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 Drugs .....strip club ....are you sure shitteth me ....strippers and rugs ,....are you sure about that !!!!!!!!.....i have been to booby trap many ......many ...times  for   research purposes of  course  ........for this  blog ........believe thht and  you area fucking putz .....its a  dirty seedy shit hole ......its where the  stanky  lower rung strippers go pure platinum  was  the nice    strippers  the sort of clean looking ones  ......booby trap was the single mum .......ghetto shitty ......druggy  shack.....but hey they still take your cash .......a stripper is a  stripper  whatever  .....right .......single mums have to pole dance to feed the kids   becasue the loser  husbands  cannot  do shit do not  want to  sit on the sofas   .....i do not think they clean the spooj/slop/sperm/jizz.....too mcuh for the cushions ........but hey !!!!!!!!wtf!!!!!!!when you are  elephants/elephants trunk /drunk /......thats the last thing on your  mind  right ........anyways ......enjoy the story  i do not  wanna stary  from it .......and of course it's fucking miami you have double the chance of   getting urethra  shit  infestation ........

Why prosecutors made a federal case out of punching a man at a Miami strip club urinal

The morality of punching out a man while he’s urinating in a strip club restroom didn’t concern federal prosecutors when it came to Aurelio Perez’s attack at The Booby Trap’s Doral area location.

Who Perez beat up and why he did it is what will send the 55-year-old to federal prison.

Perez beat up a man on Sept. 4, 2021, for being a witness in a federal money laundering case. Perez’s guilty plea to retaliating against a witness says that’s why he did it. The West Miami resident said it himself by shouting “This is for snitching!” before the assault.

Perez will be sentenced June 3 in the Miami federal courtroom of U.S. District Judge Robert M. Scola. According to the offense level agreed upon in the guilty plea and the U.S. sentencing guideline chart, Perez can expect to get anywhere from three years and five months to four years and three months.


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One night at The Booby Trap

According to Perez’s admission of facts, he and a friend arrived at The Booby Trap, 5325 NW 77th Ave., late on Sept. 3, 2021. As Perez was coming out of the restroom, he saw a man identified as “A.R.” The previous June, A.R. had pleaded guilty to money laundering and, in August, was listed on a potential trial witness list against two people charged with being his cohorts in the money laundering conspiracy.

Perez swung back into the restroom and waited for A.R. to relieve himself, which A.R. did shortly after the midnight hour. Perez waited until A.R. was using the urinal, then his factual admission says, “walked up, yelled ‘This is for snitching!’ in Spanish, then began to punch victim A.R.”

Being at a defensive disadvantage, A.R. suffered a split lip, cracked front tooth and bruising and swelling to one side of his face.

The bathroom attendant ran for security guards. Security guards walked Perez out of the club. He crouched between parked cars until the friend he came with gave him a ride away from the Booby Trap.

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