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THE JAM..............................


Well i hate being stuck in jams of  any kind .....of course......... the only jam i like to partake  in the kind on my bread .....or toast .......i prefer  gooseberry ........ or whatever ....balckberry  .....or maramlade  .........but that is it! ........the kind of  jam i hate........ is traffic flavored .....worst of all ........when somone is in a  deadly crash........ and the rubberneckers ........i hate those bastards with a  vengeance ........

These Pictures Taken In Traffic Jams Will Make You Appreciate Your Own Commute


Traffic jams are an unavoidable downside that comes with the convenience of driving. Wherever there are cars there is traffic, but thankfully, you can see some pretty interesting things when you’re stuck in one place. Here are some instances when being caught in traffic led to unusual, unexpected, and ridiculous observations.

Salt In The Wound

Being stuck in traffic while you’re late for work has to be one of the most stressful ways to start the day. When you see a sign like this, you might hope it tells you what has happened or how long the wait is going to be.

Picture of a sign

This sign did neither, and whoever wrote it decided to make everyone who drives by even angrier. Makes you wonder how many complaints were phoned in.

All That Horsepower And Nowhere To Go

Imagine driving on a rural road in your new Lamborghini to really hear the engine purr, only to be brought to a complete stop by a herd of sheep.

Picture of sheep

At this point, you’re at the mercy of the animals because there are too many of them for you to do anything about it! You definitely can’t drive through them, so we guess it’s time to put it in park and watch the show as they pass by.

It Pays To Be Green

Something tells us that the man on the bicycle was stuck in that motorcycle traffic jam more than once until he realized a simple solution to the problem.

Picture of a man on a bike

Noticing that the adjacent bike lane was completely open, he opted to both save money on gas and get some exercising by riding a bike instead. It certainly looks like it’s paying off. We can only how he feels passing everybody in that claustrophobic crowd.

Much Needed Ice Cream

Unfortunately, some traffic jams can get to be so bad that people are stuck in one place for hours at a time without food, water, or a place to go to the bathroom.


When a bad traffic jam happened on this highway, the driver of the ice cream truck saw an opportunity and drove along the shoulder to conduct their business. While this may not be technically legal, it looks like plenty of people were happy they did.

Mario Kart, For Real

We’re going to guess that these people needed to settle a disagreement and felt that playing the video game Mario Kart just wasn’t going to cut it to solve the issue. So, they decided to participate in a real-life Mario Kart race.

Picture of go carts
nerd board/Pinterest

Although this is probably extremely dangerous, we have to assume that it was really fun and gave everyone stuck in traffic with them a good laugh. We have our money on Toad to win the race!

A Sea Of Ducks

We’re not sure where this is, but it’s safe to say that this city might have a small duck problem. By the looks of the people caught in this sea of ducks, this doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary, either.

Picture of ducks

Nobody is standing in awe or taking pictures; it looks like it’s just part of their routine. Considering how many ducks there are, you can imagine just how loud it might be to be on that street.

Making The Best of It

This situation right here is a prime example of exactly why everyone should keep an emergency hammock in their car. You never know when you’ll be stuck in dead-stop traffic and need to relax on the side of the road in style.

Picture of a man in a hammock

We know that everyone around this guy is beyond jealous because they have to sit in their car while watching this man rock in the wind. All he’s missing is a beer, and he’d be good for hours!

Road Rage

Out of all the places that these two animals wanted to compete for dominance, of course, they had to do it in the middle of the road.

Picture of deer
Boredom Kills/Pinterest

We have no idea how long something like this goes on for, but these drivers might as well put their feet up and watch the show. This might be hard to explain to your boss why you’re late for work. Luckily, someone decided to take a picture for evidence.

Perfectly Logical

If you’ve ever driven a car, you know that a lane closing means that there’s going to be traffic because people have fewer lanes to use. Apparently, whoever made this sign was unaware of this common knowledge and thought it was the other way around.

Picture of a sign
Fabian Brown/Pinterest

We can only imagine what the drivers that saw this sign were thinking when they passed by. This might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for someone who’s already pulling their hair out from the traffic.

Elephant Crossing

Well, this certainly something that you don’t see every day, no matter where in the world you are. We’re not sure where these elephants are going, but they definitely look like they do.

Picture of elephants
Thora Haggerty/Pinterest

Maybe they escaped the zoo and are on their way to freedom, or they just wanted to tour the city for a day. It would probably be in everyone’s best interest to stay in their cars and just let these massive animals do their thing.

Going At Their Own Pace

This American bison doesn’t seem to have a care in the world that it’s causing traffic by walking in the middle of the road. That’s probably because it knows it could destroy just about any car behind it and that nobody would dare to try and disturb its morning walk.

Picture of a bison
Thra Haggery/Pinterest

All we know is that we’re thankful we’re not the car behind it because if they make one wrong move, that bison could turn around and total their car.

Entertainment For The People

As if being stuck in traffic isn’t bad enough, there’s nothing worse than being stuck behind a big truck. Now you can’t see anything in front of you, so you can’t even gauge how heavy the traffic is or how long the backup is.

Picture of toys

Thankfully, this truck driver decided to add a little humor to the back of their vehicle so the people behind them will have something to laugh at. Who doesn’t love Woody and Buzz?

Cruising Along

Most people who drive a motorcycle, unfortunately, can’t bring their dog along for the ride. But that’s not the case with this man; he made sure that his pup can stay with him at all times, even while on the road.

Picture of a dog

On top of that, he makes sure his dog is safe, ensuring he wears a helmet and goggles. We hope they’re going to the dog park because they’ll definitely be the coolest pair when they arrive.

Cat On The Run

Something tells us that this cat’s owner fed them dinner late one too many times, so they decided to pack up and hit the road. In the process, they decided to take the family’s SUV. After all, it was the least they could do after gracing their presence for so many years.

Picture of a cat

However, it looks like this cat is also getting their first taste of traffic, which may lead it to reconsider the decision to leave the comfort of its home.

Remain Calm

One of the simplest pleasures in life is popping the bubbles on bubble wrap. Not only is it fun, but can also be a stress reliever. Clearly, this man sits in traffic a lot, to the point that he keeps bubble wrap handy so he doesn’t lose his mind in the process.

Picture of man driving

By the looks of it, he could be about to snap at any second, so we hope that isn’t the only sheet of bubble wrap he has in his car.

Winter Is A Mindset

For the person driving this convertible in the snow, winter is nothing but a state of mind. They didn’t buy a convertible to not use it for half the year, so they’re riding with the top down — rain or shine.

Picture of a convertible

Even though we can’t see it, we’re willing to bet this driver is wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt, sunglasses, flip-flops, and shorts to really make it feel like summer. We just hope they don’t get hypothermia.

Mooooove Over

Few things are more frustrating than being stuck behind two cows on the highway that apparently felt it was the best place for them to take a stroll. While we can’t blame them for escaping wherever they came from, you would think they would be heading for greener pastures, literally, but not these two.

Picture of cows
Thora Haggerty/Pinterest

They decided to take the path of most resistance, so it’s possible that they are trying to be an inconvenience on purpose to stick it to the man.

The Full Safari Experience

While some people spend thousands of dollars to go on a safari tour in the wild, apparently, all you need to do is drive on this road, and the experience is free.

Picture of a car and animals
Mo Di/Pinterest

The drivers of this car were graced with the presence of an elephant and a pride of lions, and we have to assume they were scared out of their minds. We hope the lions are full, or else things could get messy.

Minion Down!

Although this situation might be a little kid’s dream, for an adult driving car, this is a living nightmare. When a giant inflatable Minion is blocking the road, what are you supposed to do? Who do you call? Disney?

Picture of a Minion

We like to think that everybody got out of their cars to help push the inflatable out of the road because that would be something to see. The real question is where was this Minion supposed to be?

Bubbles To Take The Edge Off

Everyone has their own way to deal with the stress of being stuck in traffic, but few people have a more wholesome coping mechanism than this man blowing bubbles.

Picture of a man blowing bubbles

We’re guessing he was looking around for something to do in his car, found a small bottle of bubbles left behind by one of his kids, and decided to blow bubbles to pass the time. We know if we saw bubbles coming out of a car in traffic we wouldn’t be able to help but smile.

Attack Of The Babushka

Clearly, this woman had somewhere to be and wasn’t going to let missing the bus stop her. So, she grabbed onto the back like it was a Mission Impossible movie and is going to hold on until she reaches her stop.

Woman on a bus

We’re nothing but impressed by the upper body strength it takes to do this. If she’s willing to go to this length just to get somewhere, we can’t imagine what else she is capable of.

The Best Co-Pilot

While it may not be unusual to see a cat or a dog sitting on a driver’s lap, a raccoon is definitely less common. It seems like these days, more and more people are taking in raccoons as pets. We’re not sure about the legality of it, but we want one.

Picture of a raccoon

This also doesn’t look like this is this raccoon’s first time on the road, either. They better make a pit stop at the closest dumpster so it can grab a snack.

Snowed In

If you live in a place that receives a lot of snow, you can sympathize with the person driving this car. If you leave your car in one place for too long during a snowstorm, your vehicle may end up looking like this.

Picture of snow

While most people might try to get it all off before they start driving, this person clearly had somewhere to be. This is just an accident waiting to happen to make traffic even worse.

Finally, Some Answers

We’ve all heard the joke about the chicken crossing the road, and now we finally have answers (kind of). Whoever took this picture while sitting in their car finally got to see why the chicken was crossing the road.

Picture of a chicken
It’s All About The Chickens/Pinterest

We are dying to know exactly what was on the other side, and we hope it does the joke justice. Now, this should brighten anybody’s day if they find themselves sitting in traffic on their way to work.

Light Reading

When stuck in traffic, for some people, it’s the perfect opportunity to knock out a chapter or two of their favorite book. Although we definitely wouldn’t recommend this while behind the wheel, this man must be reading quite the book if he can’t even resist cracking it open while driving.

Picture of aman reading a book

We just hope that he got wherever he was going safely and didn’t rear-end anyone in the process. That might be hard to explain to the police.

Not Even Aliens Can Escape Traffic

Imagine if aliens visited Earth and ended up having to sit in traffic like the rest of us. More than likely, they would high-tail it back to their planet as soon as possible, wanting nothing to do with us ever again.

Picture of a UFO

At least if you were stuck in traffic next to this vehicle, you would have something interesting to look at instead of just another car on the road. It even looks like an alien is driving it!

Don’t Walk On This Highway Barefoot

Wow, what’s worse than being stuck in traffic because a truck full of Legos crashed on the highway? Even though most cars would be able to drive over them without a problem, you know they all had to be cleaned up before traffic could move again so the plastic isn’t just littered across the road.

Picture of Legos

We’re not sure how you’re supposed to solve this problem but the police should probably get some push brooms to get the job started.

Model Citizen

This poor pedestrian is so used to following the rules that they didn’t realize that this sign was being used to direct the traffic of cars, not people.

Picture of pedestrian

It’s nice to know that at least one person in the world is willing to listen to instructions, even if they may be doing it wrong. We wonder what she must have been thinking when she came across this sign on her walk. Did she ever figure it out?

The Babies Have To Eat

Considering how cautious most deer are, it’s rare that someone would ever be able to witness one nursing her young, especially in the middle of the road.

Picture of deer

These babies must have really been hungry if they were willing to take this risk, but maybe they’re just too young to know the danger. The mother is probably losing her mind at the moment but doesn’t want to leave her babies alone in the street. Now get out of the road!

Oh, The Irony

While the truck may say one thing, the truck driver is doing the complete opposite. We’re going to guess that taking this bridge was the shortest route, and the driver decided to take their chances by going under the bridge.

Picture of a truck

Clearly, that didn’t work out. Now, they’re probably out of a job, and everyone behind them is going to be stuck in traffic for the foreseeable future. Maybe it’s better just to take the long way next time.

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