British tourist died from "neglect" in a notorious Dubai police station after being "starved and beaten" by cruel guards, an inquest has ruled.

Businessman Lee Brown, 39, died on April 12, 2011 after five days in custody at the Bur Dubai police station, the hearing was told.

He was left bruised after being given inadequate food and water, before being placed in solitary confinement, and he did not have access to necessary medical care.

Mr Brown's family accused the Foreign Office of placing diplomatic relations above the welfare of their loved one.

The builder, painter and decorator from Dagenham, east London, had been planning to visit the city for a few days before flying to Indonesia to visit his girlfriend.

Jurors were told he arrived in the Gulf state on April 6, 2011, and allegedly assaulted a maid at the Burj Al Arab hotel where he was staying the following day.

The Brit holidaying in Dubai died from a beating given to him by local police, an inquest was told 
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He said the woman had come into his room without permission and that he was soon surrounded by 20 people who dragged him to the police station.

He may have been having a mental health episode when he arrived at the prison, the hearing was told.

His family say such an episode was the only credible explanation for his alleged behaviour at the hotel.

Recording a narrative conclusion of neglect, the jury forewoman said: “The factors that probably contributed to his death are as follows.

“Bruises from other detainees, guards and police officers, a lack of adequate food or water, a lack of habitable living conditions and a lack of access to necessary medical care while at the police station.

“Factors that possibly contributed to his death are a lack of access to services and adequate clothing.

Dubai's police are infamous for their alleged brutality 
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