorry for them.

“Road Block”

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that this car was completely buried in the snow before someone finally needed to take it back on the road.

Car with snow on the top
Chicago Memes/Twitter

It’s possible that they were in such a rush that they didn’t have time to clear the top, or maybe they just wanted to give other drivers a good laugh. All we know is that we wouldn’t want to be the car driving behind it right now!

How Does This Even Happen?

The only real explanation of how this could have happened is that somebody left the sunroof open in this car (if it even has one) and left it there for days or weeks.

Car full of snow

It would take an extended amount of time for this whole car to fill with snow, so the driver must have gone on vacation or something. Imagine coming home from a relaxing getaway only to find that your car is filled to the brim with snow.

Give Up Already

We don’t know about you, but we would just cut our losses if our car was this buried in snow. At this point, your best bet is to just wait until spring for the snow to melt to reclaim this vehicle.

Person digging out car

It would also only take this to happen once for us to pack our bags, get on a plane, and move to greener pastures where this can never happen again.

Where To, Miss?

This driver looks like he might work as a taxi driver for his day job; the only problem is that his ride is completely covered in snow.

Man in a a car

He better hope that he doesn’t have anyone that needs a ride because it looks like his car isn’t moving anywhere in the near future until the season turns. We wonder if he starts the car, it will help speed up the melting process or if that’s just dangerous.

This Man Is Always On Vacation

This driver bought this car specifically so he could drive it as a convertible, and clearly, he’s trying to get every cent of his money’s worth. Regardless if it’s dumping snow outside, the top stays down because that’s just how he rolls.

download (2)
Keith Marler/Twitter

He’s probably known all around his town as “the guy with the convertible,” but we bet he’s the one laughing when summer finally comes around. We need more people in the world like this man.

Buried Treasure

By the looks of it, this car was buried in snow at one point, and the owner completely lost track of where it was. Then, when the snow finally started to melt, the vehicle revealed itself to the world.


We’re guessing this car was hidden for a long time, considering how many layers of snow are piled up on it and just how dirty the snow is. This car definitely hasn’t just been under there for a day or two.

Fender Bender

As if driving in the snow wasn’t bad enough already, imagine getting sandwiched between a bus and a car on your daily commute to work.

Picture of a car crash

The problem with icy roads is that if you get rear-ended, your car is bound to keep going and run into the car in front of you, which is still your fault. If this happened to us, we’d probably just end up taking the shoelace express if we ever needed to get anywhere in that weather.

That’s Not The Road, Maam

Something must have seriously gone wrong if this woman not only managed to get that far off the road but get on top of the barrier, too! Something tells us that it might not have just been the snow that caused this, and that maybe some distracted driving was going on as well.

Car on the side of the road

She has some explaining to do as to how she got into this situation. At least everyone has something entertaining to look at while stuck in traffic!

Tips Down

When in snow, the saying “tips down” is usually in reference to skiing and getting down the mountain as fast as you can. However, it appears that this driver took this winter terminology to a different level and went “tips down” with their car.

Picture of car in the snow
Brian Dougherty/Twitter

We’re not sure how they’re going to get out of this situation, especially if they’re still in the car! They better hope they have insurance for something as unfortunate as a crash like this!

Houston, We Have A Problem

It almost seems like you have to deliberately try to leave your sunroom down when it’s snowing outside. It’s hard to think of any situation why you might need to open up a window of any kind in these conditions but this person did and even forgot to close it!

Picture of car with open window
Alyssa Skahill/Pinterest

Hopefully, they weren’t gone for long, or else they will have a nice surprise waiting for them when they get back to their car. Good luck!

Off-Roading Gone Wrong

Although we assume that this person didn’t mean to end up in this situation, they definitely have the wrong kind of car for it.

Car on the side of the road

Because this vehicle is so low to the ground, they’re probably going to need a tow truck to get it out of this mess. We doubt even some cars with four-wheel drive could even make it back up onto the road. What would only make this worse is that if this is someone else’s yard.

Car Slide

Either this was on accident, or this driver was purposefully trying to grind their car on their rail like a skateboard. Either way, it’s unfortunate because it probably caused some serious damage to the underside of this car.

Picture of car on railing
Sandra Bickel/Pinterest

We have to admit, however, that as disastrous as this may be it’s still impressive how it’s managing to stay completely balanced on the rail. We’re glad at least one person was able to snap a picture while driving by.

Now That’s A Work Of Art

While people who live in places like this are used to having their cars covered in snow, few actually take it upon themselves to turn it into an art project.

Snow sculpture

This person decided to sculpt around their car that was buried in the snow so that it looks almost as if the snow isn’t there. This must have taken a lot of time, and they were probably praying the whole time for it not to snow until they finished.

One Benefit Of Snow

Something good that comes out of driving in the snow is that you don’t have to go and get a piece of paper if you need to leave someone a note.

Message on a car

Whether you want to write something nice or are reminding people how to park respectfully, all you need is your finger. The only problem is that if it snows more they’ll never get the message, so you have to time it just right for it to work.

Might As Well Have Some Fun

It’s probably safe to assume in a place that always gets snow, that t’s not uncommon for people to draw things on each other’s cars. You have to wipe it off anyway in order to drive, so you might as well make a joke while you’re at it.

Picture of snowy cars

As long as it isn’t anything inappropriate, the worst thing that can happen is that you put a smile on someone’s face. There’s one perk about driving in the snow!

Devoured In More Than One Way

Well, it appears that not only did this car get devoured by falling snow, but somebody decided to have a little fun with it. Now, when this person walks out of their house to go somewhere, they won’t just find a giant pile of snow but a dragon that’s consuming their car.

Picture of car

This is sure to brighten anyone’s day, especially if it starts with having to dig their car out from under multiple feet of snow!

Gone Prehistoric

At a glance, this looks like a dinosaur wandering its way through a snowstorm! Luckily for the driver, it appears that these icicles were added to the top of the car on purpose, and they didn’t fall and land on it.

Picture of red car
Dread Limited/Twitter

Not only would this damage the car, but they could have also harmed anyone that was in it! We’re going to assume that someone did this as a prank. We hope the driver wasn’t already 

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