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Here are even more piccies...... from the one blog .......i swear on stack of bibles .........i will get them all to you .......where did that saying come from...... a  stack of  bibles......... should one bible not be  enough ........and are we talking a stack......... or  a  pancake stack....... which could be four or more .......well that is  an I-hop count anyways  .......however are more piccies for your  enjoyment or  not as i always say much is in a stack  a stack of money and  a stack of  books or a  stack pallets,,,,,,,,who knows ......

Don’t Want To Get My Hair Wet

This young woman has the solution for all of the ladies that want to get in the pool, but they don’t want to get their hair wet. Just kidding, she’s just taking part in a pretty cool artistic shot. These kinds of images have been trending in all different types of settings, but this is the first we’re seeing of one that’s poolside!

We bet that she could probably terrify her younger siblings with this move…or anyone, for that matter! Especially if it was dark and everyone was night swimming! Creepy.

You’ve Been Served

Volleyball is a high energy sport that often results in loud grunting while balls are being served or spiked over the net. However, it isn’t technically supposed to be a contact sport. But like with any sport or activity, accidents do happen.

This poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time when this picture was taken, but he really doesn’t look like he knew what he was doing in the first place. The way these two have collided with each other tells us that neither team probably had a super high score in this game.

Now That’s A Body Board

So, we’re putting a whole new meaning to the phrase “body board,” with this pic! The timing of this shot is purely incredible, and kudos to both guys for pulling It off. One of the friends jumps vertically and the other dives towards the sand.

And at the exact same time as both of these guys move, the guy taking the picture snaps, snaps, snaps away. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how pure viral gold is produced. Bam! That’s some serious coordination and teamwork, boys!

Blue Jean Baby

We’re not sure if this woman was aiming for this when she woke up, or if this just…happened. Either way, we’re sure glad it did! The colors in her jean’s and shoes blend seamlessly with the colors of the sea and sky in the background, and even the sand underneath her feet!


This is one spectacular color combination, regardless of whether or not it was intentional! Now all she needs is a sky-blue hat to tuck her hair away in and she would be but a floating head in a white t-shirt.

Yawn, I’m Over It!

Pole vaulting is a seriously complicated sport, one that involves a lot of thought and power. And what does power require? Energy, of course! One might assume that someone’s face may boast an expression of extreme effort while they’re trying to navigate through the air on a flimsy post. However, that’s not exactly the case in this picture.

Getty Images Photo by Paul Kane

This poor woman didn’t get enough sleep the night before her competition. She’s flying through the air and yawning like she really doesn’t even care about the jump -she’s ready for a nap! We’re just glad that one of the photographers snapped this awesome photo before she fell asleep.

The Rainbow And The Golden Road

We’re not sure if there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, but we’re certain that there’s a golden line leading straight to it! The lighting in this image is really beautiful, and the photographer captured a lovely golden light bouncing off of the road.

Getty Images Photo by Ty Newcomb

The way the rainbow acts as a divide between the light side of the sky and the dark side of the sky is truly poetic. If you look closely, you will see that this photo actually shows a gorgeous double rainbow! Hats off to whoever took this magical image!

The 400 Meter Meow

In lane 10, we have Paws McGee, ten-time champion all-star squish-bean race competitor and mouse hunting specialist. Get ready ladies, gentlemen, and cats! On your mark, get set, GO!

And Paws McGee bolts in to the lead and –oh, he’s stopped to give himself a bath. Annnnd he’s lost. It’s okay Paws, no one really cared if you won the race or not. We just came to look at the cute cat face, anyways. Go, Paws!

Moon Hangs Ten

This image is another case of being in the right place at the right time and capturing a stunning image because of it. Okay, it also helps if you’re in the freakin’ SWISS ALPS! Yes, that’s why this picture is so…picturesque…because that crane you’re looking at is in the Alps.


The construction crane is positioned in just the right way when the moon hits that angle, that it looks like the moon is being suspended from the crane. Pretty awesome, right?

Left, Left, Left, Right, Yawn

Anyone that’s been in the military knows that things at home where you’re stationed can be pretty repetitive and well, boring. The same goes for anyone that’s ever checked out a military parade. Sure, things are fun for a little while, but people marching can only be interesting for so long!

Alamy Stock Photo

The poor guy in this picture is all marched out. His face says, “in my mind, I’m in bed!” And just look around at the faces of all of his brothers. No one looks particularly excited to be walking in that parade. Don’t worry buddy, only 30 more blocks to go!

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