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EVEN MORE PICCIES .........CONT .........PART 5.........


Well at least it keeps it interesting is part 5 of  pic parade .........i like them .......i hope you do too .......i think there might be one more  ..........but  like life ......... ...there are no promises ............always .....

Kitty's Been Hitting the Weights

Just like humans, cats want to look good. For whatever vague cat reasons. However, this usually isn't what they're going for. A lucky pic meant that all the cat ladies' greatest wish was finally fulfilled. The proportions are a bit off, but we can put that behind us. Nobody's perfect.

We wouldn't expect this cat-guy to stay such for very long. That cat looks like it's about to leap right out, back in, back out, and that's how you get this picture.

It Could Have Been a Lot Worse

It's a little bird, winging its way across the blue, on its way to a tree branch or a bird feeder or maybe a high power line to talk to some friends.

Look closer, though, and you'll discover that it's not a bird at all – it's a crack in a windshield. Amazingly, a rock got kicked up from a wheel and hit the windshield in a one-in-a-million (maybe billion or trillion) way. We wouldn't recommend trying to recreate this – for every dent that gives you something close to this, you'll get a thousand ugly marks that you'll hate.

Floating Snow

We were honestly pretty confused when we saw this picture for the first time, but here's the explanation: during the winter, there was a flood. It's been known to happen, even during cold temperatures. The water rose, froze, and snow fell, freezing in place.

Then the water receded to normal levels, leaving the trees next to the lake with little bits of flat ice frozen. It's probably happened plenty of times all over the place, but it's certainly rare. So if you see it, take a picture and amaze your friends.

The Moo Heard Around the World

The photographer thinks they will get the perfect shot, but it's really the world's largest cow that will get the last laugh. Or not the last laugh, just a laugh.

Alamy Stock Photo

Of course, you're a smart cookie, so you see that the cow isn't that big – our old friend forced perspective is here for some good fun. Otherwise, you'd be able to make a lot of ice cream, thanks to Bessie. Maybe it's a tiny photographer? Also a good option.


Colonel the cow stands at a staggering six feet, five inches tall. That's tall for a human! He weighs a ridiculous thirty-five hundred pounds. The owners of Colonel realized that he was something special and decided to keep him around as a pet.

Getty Images Photo by Justin Goff/UK Press

His incredible size barely beats out the previous record holder for the world's giant cow, Old Ben, who died more than a hundred years ago and rose to six feet, four inches. They can't get any milk out of him, but they're going to get something that might be even more useful to their farm – fame.

Not Exactly Native

No, you aren't seeing the last of the Mohicans here – this is just good timing and the right positioning. While the line of Vitamin Water bottles does look like it would work as a classic, vibrant headdress, it's a two-dimensional image. Also, the photo's subject doesn't look like he fits the bill of a war chief.

But who knows, maybe he has some wild stories from Korea or something like that. The kind of stories that will put your hair on end. Today he might be bowling, but he was leading the charge back in the day.

It's Seen Some Things

There are many old trees out there, but this one is not only far older than you might expect – it's also kept in a place of honor. This is a ginkgo tree, the last living species in the order of Ginkgoales, which is almost three hundred million years old.

Alamy Stock Photo

This tree, in particular, clocks in at about fourteen hundred years, and Emperor Taizong of Tang planted it, or so the legend goes. It's on the protection list of ancient trees in China, and as you can tell, it's truly a sight to behold.

Where Will It Take You?

While it looks like this bridge is straight out of a fairy tale, it's only in Saxony, Germany. Still, it's impossible to say this creation isn't something spectacular. It's also known as Devil's bridge.

Alamy Stock Photo

It isn't near any large cities, and it's a little challenging to get to it in the park where it's found, but it looks like it's worth it. The Devil bridge's name comes from the fact that it seems so difficult to build. The builders must have had the Devil's help. We wouldn't be surprised to see some hobbits taking a boat right under it.

Quick Camouflage

Dogs are predators at their core, which means they don't need to blend in with the surrounding area. Sometimes, as you can tell, it still works out that way. Here we have a red heeler on the left and a blue heeler on the right, and the owner just so happened to find some ground that matched their fur perfectly.

A little uncertainty improves our days, but we imagine this is on the typical walk path. We're also very fond of the mirrored poses the dogs are in, and oh boy, now we want a dog!

Uh...Are These Feet?

The right timing is critical for a lot of things. Fishing. Marriage proposals. Photography. You can make a funny picture like this one out of almost any movie.

Pedro Pascal, we're sure you know what feet are, even if those slippers are a little strange. But it's not anything you need to worry about – certainly nothing you need to tear your eyes out over. Just go on with your day being a space guy or whatever it is you do.

Copy, Paste

Big armies love to show off, and the Chinese military is undoubtedly significant. However, they're also an intensely-drilled group that, as you can see, can march in lockstep with the best of them.

Alamy Stock Photo

At first glance, it looks like this image was created with the help of some photoshop, copying the back rows and layering them on top of each other until you get a long line, but if you look closer, you'll see that every soldier is unique. The uniforms, the walk they're walking, and the way they hold their heads make them look way too similar.

Into Another World

Take a step into another dimension with this image. You aren't looking at a bunch of rocks and trees – you're looking at an ocean with a sailing vessel.

Come to take you off on an adventure. In reality (that sorry old place), this image comes from somebody holding a piece of a broken mirror at the perfect angle and position to catch the boat behind him. The light is perfect, the selection of glass is excellent, and the framing is just proper. Are we sure this isn't an opening into another world? Are we sure?

Making Waves

While there are lots of off-color jokes we could make about the contents of this image, let's stick with the straight facts. This is long jumper Luisa Bodem landing in a sandpit after one of her classic jumps at the German Athletics Championships in 2017, and the way her feet impacted the sand created several waves of sand.

Alamy Stock Photo

Of course, this happens almost every time a long jumper hits the sand, but this camera was positioned and used at the perfect time to show us something we don't usually get to witness. At least, not something that our brains can see.

Is That the Thigh Gap I've Heard So Much About?

Fashion Week is a big moment for everybody who has way too much time on their hands, and it's because fun outfits like this one are revealed. Of course, they're never seen again because most of them are pretty stupid, but this one might have created a stir.

Getty Images Photo by PIERRE VERDY/AFP

How is such a feat accomplished? Are there portals inside the dress? Is a magician at work behind the scenes? We don't know for sure, but chances are the woman's body is in a piece of black clothing between the two sections, and it's hard to see in this picture because it's on a black background.

Dark Side of the Dining Room

Getting a little rainbow from some light passing through a bit of crystal or another prism isn't too uncommon, but this is a much more relaxed version than we usually see. Light from the sun hits a prism, scattering into the different spectrum bands, hitting the chair, and getting sliced into almost-clean sections of color.

Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The end of the spectrum, toward blue and purple, gets a bit chaotic, but it's still pretty close. Since the changing light means this won't be around for long, take a pic when you can.

Right Down the Middle

You can probably recognize where this picture is taken – none other than New York City. On the left is a slice of Central Park, which is the bustling metropolis itself.

Alamy Stock Photo

Flying over cities – New York especially – isn't the easiest or safest thing in the world, so this image is a little tougher to get than you might think. Plus, getting it centered just right? It may as well be one in a million. The trees have started changing color, the city is bright and awake, and you can't hear the honks this far up.

Graphical Issues

This collection of trees is found at Schonbrunn, a town in Austria, and other than that information, we're not really sure what to tell you here. The apparent explanation is that the trees have either been shaped or grown in a certain way or have been trimmed to have the dependable fifties flattop we see here.

As for why this was done, your guess is as good as ours. It looks like when you go to the edge of the map to see what the skybox looks like in a video game.

Through the Looking Glass

Quickly – we must free them! Those young men are trapped in an alternate dimension where no shirts exist! Well, maybe we don't have to get them out right away.

Getty Images Photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP

It looks like they're having an excellent time. This picture comes to us from Madureira park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which features a waterfall, and the water falls in such a way that people can see through it. However, it still warped the images enough to look surreal and fantastic. The farther back a person is, the more the image gets distorted.

The Galaxy of a Sport

It looks like something you could only see through an incredible telescope, but it's just a tennis ball. Strands of water are splitting off from the ball as it zips through the air, rotating too fast for the human eye to see. Was this captured during an intense match at Wimbledon?

Getty Images Photo by Abhijeet Kumar

If so, why is the ball so wet? Our guess is this was taken during a play session with a dog that loves to slobber. So all those planets and stars surrounding the core are drool. Just like in space.

Take a Step on Smoke

Puffs of smoke in a smoker's lounge? Gray butterflies preserved in amber? None of those. In this picture is just some ice that has managed to freeze in an unusual pattern. You might have been able to figure that out from the ice skates that are also in the shot.

It also appears to be a lake teeming with the souls of the lost. It's about fifty-fifty for us. We aren't sure why the water might have frozen like this, but it likely has something to do with the material in the water – sand, silt, sediment, or something else.

Focused on What's Important

Somebody wanted to take a picture of the watch on their wrist, but the camera had other plans. The autofocus took control and made the reflection of the tree in the watch face the center part of the image. Honestly, it does look pretty cool.

The in-focus stuff in the back adds a nice touch. Maybe your camera is telling you that it's TIME to put the tech down and enjoy the great outdoors a little bit. Just a thought.

Defender of the Cold Night

He is the watcher in the winter. The soldier of the snow. The icy avenger. The frozen fighter of all evil and wrong in the city of Gotham. Or, a little more likely, it's a lucky turnout from how this chunk of ice fell apart in the water.

It seems to look a bit like one caped crusader, but what about from the front? We bet that it doesn't look as good from some other angles. Still, we aren't going to rob any jewelry stores while we know this guy is out and about.

Can You Do Crunches for Your Face?

While it looks like this is the exposed torso of an exceptionally old and hairy man, you're actually seeing a top-down image of an English bulldog named Johan going after a soccer ball.

Alamy Stock Photo

Of course, bulldogs are breeds with plenty of extra skin in certain areas for reasons we don't fully understand, and it can give us some fun images like this one. But, all in all, it's just a good boy playing around and nothing else, even if it looks like it's something else.

Monsieur Moon at Your Service

Every once in a while, the sun sets, and the moon rises at the proper time to create something we all call a supermoon – it's not a hero, but it's just much more significant and brighter in the sky. Sometimes it can turn a little blue or red, too.

On this occasion, someone was trying to take a pic when something got in the way. It appears to be a wispy little cloud, but it could also be a bird, bat, or maybe some superhero that wants to ruin your pictures.

Protected From the Autumn Effects

While we don't have a way of saying for sure, it looks like this tree is keeping all its leaves thanks to the parking lot light shining down directly onto it. Look at the trees on either side – they're entirely denuded, without a single leaf left, but the tree in the center looks like it hasn't lost a single one.

Sure, we bet that light has something to do with leaves falling but isn't it more due to the changing temperatures or something like that? Maybe the light puts off just enough heat to sustain the tree.

Ripples in the Sky

Talk about a beautiful image! This looks like something that could hang on a wall in a museum. And you'd be forgiven for thinking that the shot was taken with the camera pointed straight at the sky.


However, a closer look reveals the ripples in the water and plenty of little dots that are clear stones or something similar under the water's surface. Regardless, it's still a great pic of different elements of nature – a few trees, clouds, the sky turning dark, and water. Hard to get more in a single image.

That's a Big Bird

Look in the right places, and you could find something like this almost daily –on a much smaller scale. While most bird feathers are only a few inches long, this one is far larger. Oh, also, it's a cloud.

Just due to the air pressure, temperature, or the direction of the wind, it managed to create a cloud that looked just like a perfectly-white feather. Could you imagine a bird that big? That's like, final fantasy sizes. Or Pokemon. Sesame Street has nothing on this place, wherever it is.

Taking a Big Sniff

The wind under the Golden Gate bridge can get pretty fierce, but these two are just standing on land, enjoying a little sun. One of them also seems to be enjoying the smell of the other's hair and is either much, much larger, or the gal on the left is much, much smaller.

The timing was perfect, and the way the hair whipped back would be hard to replicate, which makes this a picture that will be hard to copy. Even better, the lady on the right looks to be enjoying herself a little bit too much.

I Will Fly One Day

This little goose gosling has had enough of the gander and wants to take to the sky. While it looks like he has a little ways to go before his wingspan will keep him aloft, we like his spirit.

Alamy Stock Photo

This little guy is probably just crossing a gravel path to get back to mom and back to that sweet grass that protects him and contains plenty of yummy bugs. This is a barnacle goose, which means it will eventually grow anywhere from 1.8 feet to 2.3 feet long.

The Best of Both Worlds

Dogs are some of the best the animal kingdom offers, but they lack one significant advantage – they're stuck on the ground like the rest of us. But this guy seems to have figured out a way to take the sky and leave no treat uneaten.

Of course, he'll have to convince a bird to help him out, and birds are hard to work with. They won't even let us get close with that kind of proposition, and we imagine they're no fans of dogs getting close, either. Maybe one day.

Like a Glove

Well, well, would you look at that? A pair of buildings in downtown New Orleans, when pictured from a specific angle, happen to line up as if they were made to do so. What a startling coincidence!

We bet everybody who sees this chuckles to him or herself, maybe tells a friend about it, and then moves on with their day. But what if it was intentional? What if the architects were friends, or the second designer wanted to do something fun? The chances are slim, but we think it could have happened.

Watering the Grass

Famous tennis player Rafael Nadal gives his head a shake after earning the Win in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and there were plenty of cameras on-hand to ensure we have this image to enjoy. Every strand of hair flies in a different direction, and sweat shoots everywhere.

Getty Images Photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP

Also, that expression! He's thrilled – he just won the singles final match against Alexandr Dolgopolov – but it has a beautiful derpy quality to it as well. We guess it's hard to blame him. Every single expression we make has the opportunity for derpiness at some point.

We Hope You Like Little Holes

For most people, woodpeckers are birds that are little more than annoyances. Their entire bodies and physiology is made to let them drill their sharp beaks into hardwood, but they're too stupid to realize that they're trying to drill into houses.


They do this pecking twofold – the first is to find delicious little bugs to eat, and the second is to create repositories of seeds for when the weather turns cold. As you can see from this image, they're pretty diligent once they find a tree they can peck into.

The Spaghetti Tree

Put the fork and knife away – this isn't the pasta you should be digging into unless you want to fill up on wood. You're looking at a tree that has undergone a form of stress – this could be due to injury, a virus, or a fungus. The loops and whorls you see are called wood burls.

It usually isn't discovered until the tree dies or has fallen over, which seems to be the case here. The most common causes are insect infestations and certain types of mold. As for a reason here, your guess is as good as ours.

Stop Leaving Bowls Outside

There's a big chance that you will be creeped out by this picture and a slight chance that there are multiple reasons you'll be creeped out. All those little holes, ugh. Leave a bowl outside near some bees, and you might get something like this in return.

This is the work of housekeeper honeybees, which collect wax cappings from honey as part of the creation process. Old cappings are given back to the bees to let them mine out all the good stuff, resulting in creations like this. It looks pretty artistic, even if it does look like it would burn nicely.

Somebody's Mop Died

No, what you see isn't a sad part of someone's housekeeping kit – it's a dog. Look close enough, and you're able to see the nose and eyes. This breed is called a Komondor, and he's waiting to be judged on the second day of the Crufts dog show in 2011.

Getty Images Photo by Oli Scarff

Also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, a Komondor spends its day guarding livestock and property. They're known to be gentle, calm, and affectionate. As you might imagine, they are commonly referred to as mop dogs. The thick, ropey fur that it has traps warmth and keeps it toasty in cold weather.

I'm Open!

Chances are you recognize the guy in this photo. It's none other than ex-president Bill Clinton, less than a year into his presidency. He's reaching for an overthrown ball during a casual football game on December thirty-first, 1993.

Getty Images Photo by RENAUD GIROUX/AFP

While it looks like this pass isn't going to make it to the end zone, we're sure there were plenty more chances for this guy to score that will be coming up. Seeing someone often thought of as dignified with such a strange expression on his face is weird. Unfortunately, that one won't show up in the official portrait.

Step Through the Gate

If you're on your way to Mount Lempuyang in Indonesia, you're heading to a volcano that is also the site of a Balinese Hindu temple. To get to those things, you'll have to pass through this intricate and detailed gate, which has stood the test of time.


The western world knows it as "The Gates of Heaven." If you happen to find yourself in Indonesia, it's an incredible place to visit, and despite how nice this picture is, it hardly does the entire area justice. Beautiful mountains and astonishing architecture are both on display.

Keeping Track

Butterflies are famous for their beautiful wings. Sometimes the random development of the patterns gives us images, but this one is a little different from the standard stuff. To us humans, it looks like this little guy has "80" printed right on the wing.

No doubt this is just random chance, natural selection, or something like that, but it's still interesting to see it so clearly. Does an older brother have the number seventy-nine on the wings?

A Snail-Rabbit? A Rabbit-Snail?

If you're like us, you did a double-take when you saw this picture. At first, it looks like a cuddly little bunny, but then you realize it's an enormous snail.

While we don't expect many people reading this to be the kind that will happily go out and pick up snails, it should be noted that a lot of snails can carry a lot of parasites and other nasties that will make your life difficult. So, even if you happen to find a snail that is this ginormous, you should wear a pair of gloves before you do anything with it.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

First of all, if you're a tree, how are you reading this? You don't even have eyes! Secondly, you're stuck where you were planted unless some people figure out a way to move you somewhere else. Not always a good idea, though.

This tree somehow managed to take root in the middle of the sidewalk, and nothing will stop it from getting the nutrients it needs from the soil. Even if it has to create perfectly-square roots that freak us out a little bit. Eh, maybe it will grow on us.

The Incredible See-Through Cow

Cows are pretty visible when you get right down to it. Big, black and white, tall horns. They smell, too. All in all, a species that is destined to be found. This Watusi bull, however, seems to have come up with a workaround.

It has patches of skin that blend in precisely with the surrounding countryside. But, of course, this cow has no idea how clever it is. It just happened to take on the proper color to match the ground at this time of the day and the year. Maybe the grass itself helped change the color.

Giving Us a Headache

No, this image hasn't been manipulated in any way – what you're seeing is some surrealist art on the side of the building that houses the Bleecker Corporation in Paris, France. That's really how the side of the building looks – or how it looked, at least, since the art may have now been taken down.

Alamy Stock Photo

It's an exciting creation but a little hard to look at for too long. At least for some of us here. Maybe the rest of you can stand it for a little longer.

The Invisi-car

Keep your eyes peeled for a car that looks like it's totally invisible if this picture is anything to go on. If you weren't looking close enough, you'd miss that part of the picture is actually a reflection, not just a sky with some clouds and a few buildings on the other side of a park.

The backstory to this picture is that the picture-taker had done such a fine job cleaning his ride that he decided to take a snapshot, and then he realized that he did such a good job the car was almost invisible. Is that street-legal?

Painting the Water

A few fishermen look like they're rowing their way through your favorite watercolor painting, but it's actually the algae-filled Chaohu Lake in Hefei, Anhui province, China. It's one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, and as you can see, it offers a little more than the traditional body of water.

Alamy Stock Photo

Unfortunately, while it's cool to look at, the unique colors you see in this picture and many others are from heavy pollution, leading to eutrophication (algae sitting on the surface of the water) and silting. The government has been trying to clean it up, but we'll have to wait and see how successful they are.

Projected Through the Glass

Where is Old Glory coming from? The stars and stripes are hanging in the window above the top of the picture, and the light is shining through to make it big and beautiful.

The wine glass on the table is catching that light, and the curvature of the glass has just slapped the image right back down on the table for all to see. We bet it wouldn't be too hard for you to recreate this exciting phenomenon, though you may have to play around with the time of day, the size of the glass, and the placement on the table.

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