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Like i have always said .....some parents  never get rid of their kids ........and here are prime  examples .....also reasons i never had kids either  ....i love other peoples kids  so much  .......because you can give them  back ......but to me they are a  lifetime  commitment .........and  god  bless anyone that can raise them......and today it is   more and more  difficult's a  double edged  sword on all accounts ........

These Fully-Grown People Clearly Still Need Their Parents


I’ve always thought that one of the coolest things about children is watching them witness things for the first time, and learn things about the world. The older I get, the more apparent it becomes to me that not everyone got the chance to develop a proper amount of common sense. And if they did, they just don’t seem to use it.

I’m not sure which is worse, but these people clearly still need their parents around to guide them, because they are not making the best decisions. We have proof.

That’s A Supportive Friend.

This guy got his finger stuck in a hole at Chipotle.

someone got their finger stuck in the wall
Photo Credit: Reddit / jesterp13

I’m not sure if the line was taking a really long time or if he just had an urge to put his finger where it doesn’t belong, but this is a common-sense fail.

The Internet Is Full Of Tricks.

Don’t believe everything you read online, because there are lots of crazies out there. Didn’t your parents teach you this?

someone used sandpaper to get snow off their car
Photo Credit: Reddit / titanicman119

Imagine actually believing sandpaper would work to clean your windshield?

This Is Fine.

Trying to fit your body through a hole is a risk. The plus is that he looks really chill with his situation.

someone fell through their roof
Photo Credit / Twitter / @GavTits

Panicking would probably just make this worse. He’s got his snacks, he’s good.

It’s Going To Be A Long Flight.

This guy isn’t messing around and he is here to party.

someone on an airplane with ridiculous hair
Photo Credit: Pinterest / Charlie Moondor

Isn’t it wild that this guy has people in his life who just let him walk around like this?

That’s One Way To Pour The Tea.

Can we even be that mad, though, seeing as it clearly works? I’m all for fostering creativity but this seems a little unsanitary.

someone blowing tea out of a tea pot
Photo Credit: Pinterest / Shea Hale

How do you take your tea? With milk and drool?

Know Your Audience.

You’ve heard it before, dress for the job you want!

someone wearing a really ripped shirt asking for a job application
Photo Credit: The Chive / @bigdal54

Didn’t he have his parents stress him out about his pre-interview outfit? Or stress him out about that outfit in general?

Just Too Much Sun.

If only there was something you could wear that would shield your eyes from the glare… Is this guy serious?

someone wearing their hat backwards shielding their eyes from the sun
Photo Credit: Imgur / username

Where did he get the cardboard from? It seems like a lot of effort went into this.

Apple Juice Is Great.

This is a great deal, but this is also a lot of apple juice.

a tweet about someone who bought tons of apple juice because it was on sale
Photo Credit: Twitter / @nellychillin

Where is going to keep it all? What about his weekly shopping budget? Did buying all this juice make him go over?

Oh My God…

Does this person not understand the concept of personal space? This is the kind of confidence I aspire to have.

someone with their feet up on another chair in an airplane
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Corporate_Rich

The confidence to think my feet aren’t gross and to not care about the people around me.

Some Mistakes Last Forever.

We all want to be the world’s next great scooter star, but jumping over fresh concrete is not the place to start.

an imprint in concrete of someone falling off a scooter
Photo Credit: Reddit / Syckwun

Hopefully, he gets up and tries again after he gets all that concrete off.

Poor, Poor Girl.

I can imagine that she was upset about something and shed a few tears.

someone who cried after their spray tan and ruined it
Photo Credit: Twitter / @alexvinklarek

Then she saw what happened to her spray tan and sobbed, just to make sure it was really ruined.

School Is Hard.

School can get really stressful, but one thing that might help would be keeping a calendar so, you know, you don’t miss your final.

someone mixed up the dates of their final
Photo Credit: Twitter / @RealDiegoFranco

Most profs won’t take kindly to ‘I messed up the date.’

That Is One Athletic Baby.

Now, I’m not an expert on children and I don’t have any of my own, but leaving your baby alone in the backyard when it has Hulk-like children’s strength doesn’t seem smart.

someone took a picture of their baby climbing a fence
Photo Credit: Reddit / noobbslayer69

On the plus side, she could be a star on American Ninja Warrior one day.

Having Self Control Is Important.

Before you know it, you’ll be eating cake for every meal of the day and you’ll wonder why you’re chubby with bad skin.

tweet: I sent my kids to the store to get some snacks for themselves. My daughter got a birthday cake. For a snack.
Photo Credit: Twitter / @meganbielby

Come on, eat some veggies and fruit.

This Is Too Extreme.

Cutting a girl’s hair because she doesn’t like Justin Beiber?

someone cut off a girl's braid because she doesn't like Justin Beiber
Photo Credit: Twitter / @cantbeliebit

She needs help, because that is obsessive and now the other poor girl is going to be stuck with a weird haircut.

Sorry Again?

Lindsay, didn’t anyone ever tell you that patience is a virtue? I’ve sent my fair share of double texts, but 1,028? That’s a little extreme.

Someone got over a thousand texts from someone
Photo Credit: Reddit / DangHeckingDoggo

In case you’re wondering, the person who posted this texted her back like nothing was wrong.

Now That Is A Bubble Bath.

Have you never been told to enjoy good things in moderation?

someone put way too much Mr Bubble in a tub
Photo Credit: tumblr / tastefullyoffensive

I enjoy a bubbly bath as much as the next person, but you gotta know when to quit. Looks cozy, though.

Make Good Decisions.

If it comes down to needing to choose one necessity over the other, always choose the one you can eat.

someone left a bra in the ranch dressing section
Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz

You can get new clothes any old time, but ranch might not always be on sale.

This Is Nasty.

I hate doing dishes as much as the next person, but with the amount of time it would have taken to cut this pepper in half, you could have washed one bowl.

someone eating fruit loops out of a pepper
Photo Credit: Reddit / dasakem

Do you drink the milk after out of this pepper?

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

Unless, of course, you ruin it by not being observant enough to see you’re putting A LOT of soya sauce on your french toast.

someone thought soya sauce was maple syrup
Photo Credit: Reddit / sirfluffyington

Breakfast food is the best food and this guy really messed it up.

It’s Good To Ask Questions.

Remember when our parents told us not to talk to strangers on the internet and go places with people we don’t know?

someone matched with a cousin they didn't know they had on tinder
Photo Credit: Twitter / @hxelprincess

Well, if you are talking to strangers online, you might discover a long lost cousin.

I Would Love To Know Why.

There isn’t one reason I can think of that squirting Vaseline into your mouth makes sense.

someone squirting vasaline in their mouth
Photo Credit: Reddit / 183627940

Don’t do what your friends tell you to do! Sometimes your friends are going to be jerks.

This Is Embarrassing.

It’s important to look where you’re going to make sure you don’t make a mistake like this.

a tweet from a woman not knowing she was in the men's room
Photo Credit: Twitter / @kyaranycole

I’m curious about what she thought the urinals were when she got in there.

What A Mess.

Anyone can make a simple mistake that turns into a disaster once and a while,

someone at home depot forgot to put the lid on a paint can before mixing it
Photo Credit: Imgur / gpm1120

But learning to close the lid on a paint can before mixing it seems like a big thing to forget.

I Wouldn’t Even Be Mad About This.

Luckily this comeback was funny and wasn’t rude.

someone was not professional by accident texting someone about an interview
Photo Credit: Twitter / @tanaminks

But when an unknown number texts you, you might want to play it a little more cool. In case you were wondering, she got the job!

That Is One Big Bite.

How far into that bite did it take them to realize that this was not actually an apple?

someone tried to eat a styrofoam apple
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ggrimgoff

Apples aren’t just lying around for you to eat! Doesn’t anyone remember Snow White?

Well, That Stinks.

At least she’s going to have a great story to tell about her day.

a guy sent a snap about farting on someone at the gym
Photo Credit: Reddit / markymavis

I have a feeling that neither party is going to easily forget this moment. It might be best to switch gyms.

Group Costumes Are Hard.

They wanted to go together as Dominoes for Halloween, which apparently is something that needs to be made apparent to all parties.

a bunch of people dressed up as dominos, except one person came as the pizza place
Photo Credit: Reddit / sammifarnsi

Not sure why he thought going out as pizza boxes made more sense than the game.

Question Authority.

Not every grown-up is going to know what’s right.

someone makes a meme on a computer that says you can't make memes on it
Photo Credit: Reddit /wei_data

If anyone tells you to do something that will stop you from achieving your dreams, you just go over their head and do it anyway.

Meal Prep Is Kinda Adult-Ish.

This whole meal preparation for the week thing that people are doing seems like a lot of work.

pizza meal prep
Photo credit: Reddit / SKoolio

If you can plan out every meal you have for seven days, you should get a prize for “Life Organization And Put-Togetherness” because that’s intense.

Maybe Look Before You Leap.

One thing you learn quickly when you enter the adult world of the rich, is that they love to make things look like something else.

little chocolate cake that is actually soap
Photo credit: Reddit

Hand soap that looks like chocolate cake is no exception.

He’s Also Probably Proficient In Microsoft Excel.

You can see the life draining out of this poor man’s eyes.

man struggling to work cotton candy machine
Photo credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

You just lied about your skills to your boss, and now you’re thrown into the fire. Sorry, but you made this cotton candy mess.

They See You Rollin’ They Hatin’.

Driving luxurious cars is just a state of mind.

fake mercedes hood ornament
Photo credit: Imgur

If you want to believe that your 1999 Toyota Corolla is actually a Rolls Royce, we’re all for it.

Trying To Escape Adulthood Like…

This guy tried to escape adulthood in a way that we all wish we could.

guy stuck in statue with fire department helping him out
Photo credit: Reddit / successful_dude

He attempted to sneak back into the womb and cuddle up where responsibility and taxes don’t follow.

This Is A New Level Of Broke.

Imagine being so broke as an adult that you can’t even afford water for your 77-cent pack of ramen noodles.

woman eating ramen noodles from a toilet
Photo credit: Twitter / @TaylorODore

It would have been better just to eat them raw.

You Gotta Try Before You Buy.

This butter bite is nothing short of blasphemous.

stsick of butter in grocery store with bite taken out of it
Photo credit: Reddit / baziyun

I don’t even know what I would do if I went to the grocery store and tried to buy a stick of butter only to find this.

“Better Out Than In” – Shrek.

I have questions and this photo isn’t giving enough answers.

man stuck in loop on children's playground
Photo credit: Imgur / mmendozaf

Was he there with a child? Was he there on his own? Is he sober? How did he get in the loop? Did he ever escape?

Who Is The Adult In This Situation?

If I had just got shot by a bow and arrow, I don’t think that my facial expression would be the same as if I was doing my taxes.

man sitting in with arrow in shoulder while kid sits beside him hoding bow
Photo credit: Imgur / tuttibossi

This is obviously not the first time this has happened.

This Is Why Your Mother Worries

Teenage boys always wonder why their parents are so worried about them. This.

boy with hair on fire while group stands around him warming their hands
Photo credit: Reddit / ohsopoor

This is the reason why. ‘Cause boys at any age do dangerous stuff for no reason.

I’d Still Try Them

What do you do when you have a late-night craving for something and mom isn’t around to make it for you?

someone thought just putting oatmeal on a pan made oatmeal cookies
Photo Credit: Twitter / @LateNightNelly

You improvise and end up with a bunch of burned oatmeal on a tray.

Sounds Like The Start Of An Office Romance

Maybe this was some kind of Freudian slip, and they were secretly really into the colleague they sent it to.

Tweet: How has your day been? I accidentally emailed the kissing emoji instead of a smile emoji to a colleague
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Viscount_Wombat

If only mom or dad had been there to proofread their emails.

Who Else Likes Their Sandwiches Raw?

I get trying to be all cool and hip with your meals, but there is a line, and this person crossed it.

someone eating a pb&j sandwich
Photo Credit: Twitter / @vinceeatsass

If you miss the PB&J you used to eat with your family, just eat a PB&J sandwich.

How Do You Think That Sounded?

This would have been like watching one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make in slow motion, where you totally could have stopped it but didn’t.

someone crushing their car with a rising garage
Photo Credit: Reddit / vertigo1084

Sometimes, your reflexes just aren’t fast enough.

In What Universe Was This A Good Idea?

I have a feeling that the librarians here would have been happier if you had folded the side of the page you were reading instead of using a taco.

a taco inside a book
Photo Credit: Twitter / @miss_amandamae

That just seems unnecessary.

He Was Just Trying To Take Care Of Himself

This is why no one should attempt to do anything like plumbing at home on their own.

guy ruined the plumbing in his apartment by trying to put in a bidet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @samreawilkes

It’s never as easy as you think it’s going to be, and you’re just going to make a bigger job for someone else.

Yes To All The Ice

While it does always seem like you could use more ice than you have, this is just excessive.

someone took the tray out of their ice maker
Photo Credit: Twitter / @SeattleSloth_

If the ice never stops, what is going to happen when there isn’t room in the freezer?

No Hair Elastic On Hand?

This is a simple mistake that so many of us could have made…but we usually remember to put the cap back on our pens.

someone with a pen in their hair drawing all over them
Photo Credit: Reddit / pieCharmed

Maybe she was late for catching the bus.

Just…So Many Nopes

This is not how you make a mint chocolate chip cookie, it just isn’t.

guy dipping cookie into vapor rub
Photo Credit: Twitter / @5inchesisalot

Like, is that even safe to put in your body? I don’t know, but I do know this person needs some real chocolate STAT!

Ah Yes, The Classic Plastic Mistake

Have you even lived your life if you haven’t accidentally put a plastic tray in the oven and basically ruined your oven?

someone put a plastic tray into the oven
Photo Credit: Twitter / @fathercosby

No, I didn’t think so. It’s a grown-up rite of passage.

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