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Mind-Blowing Pictures That Show The Unseen Side Of Things

As humans, we haven’t seen close to half of what the entire world has to offer. There are so many things that go unnoticed or need a different perspective that we usually can’t see.

Thankfully, there are images like these that we can all enjoy. Have you ever seen a square starfish before? Well, you’re about to. Keep reading to see the crosssection of a pearl, the inside of a bowling ball, and a whole slice of cinnamon.

Under A Battleship With No Water

You’ve probably seen plenty of battleships in movies, TV shows, and up close in person, but never outside of water, have you? Did you know it looked like this underneath?

Photo Credit: Reddit

We always thought that battleships were tapered underneath like cargo ships and passenger ships, but that isn’t the case. This looks like a monster of a boat. It’s definitely not a vessel that you want to mess with. Nobody is going to sink this battleship.

Behind The Scenes Of Baby Driver

Have you ever wondered if the actors in a car movie know how to drive that well? This is how they did it in Baby Driver. The real driver was on top of the car! Baby Driver is a movie that’s known for its car stunts. Do you think Ansel Elgort was able to do all of that fancy driving all on his own? Absolutely not.

5c90aef16ada8_mdv3gpnh5bk21__700 (1)
Photo Credit: moniso / Reddit

They brought in the professionals to get those perfect shots.

Inside Of An Empty Boeing

If you entered a plane and there were no seats, this is what it would look like. We’re used to seeing all the passengers inside, but nobody’s used to seeing it like this.

Photo Credit: Mass1m01973 / Reddit

The plane looks so much bigger without all the seats and the carry-on luggage. It looks so much more inviting too. Look at all of that leg room! You could really stretch your legs out on this aircraft now. Flying would be so comfortable.

The Back Of A Reporter

You may see the earpiece a reporter uses, but that’s in the front. When you go behind them, you see all the messy wiring required for some tasks. It doesn’t look too safe. It almost looks like she’s a hostage in a Batman movie waiting for a hero to come save her.

Photo Credit: @kuyakim_atienza / Instagram

She’s definitely a cyborg at this point. Anybody with that many wires coming out of them has to be some kind of cyborg.

Inside The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is a global landmark. You would think it wouldn’t be hollow, but that isn’t the case. This thing is emptier than the stadiums during a pandemic.

Photo Credit: Wicked_Aviator / Reddit

I guess anything you put inside this tower would just end up leaning. You would have a lot of uneven floors and surfaces in this tower if it were full. Leaving it empty is probably the best decision. I bet the echos in here are crazy.

Inside Of A…Bowling Ball?

If this isn’t weird to you, I don’t know what is. These heavy and deadly things have this chunky object in the middle, and I didn’t know until now? The company that sells these wholesale must make a fortune.

Photo Credit: elmielmosong / Reddit

These weights are what give bowling balls their… well… weight. They’re the difference between a nine-pound bowling ball and a twelve-pound bowling ball and even a sixteen-pound bowling ball (if you can handle that sort of thing).

After The Tour De France

The Tour de France isn’t an easy athletic event by any stretch of the imagination. You’re riding a bike for an insane number of miles at high speeds. No wonder his legs look like this. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was a picture of a horse’s legs after it just ran the Kentucky Derby.

Photo Credit: @p.poljanski / Instagram

Also, we know the veins are crazy, but look at those tan lines! He looks like a tricolor popsicle.

Inside Of Pearls

Pearls are excellent accessory pieces. Who knew the insides looked like the stumps of trees when you cut them down? I would’ve never thought of chopping a pearl in half in my life.

Photo Credit: thegodofbigthings / Reddit

Pearls are a mollusk’s natural immune system. They form when some kind of contaminant enters the oyster’s shell. Calcium deposits form around the contaminant in layers. It’s basically a really pretty fever that you can wear around your neck. Pearls are fascinating.

Your Eyeball After A Cornea Transplant

Your eyes are probably your most sensitive body parts. I can’t imagine having surgery done on mine, but when you need it, you have to get it. Here’s what they look like after a cornea transplant.

Photo credit: Imgur

You can clearly see all of those little sutures in there. It’s kind of mesmerizing. I feel like I could stare into this eyeball forever. How do they even make stitches that small? You must need a really tiny needle.

Molding Cast Of Ronald McDonald

The molding cast for Ronald McDonald statues looks like something out of a horror flick. If not that, then a torture device. This thing looks wild and like it needs to be replaced with something less scary.

Photo Credit: beanie2411 / Reddit

We always knew that clowns were scary, but this device combines clowns with torture and bondage and we just don think we’re into that sort of thing. If getting rid of this device means that there are no more Ronald McDonald statues, then so be it.

Disneyland Lovers: This Is Space Mountain

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland and experienced Space Mountain, you know it’s one of the top rides at the theme park. It’s all dark the whole ride, but this is what it looks like with the lights on inside.

Photo Credit: chrono1465 / Reddit

Sometimes park visitors get a view of this ride with the lights turned on if repairs need to be made while the ride is in service. Does it spoil the magic for you to see it all lit up like this?

The Back Of A Bowling Alley!

Who knew the back of a bowling alley looked so much like a laundromat? A technician took this picture, but he should have explained why the balls get stuck so often.

Photo Credit: buffaloesafterdark / Imgur

We’ve never really thought about what the back of a bowling alley might look like. All we know is that the balls go in, the pins go down (or they don’t), and the balls come back out. Now the illusion has been spoiled forever.

Inside Of A Pool Table

This article keeps getting better. This is another thing few people get a chance to see: the inside of a pool table. The tunnels for the ball start high so that it can roll where it needs to go.

Photo Credit: Duckman296 / Reddit

Do you remember learning about inclined planes in the first grade? Well, here’s a perfect example of inclined planes at work. A pool table truly is a simple machine. It just looks a lot simpler with the top on.

Furby Without The Fur

If this doesn’t give you nightmares, then you must already look at some messed up stuff. Furby without any fur is nothing more than a creepy childlike robot thing with disturbingly human eyes.

Photo Credit: HooHooBigSummerBlowOut / Flickr

Can we put the fur back on this thing pronto? Or maybe just throw it in the garbage? We don’t know if we’re ever going to be able to look at Furbies the same way again. It’s probably a good thing this fad was over a long time ago.

Behind The Scenes At A Movie Theater

Some theaters don’t have the speakers behind the screen like this if it’s a smaller venue, but many do. This is that premium surround sound you pay $50 to enjoy.

Photo Credit: pottrpupptpals / Reddit

Those speakers look pretty massive. Now we understand how all of those car chases sound so much better when you hear them in the theatre. Does this image make you want to go to a movie theatre? I could really go for a bag of popcorn right now.

A Blue Whale’s Blowhole

What does a blue whale’s blowhole look like? Well, it looks like a giant nose for an animal. You might’ve thought it was only one hole on the back, but that isn’t the case.

Photo Credit: FrozenFoodGuy / Imgur

In this photo, you can see that this blue whale actually has two distinct nostrils just like we do. Did you know that blue whales are actually the largest animals ever to have existed on earth? They’re bigger than every dinosaur.

Space Shuttle Image Leaving The Atmosphere

Here’s a never before seen angle of a space launch. From this perspective, you can see how large the Earth is and how far a spaceship has to go to leave the planet.

5994489b62752_8oJsqCU__700 (1)
Photo Credit: bucsboy246 / Reddit

At first glance, this photo looks like a close-up shot of a hair or something. The spaceship looks so tiny in comparison to the world around it. It really makes you feel small when you think about it. This photo is amazing.

A Soaked Foot

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t ever let your foot get this wet. You become an old person! This person must have had their foot in the water for entirely too long. That foot looks like it’s been mummified! Perhaps this person broke their foot and had to wear a cast for several weeks. Maybe some moisture got into the cast. That’s the only explanation we can think of for this phenomenon.

Photo Credit: itsalltucci / Reddit

Okay, let’s move on. I don’t want to look at this picture anymore.

The View Of A Theater From Backstage

Well, that just ups the anxiety level even more. Imagine this view, plus all the seats in the theater filled with people who paid money for you to entertain them.

view from behind the theatre
Photo Credit: Reddit / kiaall

This space can house so many audience members. As an audience member, we only look at the people on the stage, but the people on the stage look out at thousands of onlookers. It’s pretty nerve-wracking when you think about it. Or maybe it just makes the performers all the more excited.

The Underside Of A Lilypad

It probably never occurred to you to go around flipping lilypads, or really any plants, to see what they look like on the other side, but someone went ahead and did the research for you.

lilypad underside
Photo Credit: Reddit / HOTBREADSY

Look at all of those crazy veins! This looks like something straight out of The Matrix. Neo could have been connected to a lilypad this whole time. It’s also super interesting how perfectly circular these plants are. They’re so pleasing to look at.

A Baby Flamingo With Its Disproportionate Legs

Think about it, have you ever actually seen a baby flamingo before? We thought they’d be born fully grown with long legs like baby giraffes, but apparently not. Instead, they’re born as cute little balls of fluff with extra long legs.

baby flamingo with long legs
Photo Credit: Reddit / ashiruuu

If this baby bird didn’t have those long legs, it would look pretty similar to any other chick. Clearly he’s a flamingo because he’s already standing on one foot. He’s got that stance down pat.

You Don’t Learn This From SpongeBob

Thanks to birth defects, some five-pointed starfish can come out as a square. It’s like if SpongeBob and Patrick fused together. This is the content I needed to see today.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Remember when Patrick and Spongebob tried to raise that baby clam together? This is sort of like that but instead of a clam it’s a very strange starfish hybrid. As if the clam episode wasn’t strange enough… There are so many weird things lurking under the sea.

The Inner Workings Of A CT Scanner

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot going on inside a machine that has the ability to take scans of the entire human body in just a few minutes. That’s no easy task.

inside of CT scanner
Photo Credit: Imgur / Adderall

CT scanners are basically a whole bunch of x-rays that come together to form a whole, composite image. If you’re worried about radiation, stay away from these things unless it’s medically necessary for you to be near one. It kind of looks like a giant robot.

Firework Shell

Think about all the different combinations used to figure out the various effects fireworks do. This is how the shell looks for one, and it seems complicated, to be honest.

Photo Credit: dittidot / Reddit

That’s a lot of gunpowder all in one location. That’s why these things are so dangerous if lit or handled improperly. Be very careful with your fireworks. You definitely don’t want this thing to ignite before it’s ready and set up far away from human beings.

An Elephant’s Tail

If you thought that you had thick hair, just wait until you see the hair on an elephant’s tail. Getting hit with that thing would be like getting whacked with a bundle of wires. If we didn’t know that this was an elephant’s tail, we would have no idea what we’re looking at right now.

elephant tail with thick hair
Photo Credit: Reddit

It looks like a kid’s drawing of a palm tree or something. It definitely doesn’t look like anything that’s attached to a living creature.

The Ball Inside Of A Spray Paint

That annoying yet pleasing ball inside of your spray paint bottle looks like a marble. I’m not sure if it’s as heavy, but it does look kind of cool on the outside.

Photo Credit: Nocturnal_Majesty / Reddit

We know you’ve always wanted to cut open a bottle of spray paint to find out what was making that rattling noise. Well, now this person did so you don’t have to. Was this what you were expecting? Or did you think it would be something cooler than a regular marble?

Artichokes If Not Harvested For Food

I had no clue the tasty treat that is an artichoke is actually a flower. This is what they look like if you don’t harvest them to eat. These things are extraordinary. Once they flower, they aren’t really good to eat anymore. If you’re growing your own artichokes, make sure you pick them before they flower.

Photo Credit: saladbars / Reddit

Unless you don’t like artichokes. Then just enjoy those pretty purple flowers. They kind of look like giant clovers.

Something Isn’t Adding Up…

The power of tanning is that it cooks your skin and gives you that glow, but you can’t forget to leave some body parts uncovered. Her face is about eight shades darker than her arm. You don’t usually see that.

Photo Credit: Conde81 / Reddit

She could have tanned her arm too, but maybe she didn’t have it in her budget? Or maybe she’s just wearing a lot of bronzer on her face? Something super strange is going on here.

Inside A Redbox

The Redbox machine used to be very popular in America, but might not be anywhere else. This device lets you rent whichever DVD they have in stock for a day before you have to return it.

Photo Credit: EnigmaticMindX / Imgur

Does anybody even have a DVD player anymore? Aren’t we all on the Netflix train now? These machines were fun while they lasted, and for a while, they were even considered the height of technology. Oh how the times have changed.

Bricks Being Laid In The Netherlands

If sidewalk bricks are able to be laid like this, why does construction always take so long? They’ve been keeping this shortcut a secret all along, making us think bricklayers were individually laying it down brick by brick.

brick laying machine
Photo Credit: Reddit / lordsleepyhead

Whoever invented this brick laying machine is truly a genius. Imagine trying to lay this road down one brick at a time? It would take at least a hundred times as long and a whole lot of man power. Isn’t technology grand?

Tumbleweed Before It Rolls Across The Street

Ask yourself if you ever saw tumbleweed in its normal state. You probably have, but didn’t know that was it. Now, you know what it looks like and where it comes from if you see it.

Photo Credit: doctor_recommended / Reddit

We’re used to seeing dried up, brown tumbleweeds. Those things have come to signify a desolate landscape. This tumbleweed is still thriving, though. Tumbleweeds don’t start their lives as dry piles of dead twigs. They were alive at one point.

Batteries Inside Of A Battery

Wait, is this what it looks like? Are there AAA batteries inside of this larger battery? The battery company gets high off its own supply now? If you know what you’re doing, you could probably make these yourself.

Photo Credit: Homeslice619 / Reddit

Why does any device even need a huge battery? Couldn’t devices that need these D or E batteries just use a bunch of double A batteries? That’s basically what D batteries are anyway. We’ve all been duped.

Freshly Cut Cinnamon

Freshly cut cinnamon looks like regular bark from a tree. Who knew this thing would turn into such a sweet and tasty spice? You also can get the tiny sticks from this.

Photo Credit: afnas / Reddit

Basically people who harvest cinnamon just peel the bark off of a cinnamon tree, dry it out, and roll it into sticks or grind it to make powder. When you eat cinnamon, you’re actually eating tree bark. Who knew that tree bark could be so delicious?

Inside Of An Air Mattress

Well, this isn’t what I had in mind when imagining the inside of an air mattress. This thing looks like an alien cave or a strange office space in a building. An air mattress isn’t all hollow like a balloon. It has all of these little pockets in it for structural support.

Photo Credit: beanie2411 / Reddit

The night vision function that this camera is on is definitely adding to the effect. It looks like all of those little pockets are glowing.

Toothpaste Cut In Half Looks Like Candy

If there were ever a way to get kids to brush their teeth, show them this image. This toothpaste looks like candy and can be very convincing to the right child.

Photo credit: The Poss / Flickr

This is how they get the toothpaste to come out all stripey. You can actually use this technique when you’re icing cupcakes. Just make the inside of your piping bag look something like this and when you squeeze out the icing it will be beautifully striped.

The Gasoline Container Under The Gas Station

No wonder it takes a while for the pump to run out of gas. The containers underneath the gas stations are huge! That’s probably one for each pump.

Photo Credit: restless_corpse / Reddit

Look how small those two people look under that giant tank. How much do you think this entire tank of as is worth? That thing probably costs a fortune. There’s enough gas to fuel hundreds of cars in there. It also looks super heavy. It’s a good thing they have some big trucks to help them get that tank where it needs to go.

How They Unload Potato Trucks

It’s not really something you spend your days contemplating, but it makes sense that when a transport truck full of potatoes arrives at the Frito Lay factory, they don’t remove the potatoes one by one.

frito factory unloading
Photo Credit: Reddit / redrumpanda

All of those potatoes just get tipped back into the factory where they’ll be washed, scrubbed, sliced, fried, and salted. Every Lays chip you’ve ever eaten started out life as a whole potato. Those potatoes go on quite a journey.

The Blood Vessels In A Human Hand

Now we can understand why a paper cut bleeds so much after seeing just how many blood vessels a human being has in their hand alone, let alone the rest of their body.

vessels in human hand
Photo Credit: Twitter

The intricated network of vessels in your body carries oxygen around so that you can perform all of your daily tasks. As humans, we need oxygen to survive. Plants have other ways of keeping themselves in good working order. Blood vessels are pretty amazing.

The Interior Of A Space Suit

It turns out a space suit is a lot more than a piece of clothing made out of shiny material. Considering it keeps people alive while floating in a place with no oxygen, that adds up.

nasa space suit insides
Photo Credit: Reddit / mattl1698

This thing looks like it probably weighs a lot, but when you’re in space with no gravity, you probably don’t feel the weight all that much. This thing looks super intricate. Whoever designed this thing deserves some kind of award.

A Still-Sharp Decomposed Cactus

A cactus is clearly the house plant for the person who kills everything. Even after the actual cactus dies and decomposes, the spikes stay intact so you still have something to decorate your apartment with.

cactus that left the spikes behind
Photo Credit: Reddit / MischiefofRats

This looks more like something you’d find under the sea than something you’d find in the desert. It also looks kind of angry. Maybe we should all back away from it slowly and carefully. It doesn’t seem to be very friendly.

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