Monday, June 12, 2023



Here is the last batch of  awesome pics .....there was a lot .....i thought .......i would  stretch them out as there were loads........ and loads of  pics here is  the last batch of  them.......... enjoy them all or not !!............

Not as Gruesome as It Looks

At first glance, it appears that this image is a big pile of bodies, but fear not, you're seeing a lava flow falling toward a big, fiery hole. We admit it does have a sort of underworld vibe.

We have to imagine that the first group of people to lay eyes on something like this was pretty freaked out, but it's just as natural as anything else that spews from the mouth of a volcano. Would that person really be giving such a big, sunny smile if she stood on top of lots of bodies? We think not.

The Crop Was Good This Year

If you're an outdoor person – climber, hiker, even a long-distance runner or something like that – you're probably familiar with the Clif bar. These power-packed snacks have kept people fueled for quite some time, but where is the exciting wrapper image from?

Right here, as it turns out – Colorado, maybe, we think. So no, you won't be able to find the place strewn with fresh Clif bars, but you can at least try and recreate what this person (who might be the original photographer) did.

Caught in the Act

It's like a dream come true. This kind of thing might be a once-in-a-year event: vacation time is there, the weather is perfect, and nobody demands your attention.

So you grab your cone of vanilla (it's somebody's favorite), head to your favorite stretch of water, and take out your camera. The internet must know of this. But, of course, you had an unexpected guest while you were fiddling, trying to get the camera open without getting any ice cream on your phone. Good luck getting this kind of picture again.

Yo Ho, Me Hearties

A foggy day is one for intense thoughts, poetry, warm coffee, and pirates. Still? Yes, still, according to this picture. It almost looks like that galley is swooping in on a cloud to make off with the treasure, rum, wenches, etc. Let this inspire you for your next painting or short story.

And now, we hate to be a bunch of buzz kills, but this is the top of a tower in San Francisco, California. It's the Sutro Tower, a radio mast. Reality is disappointing, but it sure looked like Blackbeard had finally returned for his long-awaited revenge.

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