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I thought since this was a huge  blog......... i would break it up for your pleasure no extra cost........ to anyone.......... or!!!!!! good  always .....ass and pussy.......... is never  free ......but that is  another blog......... another day ........enjoy these pics or not  ......i did ...

Through The Looking Glass

When you’re a kid, the world is your oyster. You get excited about anything and everything, and you can basically be amused by anything that moves, anything that’s brightly colored and anything shiny.

This poor kid just wanted to get a better look at whatever that shiny, moving thing on the road was. He was so close to looking out of the window like a big boy! Almost there…almost there…oops! Better luck next time, buddy!

Buddha The Big Boy

Awww, look at The Buddha, playing with his toy plane! Can’t you just imagine him going, “zoooooooom,” as he flies it around in circles in the air. Okay, maybe that isn’t exactly what’s going on in this picture at all.

Really, it’s just this super cool big statue of Buddha and a passing plane. Some people have miraculous timing, as this person had to see this AND snap this photo before the plane slipped between the statue’s fingers. Bravo!

Four-Legged Goalies

Look at those adorable little squish-beans! Those kitty cats are definitely jumping for some kind of toy. Or maybe they are just jumping for joy! We don’t care what they’re doing, we just know that whatever it is, it’s freakin’ adorable.

We’re betting that mom was dangling a shiny string above them, and they were leaping to catch it. Or maybe there was a spider on the ceiling that the kitties were hunting. In any case, it is one cute shot.

Beret O’ Fish

Well, maybe it’s not quite so fancy as a beret, but this guy is definitely rocking one unique hat! Most people just take a picture holding the fish with their hands when they’ve caught a big one. But this guy decided to take it to a whole other level.

Props to his buddy who was standing there with the camera to snap this shot. We wonder if he meant to make his friend’s face look like a giant fish. Hmm. High five!

RIP, Bumble Bee

This photo is interesting, beautiful and sad, all rolled in to one. You have heard that if a bee stings you and loses its stinger, it dies, right? Yeah, we’ve heard that too, we just haven’t ever seen it so up close before.


This poor bee decided that today was the day she would fight to her death. As she stings her enemy and flies away, she is ripped apart by the stinger. Awww, poor bee! We’re sad now, we love bees, bees are crucial to our environment!

Into The Belly Of The Beast

This Alligator Gar saw a scaly predator swimming in his direction, so he swam away as fast as he could—right in to the mouth of another one of his enemies!  This is another case of a photographer being in the right place at the right time.

Alamy Stock Photo

We mean, what are the chances of getting this shot? Do those fish just happen to jump into the alligator’s mouths on a regular basis? Well, maybe. After all, gar aren’t exactly the smartest creatures in the world.

Super Excited Doggy

If you’ve heard the saying that humans don’t deserve dogs, it’s really true. Dogs are so sweet natured and happy, they are easily pleased and find happiness in a good treat and a warm bed. Something that most humans could really learn to appreciate!

Just look at how happy this doggy is to be getting his biscuit! His face looks like the equivalent of someone who just won the lottery, and it’s all because he knows he’s about to bite into some chicken-y goodness.

Sea Foam Hand

This image is so amazingly beautiful, as it really portrays the immense beauty and power of the ocean. And all it took was a little shutter speed control and of course, perfect timing on the part of the photographer! This photographer has a great eye for beauty, if we do say so ourselves!

Getty Images photo by James Meech

The ocean has decided that it’s time for that rock to come home. It extends its beautiful, foamy paw and reaches forward to grab it and pull it back in to the peacefulness and serenity of the sea.

Whale Watching

We’re not sure if we would have taken such a great picture under these particular circumstances. After all, would you be able to stay cool and still enough to snap this shot if an enormous Orca was headed straight towards you? We didn’t think so.

Alamy Stock Photo

Lucky for us, this photographer kept his cool and delivered one hell of a picture! Orca whales are one of the biggest and most beautiful creatures in the deep blue seas. We love seeing pictures of marine life in their natural habitat!

Selfie With Jaws

This has to be one of the most epic photos bombs in history. How many people can say they took a selfie with  a shark, and lived to tell the tale with all of their limbs in tact. Not many, we're sure!


Did this guys see the shark coming, and seized the moment despite the potential danger? Or was this the genuine photo-bomb? Who knows this guy because we need answers?!

Swirly Bird

If you ask us, we say birds pretty much have it made in life. They get to fly all over the world and see all kinds of beautiful places from birds-eye views, and they get to hang out on telephone wires and silently judge everyone beneath them.

Alamy Stock Photo

Birds also get to flutter away in little bird baths that human’s set up for them for their amusement. This bird decided to take a dip today and he splashed his way INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION. Just kidding, but it’s a pretty cool shot!

Should We Tell Her There’s Ball On Her Face?

The photographer who snapped this epic shot deserves a pretty penny for his efforts! What exactly is going on here? This gymnast was performing her floor routine with a weighted gym ball. One of the moves involves shimmying the ball from the tip of the fingers on one hand, down the arm, across the chest, and up the other arm.

Getty Images Photo Franco Romano/Nurphoto

The photographer just so happened to get this picture right when the ball was moving from one arm to another! Hmm…did he mean to snap this shot, or did this just kind of happen? Well if so, we’re glad it did. Way to go, guy (or girl, we don’t know who took this shot and we don’t discriminate!)

Bridesmaid Meltdown

This bridesmaid couldn’t handle the heat, so she passed out in the kitchen…or, at the altar. The bride and groom are so happy it seems like they don’t even notice! It must be true love, they only have eyes for each other! Okay but seriously, is anyone here a doctor? Please help!

The happy couple didn’t notice until people in the audience started pointing and shouting. But hey, at least the rest of the wedding went smoothly!

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