A mum who is covered with 'prison style' tattoos has admitted that she has no plans to stop getting inked even if her 'leg falls off'.

Tattoo addict Melissa Sloan, 45, has been getting inked repeatedly since the age of 20, and usually gets three 'prison style' inkings a week.

And the mum-of-two from Wales admits she finds it hard to get a job and has had skin infections.

Melissa revealed that she even carries a tattoo gun on her persons wherever she goes, and has little room to spare on her natural canvas because she gets her partner to ink on top of her older designs.

She has ignored her body's warning signs, as the amount of inkings covering her skin has seen it become prone to getting infected.

Close up of Melissa Sloan's face tattoos
Close up of Melissa Sloan's face tattoos© Melissa Sloan
Melissa Sloan with her tattoos
Melissa Sloan with her tattoos© Melissa Sloan

But the obsessed Welsh woman defiantly declares she will continue to get them done - even if she ends up losing a limb over them.

The mum told the Daily Star : "Some tattoos have never healed. The skin has fallen off and I’ll still get another one.

"You’re supposed to wait but I’m impatient so I’ll just keep having them done.

“Yeah I have [got them infected] and I’ll still carry on."

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