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BAD GIRLS ............


Well....... it is the same reason that girls are attracted to bad guys ......boring people end up married with kids .........and  having  normality..........  bad is  always good .........everyone loves a  bad  person .......they say they don't .........but they do .....all married women fantasize about  having a bad boy........ pull her hair....... and  spank her  ..........call her names ......fantasy shit  ....and when they do get a bad boy ........ they try to change him ....but they settle for security .....and a man that will provide ........men only use a  bad girl for lust........ and  sexual  deviation .......when she get's older .......  no guy  wants an old .....bad  girls.......  they end up working as  burned out waitresses ........ in country diners ........or a sausage factory......... plumping  ........or wal-mart......etc....etc........

But anyways here are 20 reasons......... guys want bad pussy .......not bad ....... as  in rancid........  but bad  as in trouble bernard.........(barney.....barney rubble ......trouble)........I was once dated a very very hot..... bad  drunken  alchoholic bartender ......she was fun ....and great at everything  ....but after a  while  ..........

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20 Reasons Why Guys Attracted to BAD GIRLS Like Moths to Flames

In “Greese,” Travolta’s character likes Sandy. But when she becomes a “bad girl,” he is in love. Bad girls are not necessarily bad, but they have qualities that men find exhilarating. So, here are 15+ reasons that make them so hard to resist and why men prefer bad over good girls.

Bad girls are adventurous

Kaponia Aleksei
Image credit: Kaponia Aliaksei via Canva.com

A bad girl is a free spirit who lives for adventure. Every day with her is a new experience, which can be overwhelming. They can be a lot but never dull! As a seek thriller, a bad girl is not for every guy. 

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Bad girls know how to flirt


A bad girl knows she can seduce any guy. It is arousing, but if a guy is unconfident and his gal is a flirt, this might create issues. If you want to date a bad girl, you have to embrace her fully, as she does not care for petty jealousy and a guy’s insecurities.

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Bad girls stand up for themselves

Kateryna Mostova
Image credit: Kateryna_Mostova via Canva.com

She might not always tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what is on her mind. A bad girl does not like sugarcoating anything, nor she needs a savor. She desires an equal.

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Bad girls are confident

Image credit: SrdjanPav via Canva.com

A bad girl will not ask for compliments. She does not care what others think most of the time; if anything, men ask for her approval, not the other way around.

Bad girls are seductive

bad girl 3 1200x675 1
Illustration. Image credit: Depositphotos

A bad gal is not afraid to use her femininity as a weapon. She knows how to turn a guy on and likes to have fun. In short, men see bad girls as mistresses or temptresses, and they rarely disappoint.

Bad girls are innovative

Image credit: GlobalStock via Canva.com

When they are bored, these ladies will create fun. Instead of waiting for a call, a bad girl dresses up, gets out, and makes the most of every night. She enjoys trying out new things, and this translates to the bedroom.

Bad girls like to create their own rules

Image credit: JohanJK via Canva.com

A bad girl will challenge a guy, express her opinion, and roll with her own choices. She knows when to say no to her guy, as well as to societal norms.

Bad girls like to keep guys on their toes

Image credit: Georgethefourth via Canva.com

A bad girl will do what she wants when she wants. She is undeniable, unrestricted, and unpredictable. She may look like an angel, but she is not good for a guy’s health, and he knows it.

Bad girls are difficult

bad girl 1 1200x675 1
Illustration. Image credit: Depositphotos

A bad girl is a challenge. Men claim to prefer low-maintenance women, but they can be tedious. Instead, bad girls give them challenges and have a natural flare for drama. Though exhausting, this feeling is thrilling too.

Catching a bad girl seems like a challenge

bad girl 2 1200x675 1
Illustration. Image credit: Depositphotos

Men are born hunters, and a good girl is easy prey. But, when it comes to catching a real prize, taming a bad girl is the ultimate win. Even if the romance is short-lived, she is unforgettable.

Bad girls have bad habits 

Image credit: bernardbodo via Canva.com

They smoke, drink, wear extremely tall heels, and are the life of the party. Though all these things should not be on a man’s list of priorities, they are refreshing, full of excitement of something new, mysterious, like uncharted territory. 

Bad girls look for cheap thrills

g studiostock
Image credit: g_stockstudio via Canva.com

The biggest issue a guy could have with a bad girl is that s he might lose interest quickly. A guy has to entertain her and walk at her pace until she surrenders and accepts the relationship as part of her identity.

Bad girls do not care for labels

Image credit: mediaphotos via Canva.com

Some might call them “easy,” and others might find their dress sense to be “weird.” But guys do not chase gals to get married. That initial attraction pushes them to know more about a woman, which is why bad girls get all guys.

Men want to fix bad girls

Image credit: Helgy via Canva.com

Good girls want to “fix” bad guys, but guys also have a need to “fix” bad girls. Not all women need fixing, and not all bad girls are broken. Sometimes, rebellious women are seen as damaged, but the same applies to good, people-pleasing girls.

Bad girls are selfish

Image credit: stock_colors via Canva.com

Men assume their pleasure, drive for success, and even opinions are more important than women’s. Once they meet a bad, selfish gal, it confuses guys, makes them question their relationships, and they get a taste of their own medicine. It is a compelling, new experience.

Bad girls have style

Image credit: cottonbro via Canva.com

Like bad boys, bad girls also have impressive style, often looking equally feminine and dangerous. If you add their natural confidence, it is no wonder they drive guys crazy.

A man dating a bad girl is more desirable

Image credit: Jupiterimages via Canva.com

She is naughty, blunt, and independent. All girls want to know her secrets, and all guys want to date her. That’s why a guy with a bad girl gets envious glances.

Bad girls have a small group of genuine friends

Image credit: Pressmaster via Canva.com

Though they often hang out with only a handful of people, if you want to get a bad girl, you have to respect her friends. Bad girls are fiercely protective and loyal but only to the chosen few.

Bad girls are authentic

stock colors
Image credit: stock_colors via Canva.com

Because they are themselves, they do not care for fake people, but they like to be entertained by making fun of them. Their friends are genuine, and they only want long-lasting relationships with guys who share these values.

Bad girls can grow into powerful women

Image credit: RossHelen via Canva.com

Though they will never stop dreaming or searching for excitement, bad girls often become women we admire. Since they are so passionate, bad girls will make you believe in miracles and teach you how to be the best version of yourself.

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