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Listen i hate all turns to shite the  end can go out ........and  spend  hundreds of  dollars in a restaurant....and easily rack up hundreds even thousands in some places ........ i have seen it in Miami beach .........that is not a big deal in Miami at all !!!!..... 2023......i think  restaurants now........  are worse than  2019........fucking  attitude fucker wants to work......... and  the service is servile........ and  repugnant........that is  just  what i see and  how i ever  i like  my food  simple  easy and  easily  eaten are some weird combos  ...........which i  do not  get on any level !!!!.........some people  are  fucking  mental .......some food  does not  belong together all !!!!! enjoy  this or not ..........your choice ........

Weird And Funky Food Combinations That Will Live Rent-Free In Your Mind


Taste is a fickle thing. While some people like salsa with their tortilla chips, others like the spicy tomato-based dip with Oreos. It’s all about preference!

And that perfectly strange example is just the tip of the weird food combination pyramid. While these pairings might seem bizarre, people swear by their taste buds.

Kiwi On Pizza (Let The Arguments Begin)

Adding pineapple to pizza has been a hot debate for many years. Does the fruit belong on the zesty sauce, cheese, and a crunchy garlic-infused crust?


While the world may never know the true answer, there is a new question that people need to start thinking about: does kiwi belong on pizza?

Lunch Meat And Rice Cakes

In all honesty, there are definitely some weird food pairings out there that wholeheartedly defeat this rice cake and lunch meat combination. It’s nothing more than a healthier sandwich!


While the rice cake will pack a bigger crunch than a typical wrap or bread, it isn’t the strangest thing out there.

French Fries Dipped In Honey

This pairing doesn’t actually seem terrible. People dip French fries in milkshakes and even Frosty Dairy Dessert from Wendy’s. Using all of those sweet treats as pseudo condiments makes honey seem like a reasonable option!


It’s just a bit of sweetness alongside a whole lot of salt and fried deliciousness.

A Bit Of Salt And Pepper To Season Apples

Cinnamon and sugar are typical spices people put on their apples. It makes the fresh fruit taste like apple pie! Here, the person took a totally different route, choosing to spice their apples with salt and pepper.


This is one food combination that should not be on anyone’s radar, and yet this person is all about it!

Watermelon With A Touch Of Feta Cheese

While watermelon and Feta cheese might sound like a strange food combination, it actually makes for one delicious summer salad!


By typing in the two foods into an Internet search engine, numerous recipes pop up, including one that adds mint, red onion, and a balsamic glaze into the mix. Of course, the dressing is optional.

A Drizzle Of Honey On Cheese Pizza

Drizzling honey on pizza might sound weird to many people, but there is a reason for it.


According to PizzaToday, “If you’re making a wheat or a whole-wheat crust, one of the darker colored, lower-cost grades of honey will provide both flavor and crumb color improvement to the finished crust.” Putting the honey directly on top of the cheese is questionable, though.

Pickles And Peanut Butter

It is an ode to the age-old sweet and sour taste; this person brings the world a pickle and peanut butter sandwich. Is it good? Who is to say.


But people who enjoy a sweet and savory taste alongside a more vinegary bite might want to take a minute to try this snack.

Peanuts In Coca-Cola

Theories surrounding peanuts in Coca-Cola dates back to the 1920s with Southern farmers. According to different stories, the farmers would go on break with dirty hands and, not wanting to get their food dirty, would toss peanuts into their sodas.


Apparently, the result of the two things mixed together forms a subtly sweet and salty taste.

Baked Beans And Fried Eggs On Pizza

Everyone from New Jersey and New York is sighing right now, as this can not be considered pizza. And yet, someone went ahead and added baked beans and fried eggs to a crust.


The only way this type of “pizza” is acceptable is if it is in England and it’s being served for breakfast. Even then, it is questionable.

A White Onion And Peanut Butter Sandwich

A raw white onion and peanut butter sandwich definitely aren’t for everyone. Hey, raw onion isn’t for everyone in general! But the harsh and sharp taste of raw onion is apparently evened out by the savory taste of peanut butter.


This is one sandwich that is definitely not for the faint of heart or daring.

Bananas Wrapped In Bacon

Amazingly, bacon-wrapped bananas aren’t as obscure a food combination as people might originally think. There are many recipes online directing people to how to make the best of this pairing.


A lot of them say to caramelize the fruit, which, alongside the bacon, would make for a delectable dessert at breakfast.

Chocolate And Pickles

As it turns out, chocolate really does go with everything. Here, someone decided to dip pickle spears into chocolate and freeze them, hardening the shell. The sweetness of the chocolate most likely pairs decently with the vinegar flavors from the pickles.


Still, this little combination probably isn’t for everyone, even pickle lovers.

Jell-O-Filled Hard-Boiled Eggs

There are many strange food combinations out there, but none are quite as quirky as a hard-boiled egg filled with Jell-O. It seems as though the two textures wouldn’t be a great match.


Even so, this person went all in, purchasing green Jell-O and discarding any signs of the yolk.

Applesauce As A Pizza Topping

People really shouldn’t mess with a good thing, that good thing being the delicious taste of a cheese pizza. But there is one person who swears by adding applesauce.


In a blog, this person wrote that their entire family “agree that the flavor of the cheese and sauce meld beautifully with the applesauce.” Pro-tip for those brave enough to try this combination: use unsweetened applesauce.

Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

Against all odds, smoked bacon-wrapped Oreos is a combination people not only try but are posting recipes online so other people can try the funky combination.


A very odd dessert, it seems as though the smoky bacon pairs well with the decadent chocolate and cream-filling. Is it strange? Yes. Is it worth trying? Questionable at best.

Whipped Cream-Topped Potato Chips

Sweet and salty is a combination a lot of people can get behind. Sea salt and chocolate are a great pairing, after all! But whipped cream and potato chips are something else altogether.


In another episode of “don’t knock it until you try it,” this is one pairing that definitely needs to be tested before being ridiculed.

Egg, Banana, And Peanut Butter Sandwich

Having eggs, toast, and a banana for breakfast is not unheard of. In fact, it is a decent meal to start the day. Here, a person decided to bypass eating everything individually and went straight for a strange sandwich, complete with all of those ingredients plus peanut butter.


Who knows, maybe it has the potential to b good.

Peanut Butter And Green Olive Sandwich

Called an eyeball sandwich when then olives are cut in half, this pairing is actually more common than people might realize. The vinegary taste of the olives apparently goes very well with the sweet and savory taste of peanut butter.

Simone W/Pinterest

This might be a sandwich worth trying for those who like olives and peanut butter.

Pasta Sauce And Waffles With A Bit Of Garnish

When tasting pasta sauce, there are people who will take a tortilla or even French bread to dip, seeing if the sauce needs anything else added. This person decided to take another route, opting for a waffle.

Ree Early/Pinterest

A bit airier than other bread, a waffle isn’t a horrible idea for sauce lovers, as it probably soaks up all of the flavors just like syrup.

Watermelon Slathered In Yellow Mustard

As it turns out, one of the TikTok trends in 2022 has people putting yellow mustard on watermelon. According to one social media user that tried the trend, it wasn’t horrible.


In her post, the TikTok user wrote, “The vinegar from the mustard mixed with the sweet, juicy watermelon counterbalanced each other, which I wasn’t expecting.”

Nutella Over Pasta With Some Parmesan Cheese

This “dessert pasta” has become all the rage on the internet. Consisting of any type of pasta and topped with the hazelnut spread Nutella, this dish can go one of two ways: either make people question everything they know about food or be weirdly good.

Felicia Zastrow/Pinterest

Alas, that is for those people to figure out for themselves.

Oreos With A Side Of Salsa

Ok, so the people here are going for a sweet and spicy combination in the form of Oreos and salsa. Both of these items are great on their own, but dipping a cream-filled chocolate cookie into a tomato-based dip is a bit out of the ordinary.

Sudal Wang/Pinterest

It’s two pieces of a puzzle that just don’t seem to fit together.

Peanut Butter On A Hamburger

Considering all of the other condiments and toppings people put on hamburgers, why not try a little bit of peanut butter to sweeten things up a bit? While it is a bit thicker than most condiments, peanut butter has a chance of being decent mixed with a beef patty and lettuce.


Of course, there is also nothing wrong with doing a typical ketchup and mustard combination. Sometimes, nothing beats a traditional burger.

Yellow Mustard And Pumpkin Pie

There is really no good explanation as to why someone would want to put yellow mustard on pumpkin pie. With the two drastically different flavors, it really makes no sense.


Either put some whipped cream on top of the pie or leave it be. Mustard has no place when it comes to any type of pie, especially pumpkin!

Steak With Some Icing And Sprinkles

Over-the-top doughnut shops are popping up all over the place. With specialty doughnuts consisting of maple bacon and syrup, why not go all the way and make one completely out of a steak?


The answer: steak, icing, and sprinkles, are a strange combination that shouldn’t be paired together for any occasion.

A Not-So-Normal PB&J(ello)

This not-so-normal PB&J might look weird, but it has potential. When it comes to texture, Jell-O is in the same realm as jelly. So, it only makes sense that it would pair okay with peanut butter on a sandwich.


The only questionable part of this combination is the use of lime Jell-O. At least go with a strawberry or something.

Cereal Of Cheetos And Milk

This is the combination that happens when children are left alone to make their own breakfast. Well, kids or college students who are pretty much broke. Either way, a “cereal” consisting of Cheetos and milk is not something people should try in their spare time.


If for no other reason, then it looks pretty gross.

A Burger On Waffles

When it comes to hamburgers, people might find themselves jumping from a normal bun to something like an English muffin. It’s less bread, and it leaves more room to enjoy the toppings.


Here, someone bypassed a muffin and went straight to a waffle. Same concept but a bit fluffier and with a different texture. Hey, like chicken and waffles, it could be good!

Nutella And Hard Boiled Eggs

Nutella hazelnut spread is delicious. But that doesn’t mean it should be used on everything that can be found in a kitchen or the refrigerator. Here, this person went off the rails and experimented with the combination of the chocolate spread with a hard-boiled egg.

Sarah Alharkan/Pinterest

This weird food pairing takes a special person to try on their own accord.

Raw Ground Beef With White Pepper And Onions

While this combination technically has the fancy name “steak tartar,” it still consists of raw meat, white onions, and white pepper. Not the most in-tune pairing for most people’s tastebuds or mental health, solely because a lot of folks grow up steering clear of raw meat.


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