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MORE PICCIES PART 3.................


As promised part three of  many parts of  many piccies .......enjoy them  more on the  way .......

Bridesmaid Meltdown

This bridesmaid couldn’t handle the heat, so she passed out in the kitchen…or, at the altar. The bride and groom are so happy it seems like they don’t even notice! It must be true love, they only have eyes for each other! Okay but seriously, is anyone here a doctor? Please help!

The happy couple didn’t notice until people in the audience started pointing and shouting. But hey, at least the rest of the wedding went smoothly!

America’s Next Top Mammon

Uhhhh…someone please alert this girl that there’s a demon incarnating next to her! It’s just what? Oh, our bad, apparently that’s not a demon from the pits of hell, just some hellishly terrible eyeshadow.

Okay so the eye-shadow explains the eye situation but what, uh…what’s going on with that creepy smile? We think it’s possible she may in fact be possessed AND dawning some horrible eye color. Quick, grab the salt!

Gotcha, Chris!

Chris the lifeguard thought that his day at the pool was going to be uneventful, much like many others had been for the past week. But on this day, his Aunt and her friends decided to come visit him at work.

Chris was having his co-worker snap a couple of shots of him for his amateur modeling portfolio, but Aunt Lynda had other plans. “Watch this, ladies,” says Lynda as she leans back…

Inverse Dive Oops

We have actually seen this happen before, at a neighborhood pool while swimming with some friends. A girl that actually looked a lot like the one in this picture was practicing inverse dives and made a mistake. The result was… bloody, to say the least!

Shutterstock Editorial Photo by John G Mabanglo/EPA

When someone does an inverse dive, they stand at the edge of a diving board facing away from the water. They jump backward and use their body to flip so they enter the water facing in the opposite direction that they started in. It’s actually a pretty cool trick, but also obviously dangerous. We think we’ll stick with cannonballs!

Bottlenose Dolph-Grin

Dolphins are both extremely intelligent and friendly. There are even numerous reports of dolphins saving humans from drowning and shark attacks. But this little girl is too young to understand any of that, and she seems pretty concerned about the enormous animal swimming directly towards her!

We’re sure mom and dad knew that the girl was in no danger, but there’s no harm in letting her believe she is for a second for the sake of a hilarious picture!

House Of Cups

Let’s not pretend that any of us who have been to college aren’t connoisseurs of plastic cups – we are. But just because we know how to flip them like champs, doesn’t mean we can shape them into a tall castle without knocking them over.  Then again, neither can he!

But you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. If you get off the horse, you have to get back up. Is it working? Is he motivated? Onward, knight of cups!

Belly Float

As soon as this guy jumped, he realized he’d better get his hands to break the water before his stomach does! Contrary to what some people may believe, we actually think he made this dive.

Getty Images Photo by Ezra Shaw

After all, his arms are bent so his hands touch the water first. We could be wrong though, and this guy totally could have done the world’s greatest belly flop! One thing is certain either way; the people around him got wet, even if they weren’t counting on it at the time!

I’ve Got The Power

Thor might have something to say about which God controls the Lightning over Rio de Janeiro, but Christ looks like he beholds the power…or at least, his statue does. On its own, this 100 ft tall statue could probably scare some people in to submission. But add this intense storm and the lighting of this shot and you get…well, you get this!

Getty Images photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images

How cool is it that the lightning looks like it is touching the hand of the statue? What a powerful image!

The Best Selfie Ever

We’re not entirely sure if this cat has superpowers, or if he’s one of the few cats with opposable thumbs who has successfully learned how to operate a camera, but we don’t care! This is one of the best photos in existence, period.

It isn’t just the fact that it looks like this cat snapped this shot that makes it so awesome, but that all of the animals are facing the camera, too! They must have been pretty mesmerized by the drone that took this picture. Meow!

Doggo Takes A Dive

This dog saw something that he really, really wanted to sniff. He set his eyes on the prize and he took off running. Unfortunately, he reached a speed that his furry little legs could no longer handle and boom—the doggy crashed.

Getty Images photo by ROMAOSLO

This picture actually makes us pretty sad. We are major dog (and all animal) lovers, and we feel for the poor puppy! We hope that his owner picked him up and gave him some major rubs and treats afterwards.

Do The Wave…Of Glass

How freakin’ cool is this shot of this wave? This picture is the result of a surfer wearing a GoPro while out riding the waves. This shot was taken from INSIDE of the wave. Is that not awesome? If we weren’t such big babies about being in the ocean, we could take a shot like this too! Okay, maybe not.

Getty Images Photo Marck Botha/Barcroft Media

Check out how the freeze frame makes the wave appear like it’s made out of glass! This is yet another example of the magic of good timing! And of course, the natural beauty of the ocean doesn’t hurt!

Hands-On Flight Experience

So, this guy was out walking along the streets of his home town one rainy day, when he came across this puddle. He went to greet his reflection in the puddle and was surprised to see a plane the size of a bee, flying above him!


The timing of this whole thing was pretty impeccable, as he not only saw the opportunity for this awesome picture, but he seized it! Who else is impressed that this guy was able to whip his phone out and “catch” that plane on time?

No, Not My Cake!

When all you want to do is sit down on your birthday and nom-nom-nom on some delicious birthday cake, but the cake has other plans. Her face says it all: “NO, NOT MY CHEESECAKE!” We definitely feel for her. But at least she doesn’t have to work quite so hard at the gym this week.

Plus, she was bouncing back-and-forth between the cheesecake and the chocolate pie, anyways. This was just the universe’s way of telling her that she should have ordered the chocolate in the first place! Waiter!

Pelican Pockets

Pelicans are some of the coolest birds in the world. They typically fly in flocks of around 6-8, and when they’re hungry, they dive bomb into the water and scoop up some fish with their enormous bill! It is such an incredible sight to see if you happen to be near the ocean when it happens.

Alamy Stock Photo

This Pelican must have a long journey ahead of him because he’s decided to tuck his snack away in his throat pouch for later. Hey, you do you, Mr. Pelican. Actually, we think this might be a lady pelican, after all, we know how much ladies love snacks…and pockets.

"Benjamin Button" Syndrome?

So, take a quick glimpse at this snapshot and let us know what you see. We’ll wait. Right?!

At first glance, it looks like this toddler has the face of an old man, and it’s really creeping us out! Thank God it’s just an optical illusion, and all we’re seeing is the back of baby’s head in a hat, and the man’s face that’s holding him, turned slightly sideways. Phew! Some optical illusions really do a number on the mind, huh?

The Under Belly

Living right next to the airport can be a major drag sometimes. There’s always crazy traffic and it’s always super loud with all of the planes constantly flying so closely to you. But there are a few upsides – one being that you can take some pretty great pictures without putting in too much effort.


The person who took this picture probably spends a lot of time looking up at the gigantic aircrafts buzzing overhead, and he realized he had the opportunity to make some magic! Such a simple yet artistic shot!

Give That Mouse A Cookie

This mouse looks like he’s had one hell of a bad day, and he’s trying to prevent it from getting any worse! The poor thing looks terrified as he tries to scale upwards between solid objects and keep from falling on to the electrical outlet all at once.

Maybe this mouse was running from the resident cat and thought he’d find high up off the ground? Or, maybe he isn’t going up at all and he is in fact, sliding downwards! Either way, he looks like he’s having serious difficulties!

Blazing A Trail?

We’re admittedly a little bit confused by whatever seems to be going on in this picture. It seems like that odd trail running through the plains was left behind by the plane, right? But when you take in to consideration the angle of this picture, things get a little strange.

Does this plane have a rear-facing camera mounted to its wings? Did someone contort themselves into an insane pretzel to snap this shot? We don’t know. But we do know that whatever the case may be, this is one pretty cool picture!

Rear Ended

Oddly enough, we’ve actually experienced this exact same thing once at summer camp. We were on a trail ride and the girl on the horse in front of ours pulled too tightly on its reins, and backed in to our horse which reared, and we both ended up in the hospital that day!

Alamy Stock Photo

This horse probably had enough being ridden for one day and decided it was the end of the line for that poor guy. Believe us, getting reared off of a horse really, really hurts! Also, don’t worry – the horse is just fine.

Fish Eye Lens

You know the fisheye effect that you can use to edit photos? The one that blows a portion of the picture up huge and looks pretty funny? This guy doesn’t. But he is an expert at using whole fishes as lenses! He is really not shy about getting up close and personal with these two fish.

Shutterstock Editorial Photo by maradon 333

He must have a stuffy nose or something because we really can’t imagine holding raw fish that close to our nostrils! You know the saying, “it’s so close I can almost taste it?” Yeah, you get our drift…slight pun intended.

Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

Who remembers playing this as a game with friends as a child? We sure do! Unfortunately, it never actually worked like we were all told that it would. But this guy seems to be able to “go there” all by himself!

Getty Images Photo by Matthias Hangst

Too bad for him, though, none of the judges seem to be paying any attention. He’s literally flying and they’re all just like, “meh, we’ve seen these ten times today.” We hear that he still scored pretty well though. Good for him!

Bubble Dog

Yes, we made a pun about the Boy in the Plastic Bubble. If you haven’t seen it, you totally should. Sure, it’s sad and you’ll probably cry more than once, but it’s also a terrific movie. Anyways…


Awww! Look at the little puppy chasing after the bubbles! This is another one of those “situated just right,” shots. The angle of the camera makes it look as if the dog is actually inside of the bubble. Ruff!

Warp Speed Jumping Frog

The frog in this picture looks like he belongs on an episode of Star Trek. He jumps up, up, and away…into oblivion! No, we’re kidding, he’s just fine.

While it may seem like the photographer used some type of special effects to achieve this image, it was actually just great timing and a stroke of luck! All that happened was that when the frog leaped, the photographer snapped, and it (the leap) got caught in the picture’s exposure. Leap on leapin’ on, friend!

Twisted Sisters

This next image is actually pretty beautiful if you ask us. If you’ve ever tried yoga, you may know that poses like this wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world to pull off. We’ve barely got our child’s pose perfected, and that’s basically just hugging the ground!

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