stripper on a pole
stripper on a pole© Photo: Oleksandr Nagaiets / Shutterstock

I had another one of those conversations with a customer at the club last night. His wife was away, so he came in for a visit.

When I asked him why he didn't bring her, he said, "She'd kill me if she knew I was here."

I hate that. I asked him why she would want to kill him, expecting him to say something about the two most common reasons women hate strip clubs:

That she doesn't trust her partner and thinks he's actually having sex in a strip club. (Actually, outside of certain places in Providence and Las Vegas, a strip club is probably the last place a man is going to have sex.) or, that she's jealous that he's going to pay attention to another woman instead of her, and she craves more intimacy with him.

(Fyi: Both of those reasons indicate a lack of honest, open communication in a relationship.)

But, my friend last night said that he and his wife do great in the communication department.

I decided not to point out that lying to your partner about where you're going isn't exactly honest, open communication, but I digress.

Instead, he said that his wife believes women who work at strip clubs are objectified victims.

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There is something strippers get about men that their wives don't understand.

Objectified? Occasionally, that's true; but my experience is more often that men come in looking for companionship and connection.