A couple have been forced to live in their car after being made homeless, saying they feel "degraded" by their new heartbreaking lifestyle.

They have been bedding down in the Audi for over a week - with only blankets, pillows, medication and a few appliances they cannot even use.

The couple sleep by putting a blanket up to block out light from the front window and then lay the front seats back covered in pillows and blankets.

The car is parked up overnight where they can find a spot - and they use public toilets and service stations to wash.

Friday Quick's nightmare began in March when the 50-year-old and her two sons, who were renting a property, were issued with a Section 21 notice which allows landlords to evict a tenant without giving a reason.

Friday Quick and Richard Warrior
Friday Quick and Richard Warrior have been sleeping in the family car for over a week