Monday, November 7, 2022

mindless bitch


i hope  this  comes back to haunt her  ...i do hope the university expels  her dumb ass  ........she should not  be allowed in any college.....i hope it haunts her .....this is what social media is creating  mindless.......useless  fucks  ....and here is one right here ........

A University of Kentucky student who bragged about being wealthy grew up in a plain three-bed family home - as students are calling for her to be expelled over her violent racist outburst. Sophia Rosing, 22, was visibly intoxicated as she stumbled into the dorms on campus in Lexington, Kentucky, before she launched herself at fellow student Kylah Spring who was working the front desk. Now other pupils of the university are calling for Rosing to be kicked out of the facility, and are calling for the President, Eli Capilouti, to do more. Multiple students have slammed Capilouti for his statement on the incident, wanting more stringent measures to be taken. When asked by if Rosing would be suspended, they declined to comment because the disciplinary investigation was ongoing. Rosing bragged to fellow students the year before the vile racist incident, saying 'I'm rich as f*** and you're obviously not'. But can reveal that she grew up in a modes three-bedroom and two-bathroom family property in Fort Mitchell with her parents and siblings.University of Kentucky student who violently attacked black students grew up in $350k

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  Not sure about the rest of you all ........but when it comes to handcuffs!  .......i trust no  fucker ...... ever ......never