Wednesday, May 3, 2023

WELCOME TO JAPAN.............


Well........ i always wanted to go to Tokyo ....its on my bucket list .......but  financially  .......things are  getting more........ and  more expensive  .....and i heard the rumors........ an apple in Tokyo......... is  5 bucks ..........yes ............five  dollars Thailand ....... you get laid  for 5 bucks....... so to me  getting laid for  5 bucks........ and getting an apple .......looks like will be on hold ..............yes i am just making  comparisons  that's all .......

But the Japanese........ are  way....way....way out in front in  everything ....phones ....vending machines .....but  costs .........maybe one day ....or not  .......

Anyways ........ here is  a post for  you........ i found interesting .......

photos That Prove Tokyo Is Basically The Future


Japan is a place that a lot of people have on their bucket list—and with good reason. It’s beautiful, has a rich culture, and is packed with things you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world. One of the coolest things about going to Japan is how futuristic it seems.

Every Bathroom Needs This

These washrooms have tiny speakers that you can use to get some privacy if you’re a little stall shy. It plays music so that no one can hear you doing your business.

public bathroom has a privacy button that plays music
Photo Credit: Instagram / @santodasaro

You Can Get Ramen From A Vending Machine

In fact, you can get a lot out of a vending machine, like bananas, umbrellas, and even electronics and clean underwear. Apparently, the ramen in the vending machine is pretty good.

a ramem vending machine
Photo Credit: Instagram / @stella_gaeun_lee

Isn’t That Beautiful?

Japan has manholes that are custom-designed for each of Japan’s localities. It’s an amazing way to remember where you are and be able to take cute pictures to post on your Instagram.

customized manhole cover for each locality in Japan
Photo Credit: Twitter / @JonathanHsy

A Button For All Taxies

This little turtle taxi button is a polite way to let the driver know that they’re driving a bit too quickly for your liking. All the taxies in the world could use these.

a button you can press to tell the driver to slow down
Photo Credit: Reddit / petro26

You Can Get Clear Everything

Clear lattes, clear pop, even clear beer! I wonder what it tastes like? Do you think it tastes like a latte? How do they get it to be clear? There are so many questions!

a clear latte
Photo Credit: Reddit / twig973

A Genius Invention

This light-up sign actually shows you which stalls in the bathroom are available and which aren’t. That way, you don’t have to go pushing on doors or peeking under them for shoes.

bathroom has a sign that shows you which stalls are being used
Photo Credit: Reddit / youknowitalktoomuch

Would You Look At That

The trains in Japan are crazy clean, like, cleaner than the ones in New York or Toronto have probably ever been. How refreshing would that be if you saw it?

train that is super clean
Photo Credit: Instagram / @giorgia094

A Little Extra Encouragement

Most of the stairs in Japan have little stickers on them that show how many calories you’ve burned as you were walking up the stairs. It adds a bit of extra encouragement for those who don’t take the elevator.

stairs that tell you how many calories you burn walking up them
Photo Credit: Reddit / jwtfs01

How Cute!

They have tons of themed restaurants like this robot one that has a cute little parade every day. It’s fun to feel fully immersed in your dining experience, don’t you think?

a robot restaurant that has a cute little parade
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sc_nakamoto

Strawberries And Cream? Yes Please

This is the kind of food that you can get at a convenience store in Tokyo. The store is called Lawsons, and it’s famous for its sandwiches and cute snacks.

a strawberries and cream sandwich
Photo Credit: Instagram / @f.o.v_

Who Wouldn’t Love This?

All over the city, they have little stations set up where you can clean your phone! It will help keep you and the ones around you healthy. Plus, who doesn’t love a clean, sparkly phone?

a wipe to clean your phone
Photo Credit: Reddit / Luwast

You Can Never Be Too Careful

These elevators in this building have tiny emergency toilets to use in case the elevators ever stop working and you have to go. Saves everyone a lot of mess and embarrassment.

an elevator with an emergency toilet
Photo Credit: Reddit / BadHaycock

These Are Adorable

There are lots of adorable little treats that you can get, like these piggy ice cream cone treats. They put a lot of effort into the presentation of their products.

Piggy ice cream cone
Photo Credit: Instagram / @tesshi

Who Wouldn’t Love This?

These are tiny alcoholic beverages in containers like juice boxes. You can enjoy an after-work drink while also remembering your childhood all at once. Seems like a fun idea, doesn’t it?

alcohol served in a juice box
Photo Credit: Reddit / 11TJK

This Is Genius

This airport in Japan likes to organize all the suitcases they’ve taken off the plane by color so that they are neat and easy to find. Plus, you’ll know exactly where to look for yours.

airport arranged luggage by color
Photo Credit: Reddit / penguinsAreCool3

Every Restaurant Should Have These

This restaurant has an umbrella locker that you can leave your umbrella at instead of having to take it in with you and get another seat or make your feet super wet.

an umbrella locker
Photo Credit: Reddit / Nebulae_Denton

Something For Everyone

This mall has a roller coaster on the roof. Yeah, you read that right. Something about window shopping and thrill-seeking seems to go so well together, don’t you think?

mall has a rollercoaster on it
Photo Credit: The_Optimus_Rhyme

Do You Think It Tastes The Same?

The famous square watermelon that many of us have seen on social media. You can buy them at the grocery store in Tokyo like you would any other fruit or veggie.

a square shaped watermelon
Photo Credit: Reddit / BoredAs-h

Would You Drink Your Face?

There are lots of caf├ęs that have a machine that can take your picture and then print it onto the top of your latte! Would you drink a latte with your own face on it?

you can get your own picture printed on a latte

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