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topless well no nips but ok ........


So erika .......never showed  us her nips.......  but that's ok.....i thought i would post this for ya anyways  ........she is  hot ....has nice cans .......and i guess  nice  nips  ...... ...but some broads like to leave a  bit to the  imagination.....she has nips ..... like all chicks ........ so if you really wanted  to .......  you could photoshop  her  nips  .........or  make some nips  up ..........if you wanted  to  ..... but that's your  bag.......... not mine i do not  have time to photoshop nips .........on chixs  for ya  ......enjoy or not  .......... ......

Erika Jayne’s New Topless Instagram Photo Stopped Us in Our Tracks

Erika Jayne’s New Topless Instagram Photo Stopped Us in Our Tracks

Erika Jayne is no stranger to a provocative Instagram post. And for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills performer, showing some skin is second nature. Need proof? Check out her topless Instagram post from February 25.

In the photo, Erika appears to be halfway through a glam session at her Los Angeles home. While her sleek hairstyle and her smoky plum eyes look fully done, some things are not quite as buttoned up. In the photo, the singer has shrugged off her robe, letting it gather around her waist.

Though she didn't have any clothiers to credit for the look, Erika did tag her makeup artist, Elizabeth Seropian. She also gave a nod to the hairstylist Yalina.

In the past, Erika has stopped our scrolls with a star-flecked nude, a topless shot that made it hard to focus on her skirt, and a closeup look at her bent-over backside. ("Business casual," she cheekily captioned the latter.)

Though Erika has received backlash for her racy pics, she is adamantly undeterred by the haters. In response to comments on her 2017 nude, she wrote: "I posted this knowing most of you would be judgmental and couldn't resist a chance to tear me down and I was right. Go be offended at your own life. I'm living my life to the fullest."Some six years later, the Beverly Hills beauty shows no signs of slowing down — or covering up.

Leaning forward in her chair in her latest pic, Erika let her bare breasts peek out from behind her Rapunzel-style locks. "Tell em I said hi," she wrote in the caption. Well hello, Erika!

Though Erika's latest Instagram snap was decidedly dressed down, other recent posts have seen her all dressed up. For an outing at Paris Fashion Week, she wore a matching skirt-and-sweater set by the French brand Kenzo. She capped off her look with a beret and pointed-toe heels. For another appearance in the City of Lights, the fashion maven wore a pinstripe blazer over a pair of fishnet tights.

"Thinking of moving here," she captioned one of her Paris dispatches. With its mix of high-fashion houses and nudist beaches, France seems like a place that just gets Erika Jayne. But in the meantime, her stateside followers get a kick out of her surprising posts.

Erika Jayne Promote
Erika Jayne Promote

In the comments of Erika's latest topless pic, Kenya Moore double-tapped on a surprise face emoji.

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