Monday, March 27, 2023

I MEAN ffs...........

 I really do not need words for this  guy .....not only my  fav song of songs .......hallelujah .....penned  by the great leonard cohen ......and the first time i ever heard this song  .....believe it or not  .....was in the movie  ......lord of war ......incidentally  ...if you have not  seen its  ......."where the fuck you been  holmes ".......i mean it is   epic .....based on a true  story of   viktor boot  who was  recently traded in a prison swap for  britney griner fucking insulting  ....he  is possibly one of the greatest  arms dealers ever (known as the merchant of  death .) have to be  a bad cunt to get  that  name ........ .....swapped  for a  female pothead basket ball player  .......whom i never  heard of her ......that's like swapping a  bentley for  a  kia .......FFS.........apparently this song took 7 years to rite  and you can tell ..........there are many versions too of this song ..............

Anyways i think this guy is  going to be  legend .........his voice  .........

‘American Idol’: Luke Bryan ‘can’t hardly breathe’ after Cam Amen sings ‘Hallelujah’ in Platinum Ticket audition [WATCH]

“It was a bit rough going in and out of foster care,” revealed Cam Amen before his “American Idol” audition on Sunday night. “I just remember being taken out of my classroom by police officers. I’m holding my brother. We didn’t know was going on. We were crying waiting for Mom. She never came. We were in foster care a long time. I did leave at 18 and took in my brother and sister. I knew I had to raise them right and get them through high school.”

Now that Cam’s brother is 21 and his sister is 20, the server from Omaha, Nebraska is ready to chase after his own dreams. He nervously approached the audition stage in front of judges Luke BryanKaty Perry and Lionel Richie before belting out “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Watch Cam’s audition below.

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Immediately following Cam’s performance, Lionel embraced the singer and said, “Welcome home. You’ve been through a lot, but the rest of your life is waiting on you.” As Luke walked back to his seat he admitted, “I can’t hardly breathe. This is our sixth year here and your style is so beautifully unique. I don’t have anybody that I’ve seen in this chair to compare you to. Every time I wanted you to do something amazing you did it. It was just incredible.”

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“It sounds like you never got a shot,” Katy told Cam. “It sounds like you had to sacrifice. You don’t need to hold on to it anymore, just let it come out.” Lionel added, “For whatever reason, divine guidance brought you to us. And we’re going to have one heck of a ride.”

Next, the judges invited Cam’s girlfriend in the room while the presented him with the season’s final Platinum Ticket. He will now get to skip the first round of Hollywood Week as he continues his “American Idol” journey.

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