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AYE BROWS!!!!!>.........


Listen.......i am not sure  about anyone else........ that reads my shit .......but one of the most beautiful parts of  a woman her eyebrows ........and why .....oh ....why do they have to fuck with them .......i will never ever  understand  this  ........

these Disasters Otherwise Known As Eyebrows Have Us Questioning Ourselves


Whether you overplucked, overdrew, or shaved them off completely, we’ve all likely done some terrible things to our eyebrows. Eyebrows can be super tricky. Even the most experienced makeup artists have trouble with them every now and then.

Do yourself a favor and get your brows professionally shaped. Put the tweezers down. Step away from the tweezers. Keep reading to see some eyebrow disasters that will make you feel better about how you used to look before you discovered brow gel.

A Little High, Don’t You Think?

If your eyebrows are halfway between your eyeballs and your hairline, you’re probably doing something wrong. How about you move those puppies down a peg (or two, or five)?

Photo Credit: Imgur

Also, try not making them so… blocky. Light strokes are your friends. Check out YouTube, which is full of tutorials on how to create the perfect, natural-looking brows. Although it looks like this woman could use help in some other departments too, bless her heart.

Is That You, Edith Piaf?

French singer Edith Piaf was a lot of things— really talented, iconic, and interesting. But “good at eyebrows” was not one of her strongest suits.

Photo Credit: GuilderChic / Reddit

But I mean, it was the 1940s, so we can’t really blame her. This girl though… it’s a new era and there are a ton of new tools and shapers out there. Get your eyebrows in check and move into the current century with your makeup.

The Final Boss

So, apparently, this girl is a local celebrity in Yakutsk, the capital city of the Sakha Republic in Russia. It looks like she’s making a lot of money promoting her business with her huge block eyebrows.

Photo Credit: nootarobot / Reddit

I guess if she’s able to make bank off of her incredibly thick and ridiculous eyebrows, then they’re at least useful. That’s much more than I can say for the other eyebrows on this list.

Ten Years Later

Well, it took a decade, but this girl finally learned how to stop plucking and to start filling in. She also learned to stop bleaching her hair and using eyeliner on half of her bottom waterline. These are difficult lessons to learn when you’re in such a bad beauty routine rut.

Photo Credit: honeytaps / Reddit

This is a massive overall improvement, I’d say. Excellent work! This before-and-after shows exactly why good eyebrows are so important.

Please Never Do This

Like mother, like daughter! This rite of passage is so sweet! Ugh, just kidding. What could possibly compel a person to do this to their own child? This looks like something out of a horror movie.

Photo Credit: UrbanGypsyG / Reddit

Babies have soft, wispy eyebrows for a reason. It’s so they don’t look like little malformed Yodas and aren’t rejected by their caretakers. Keep on reading to see a woman who learned how to let her brows grow. Keep reading to see a woman who learned how to let her brows grow.

Goth Milhouse Back At It Again With The Eyebrow Gap

Lower those eyebrows, Milhouse! No, seriously lower them. Also bring them much closer together and make them less blocky while you’re at it. She’s even rocking the thick glasses.

Photo Credit: fatalfoxtrot / Reddit

Although Milhouse rocks this look on the Simpsons, nothing about this is good for a real life style. Please go to an eyebrow professional and never touch a pair of tweezers ever again. I have to admit that I’m loving her hair color though.

As Seen On The Jeremy Kyle Show

That woman looks much too smug. Anybody with eyebrows that awful should either wipe the eyebrows or the smug look off their face immediately. I don’t care what kind of trainwreck is happening on stage— those eyebrows are the star of the show.

Photo Credit: mzreletivity / Reddit

The best (or worst, whichever way you look at it) part is how proud she looks of her newly-plucked brows. She needs to get those things some therapy, stat.

We Love A Good Eyebrow Photoshop

You know what, I appreciate the effort. Some poor photo editor was presented with a dire eyebrow situation, and they made the best of it. Yeah, it’s not executed perfectly, but who among us is really perfect?

Photo Credit: kittylee33 / Reddit

Just try to blend the edges next time. And tuck that digital eyebrow behind her bangs. Maybe simply using an actual eyebrow pencil on her face before filming would have turned out more natural-looking?

A Huge Improvement

Let’s say it together, actually, let’s scream it together: less can be more when it comes to makeup if you don’t know what you’re doing! The photo on the right makes me want to jump up and down with joy. Some people do learn! All hope is not lost!

Photo Credit: petitenouille / Reddit

She looks so good now! She doesn’t even look like the same person. That settles it— eyebrows are magic. Magical, magical face hair.

Thank Goodness Those Brows Are Too Fake To Be Genetic

Imagine if these eyebrows were real and the mom passed them down to her poor little baby. That would be the worst. It’s a good thing that almost none of that brow shape is made out of natural hair.

Photo Credit: mystness / Reddit

Fortunately, you can’t pass on foundation either. Unless you press your face up against the baby’s face and transfer it like a stamp. Let’s hope she’s not going to try that.

This Poor Girl Showed Up To Prom Like This

This prom attendee’s eyebrows look like a very safe wheelchair ramp. Don’t get me wrong — wheelchair ramps are wonderful and necessary— I’m just not sure that it’s wonderful or necessary to have them on your face.

Photo Credit: Banananabri / Reddit

We’ve seen worse eyebrows on this list, but that doesn’t mean we should lower our standards. We have to wonder one thing, though. Did she do this herself or did a really bad makeup artist “help” her with her special prom look?

Try Preaching About Better Eyebrows

How this woman actually ended up on TV like that is beyond me. Even if she doesn’t have a makeup artist to apply her face properly, she probably at least has a mirror. Or a friend who can let her know how ridiculous this looks?

Photo Credit: Talkwitchytome / Reddit

In the Reddit thread where this originated, one user commented that this looks like a nightmare version of Tammy Faye Bakker. Nothing about this is good. Please wash off everything on your face and try again.

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

To be fair, it does look like this girl just naturally has high arches. Maybe she should invest in some really good microblading. Or she could just round off the brows at the top a bit so they don’t look so… angry.

Photo Credit: zveginas / Reddit

Her head tilt in this pose definitely isn’t helping the overall effect here. I just hope she doesn’t steal Christmas, because she looks like she’s thinking about it.

You Remember These From The ’90s?

If you were alive in the ’90s, you know that sperm-shaped eyebrows were definitely a thing. You probably even tried out the look on your own brows at some point. Most of them were pretty thin, though. They were little wispy things with a thicker, rounded bit near the bridge of the nose.

Photo Credit: TangyTemper / Reddit

These eyebrows have the right shape, but they’re way too thick. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

Bucket Handle Brows

OK, for starters, that star filter is not helping at all. You’d think it could have distracted from those awful brows a little bit, but nope. All I can see are a couple of big, thick, bucket or suitcase handles sitting on her forehead.

Photo Credit: macbitch / Reddit

Maybe they’re square brackets. Like her eyes are some kind of math equation or something. I really can’t even tell what looks she was going for with these bizarre eyebrows.

The Tiniest Brows In The Land

Wow. Somebody, please explain to me how this woman arrived at the idea that eyebrows are supposed to be shaped like tiny rainbows. It almost looks like a little baby horse stamped two cute hoofprints on her face.

Photo Credit: nickles69 / Reddit

Actually, that seems like the only logical explanation for this travesty. A tiny horse snuck in while she was asleep and hopped onto her forehead, leaving these permanent, tiny eyebrow looking hoofmarks.

The Highlight Really Makes Them Pop

I find it very difficult to believe that this is not a joke. Like she must have done this on purpose, right? To look like Helga from Hey Arnold or something?

Photo Credit: charliecoll90 / Reddit

This can’t just be a mistake. Nobody makes mistakes this big and then posts them on the internet for everybody to see. The only way it was a mistake is if she applied her makeup in a dark room to see how it turned out.

There Is Hope For Everybody

The thing is, in the picture on the left, the rest of her makeup is pretty good. It’s just the eyebrows that need work. Even her other eye makeup looks decent.

Photo Credit: marryacomputer / Reddit

The brows look so much better in the picture on the right. All it takes is a light hand and a bit of practice to make your whole face look better. If she can do it, we all can do it.

This Lady In The Background On CNN

Raise your hand if you think this is intentional and this lady is trying to become a meme. You know, like those people who go to sporting events and pretend to eat a jumbo jar of mayonnaise in the stands? She’s just doing the political rally version of that stunt.

Photo Credit: woke_brontosaurus / Reddit

Her face does look awfully serious though. Maybe her eyebrows are trying to send us a message about which candidate to vote for.

There’s A Need To Be Concerned

There’s a lot we can say about this photo lovely mugshot, but for now we’ll just focus on the brows. There’s something about the way her arch-less brows drawn straight across her forehead that make her look more concerned than she probably already is (after all, she IS getting her mugshot taken).

mugshot of a woman with sad eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

It’s almost as if she spent so much time focusing on lining her lips that the brows must have been an afterthought.

Bushy Eyebrows Are A Thing

The bushy eyebrow trend may be having a moment in the beauty world as of late but it only works if you have a lot of eyebrow hair to begin with. Even then, those who want to emulate bushy brows know to fill theirs in a little more and this woman seems to have missed the memo.

a woman with bushy eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

To her credit, she knew to brush her eyebrows up, but she forgot to follow up with brushing them out and now her brows just look frightened.

Permanently Mean Muggin’

This lady clearly knows a thing or two about looking tough. Eyebrows are perhaps the most expressive aspects of our faces and apparently she just wanted to look mad all the time so that no one could mess with her.

a mugshot of a woman with mean eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

Unfortunately, she must have gotten distracted half-way through doing her left brow but then again, maybe that’s why she’s mad. She didn’t have enough time to finish them before she had to take this photo.

We Were This Close

This woman actually went out with these eyebrows and the proximity of how close they meet at the middle is exactly how close we are to calling the fashion cops for this crime. Perhaps she was trying to start a new eyebrow trend and thankfully it didn’t catch on.

a lady with questionable eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

We hope that this was just penciled in and not tattooed on to her face because that would be an absolute disaster if you ask us.

She Went For Twins

According to the beauty community, your eyebrows are like sisters—not twins. This woman, however, went for twins. We can understand the need for wanting to get your brows to match as closely as possible but this lady had no issue since she decided to do straight lines for her brows.

a mugshot of a woman with straight eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

It clearly doesn’t allow for much expression which is obviously why she is pursing her lips to show a little attitude in this photo.

She Just Did It

Have you ever looked at the Nike logo and thought to yourself, Hmm, that would make for an excellent eyebrow shape? That’s precisely what this woman thought. And in case it wasn’t clear what the inspiration was behind her innovative brow shape, she went ahead and “just did it” by writing Nike underneath her right brow.

nike eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

It definitely didn’t follow the shape of her natural brows, which you can faintly see in the photo. Thankfully, this tells us that this wasn’t a permanent look.

Two Kitties On Sleeping On Her Face

You may be a self-professed cat lover but do you love cats this much? This woman is a true cat lady because she loves them so much she decided to make her eyebrows into cats.

a woman with cat eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

In fact, she loves cats so much she wanted two adorable ones sleeping on her fact at all times. But they’re obviously not the soft and fuzzy kind since she shaved off her actual brows to get these images etched on her forehead.

A Festival Look Gone Too Far

We’ve all seen those girls at festivals who paint dots along their eyebrows to as a part of their look but this woman decided to up the ante by shaving off her eyebrows and replacing them with dots instead.

a mugshot of a woman with dotted eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

Afterward, she must have gotten herself into some trouble which is why she is pictured in this mugshot. We can’t say for sure what she’s in jail for but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was for the the crime she committed against her brows.

Somebody Come Get Their Man

We have so many questions in regards to this photo but the most important one is, who did this man’s brows? If he did them himself, we give him an A for effort and for at least getting them to match. But if someone did these brows for him, then this is an example of true sabotage.

a man with evil eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

Why do the arches go all the way up his forehead? He looks like a real-life evil villain who is about to put a curse on you.

Picture Perfect Brows

They say that eyebrows are supposed to frame the face and this lady took that quite literally. She must have a thing for perfect right-angles because that’s precisely what she decided to draw when she wanted to replace her natural brows.

a woman with angled eyebrows
Photo credit: Imgur

She clearly wanted some picture-perfect eyebrows but not everyone would agree that that’s what she has on her face. At least she didn’t cut any corners trying to get her brows just right.

Who Is This Creep?

This cutie patootie kitty doesn’t know anything about proper eyebrow maintenance. Look at how short those things are! Such shallow arches…and that blue brow pencil does nothing for her complexion.

Photo Credit: raviax / Reddit

She’s still a babe, though. When your face is this cute, it doesn’t really matter what you do with your eyebrows. P.S. that last statement only applies to fluffy animals. If you’re a human, please properly sort out your brows.

The Most Ironic Eyebrows

This young man was obviously sent to jail but he wasn’t going down without letting everyone know that he thought he didn’t belong there. That’s why he shaved off his brows and replaced them with the permanent message that he was wrongfully convicted.

a mugshot of a man with tattooed eyebrows

It’s up to the judge to decide if his eyebrow message is true or not but the fact that this is his mugshot tells us what the ultimate verdict was.

They Got Lost On The Race

This woman took the sperm-shaped eyebrow trend to the next level. It looks like her brows were two little buds that got lost on the race to fertilize an egg and found themselves face-to-face on the middle of her face.

a woman with thin eyebrows

To her credit, there’s a certain precision to her brows that few people fail to achieve although next time she may want to consider a thicker and more up-to-date shape.

She Could Do Better

This lady looks like she saw all the other eyebrows on this list and was like, “I could do better than all of that.” She certainly one-ups many terrible brows on this list but we wouldn’t say that these are the worst.

a mugshot of a woman with eyebrows

Still, we don’t know what she was thinking making the middle-ends of her brows that thick and wide. Maybe she wanted to make her perpetual feeling of disdain clear.

Am I A Joke To You?

There are definitely dogs out there that have a natural semblance of eyebrows on their adorably fuzzy faces, but this dog isn’t one of them. Take away this dog’s drawn-on brows and it’s clear to see that she is completely disappointed in her owner.

a dog with eyebrows

She must be thinking, “Am I a joke to you?” because clearly they wanted her to look like some sort of clown. She’s probably upset that they didn’t even attempt to make her eyebrows look good.

Out Of This World

This girl wanted her eyebrows to be out of this world and indeed, that certainly appears to be where she’s from with this look. It appears that she used a white pencil for her brows to match her white hair and white outfit.

a girl with white eyebrows

Even though this is clearly an alien-esque look of some sort, she could have at least done herself a favor and given those brows a bit of thickness.

Scribbles On Her Face

This woman must have let a five-year-old do her makeup because her eyebrows look like the incomplete rainbows that only a child is capable of drawing. Honestly, it looks as if she just took a black crayon and scribbled something in the outline of her brows, which are too thick to begin with.

a woman with filled in brows

At least she had the right idea with trying to follow a certain shape but she must have been pressed for time that day.

A Permanent Unibrow

We understand that some people naturally are born with unibrows and maybe that is the case for this woman, but we aren’t entirely sure. After all, it looks like her brows are tattooed on, judging by the way we can hardly see any of the actual hair. Plus, this unibrow looks way too shapely to be natural.

a woman with a unibrow

We don’t know why anyone would want a permanent unibrow so if anyone has an answer to that, please let us know.

If These Brows Could Tell The Truth

You know the zig-zag lines that the dial of a lie detector makes? That’s what this woman’s eyebrows look like. If this woman’s brows could show how honest she was being, it’d reveal that she is actually being quite honest, since they don’t go all over the place.

a woman with ugly eyebrows

But honestly, she clearly needs a little help doing her brows because she didn’t make any effort to make them look even. It’s like she was doing them in a car while driving over a bumpy road.

Ready To Hit The Coal Mines

Looks like this woman is about to hit up the mines after taking this picture because she has a couple of pickaxes on hand to get the job done. That’s pretty much the shape she went for when she decided to draw on her brows this day and we can’t say that it was a good idea.

a girl with bad eyebrows

Why would you make the inside of your brows angular and the outside naturally arched? Only this woman knows.

The More The Merrier

Why have only two eyebrows when you could have four? That’s exactly what this woman went for with this interesting makeup look. Maybe it was one of those optical illusion looks she was going for but she looks awfully serious about her results.

a woman with eyebrows

To her credit, all four brows actually look impeccably shaped and perfectly arched. So she has four times the best brows on this list than anyone before her.

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