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Listen up ......i do not  know  about anyone  else .......i love women ......but they are out there /deranged/jealous/insecure/untrusting /emotionally unstable/needy/greedy/........but purely fucking delicious .........i mean their  bits ......tits and clits .......it's why i am single .......i love being single .....why not  ....there  are enough  foolish  guys who will commit to  marriage......... and  such like commitments .......but hey !!!!!as i have said........ i am no  ambassador for the human race  .......
Lots of guys are told they must get married........ and  have kids .......... and  security .......and wife  .........so their parents can have grandchildren .......a sort of selfish .......... mind /brain washing .....if you don't they think you are strange  ....then strange i am  .......some guys stay married for  years and years and years .....not sure  why .......maybe they think that  is what they have to  do  that and  guilt ........but that's just me of course ........

However.......... only 20.......... i was way sure there  would be hundreds...... and hundreds .......even thousands .........as long as there is blood coursing through my veins .....i will never  understand women ......but that's okay .......they are delicious .........

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20 Things Women Do That Men Just Don’t Understand (And They Never Will)

For the majority of guys, women are challenging to understand. They are constant enigmas. However, most do manage to accept the secret life of their gals, despite everything they will never understand. So, let’s go through the most common examples of men failing to understand the ladies.

Going to the toilet in groups

Jupiteer 1
Image credit: JupiterImages via Canva.com

Firstly, women feel safer in groups. But, when they are already in a group, they will start chitchatting, trying on each other’s lipsticks, and talking. A lot. Admit it: it is more fun than going to the toilet alone, especially if you want to share something about some guy nearby.

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Talking to best friends in great details

andresr 1
Image credit: andresr via Canva.com

Female bonding is painful to watch, most of the time. They will spend hours talking about a shade of nail polish, then switch to politics, only to end up talking about Harry Styles. Each topic, regardless of how important or silly it might seem, will be analyzed in depth, including their love lives. Men need to understand that with a great gal comes at least one or two of her best friends.

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Taking time to get ready

furkanfdemir 1
Image credit: furkanfdemir via Canva.com

Some gals are ready in five minutes, others in five hours. It’s not about how much time they need to get out of the house but how much they do in that period of time. Hair, makeup, outfit, perfume, showering, manicure, pedicure, epilation,… Men do not have to understand all that, but they should respect that women are almost always ready to go the extra mile and look their best.

Gossiping for hours

jacob lund 2
Image credit: Jacob Lund via Canva.com

Women talk. It is not that women talk more, but men and women talk differently. Though it might annoy some guys, by gossiping about silly little things, they vent. Men talk more at work or about work, but women tend to talk more about their feelings, and if it involves some celebrity scandals, so be it.

Shoe-bag-clothes obsession

Jovan mandic 1
Image credit: Jovanmandic via Canva.com

Does one woman need 12 pairs of boots? No. But she wants to have them. Firstly, women see shopping as “me time” or bonding time with their man, or more likely, with their girlfriends. It is not about the things but the thrill of creating all the cute outfits and looking fab.

The need to control

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Image credit: Canva Photo Team via Canva.com

Men will never understand why women want to feel in control. They are cautious to the point of being called paranoid, but the world is not designed to be female-friendly. That’s what makes women grow up faster and act responsibly even when all they should do is relax. Women need control since they were always under control.

Knowing her “angles”

Martin Lopez 1
Image credit: Martin Lopez via Canva.com

When a woman is posing for a photo, and it is never just one, she knows her angles. Guys usually make some faces, but most gals spend a reasonable amount of time discovering how to look like supermodels. It is the age of social media, and it’s playing tricks on people’s insecurities. Women are more affected because they do care more.

Saying, “It is okay”

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Image credit: pixelshot via Canva.com

When a woman wants to change the subject, despite not being done with it, she will confirm that everything is fine. Men should know that this means she will bring up the topic again on her terms. She merely cannot deal with it at that moment. But, oh boy, she sure is not feeling okay.

Women’s love for romance and crime movies

vladans 1
Image credit: vladans via Canva.com

How can women enjoy real crime podcasts and holiday romances back to back? The need for exploring genres comes from being able to connect with various characters. They are also more in tune with their emotions, so that might be the reason your girlfriend is a Dexter fan who also cannot wait for the next seasons of And Just Like That…

Trash-talking another woman

esola 1
Image credit: esolla via Canva.com

Notice how women tend to talk badly about other women? It is not just insecurities. There are deeply rooted reasons why ladies dismiss other women. But keep in mind they also talk in detail about their romantic lives, shopping, and books, and you will see a pattern. It is not just that women enjoy trash-talking other women, but they are prone to going to greater depths.

Putting guys in the friend zone

gradyreese 1
Image credit: gradyreese via Canva.com

If a guy ends up in a friendzone, he won’t come out of it easily. Men do not get why women have to put people in boxes, and they are afraid of being friend-zoned. But women believe this organization is good for them, so perhaps let them be.


anabgs 1
Image credit: AnaBGD via Canva.com

To prove they were just as good as men, women started multitasking several decades ago and never stopped. Women also need more time in a day, so if your woman is cooking, talking on the phone, and painting her nails, all you should do is chuckle.

Taking half of their homes in their purses

luxxtek 1
Image credit: luxxtek via Canva.com

Unlike guys, who take their phones, keys, and credit cards, women, even though they might be wearing mini purses, will bring plenty, just in case. From lip-glosses, nail polish, tampons, and tissues to all their travel documents and spare earrings, women prefer to be ready. What for? Well, for anything!

Period pain

Untitled design 12 2
Image credit: apomares via Canva.com

PMS and period pain are horrible. But how horrible? Well, that’s the thing, it is impossible to compare it because it depends on one’s body. Let’s say that some countries have two days off for women during their periods since the pain is too much to bear.

Why underwear costs as much as a whole suit

pavlyukv 1
Image credit: pavlyukv via Canva.com

While guys like to see the skin, women are usually obsessed with expensive lingerie. It is another thing that men struggle to understand: why spend the same amount of money on a lingerie set when you can get a whole dress for it? You’ll never know.

Why women hate “compliments”

Image credit: PeopleImages via Canva.com

Most guys will not view whistling from a gal across the street as creepy. But women are wired differently, so catcalls are not compliments. In fact, they are mostly seen as a threat. Why? Perhaps centuries of harassment and abuse.

Spending and how women handle money

Denisfilm 1
Image credit: Denisfilm via Canva.com

While your woman will bring home food, buy stuff and pay bills on time, she might still need to figure out a concept of saving. Women spend more because that’s what society expects of them. While women are great spenders, they also learn numerous tricks, from couponing to knowing when the sales start at each store, so it’s not like they are irresponsible. They are differently wired.

Costly haircuts

JackF 1
Image credit: JackF via Canva.com

Hair, like skin, is related to age and vitality. Even the tiniest changes can make a woman feel better. A minor change means that a woman wants to refresh her look. A significant change implies she needs to take more control over her life. Men will never understand it, but it is not like women understand your fantasy football league.

Being original

Untitled design 11 1
Image credit: filadendron via Canva.com

Men do not care if a guy standing next to them is wearing the same shirt. Women hate it! The ladies put greater effort into their outfits, so they want to feel unique, original, and irreplaceable. It might sound silly to a guy, but guys did not have to fight for the right to vote only decades ago.

Remembering everything

Jacob Lund 1
Image credit: Jacob Lurd via Canva.com

Women tend to remember things in great detail for several reasons. Firstly, they are more sentimental, at least openly. Secondly, female brains access their memories faster than males. That is why your girl might still remember the fight you had in 2012.

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