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When someone does something terrible to us, most times, we have an uncontrollable urge to get back at them for it. It’s not our fault; we just can’t help it. Some of us plot schemes and pranks in our heads, but we end up not executing them.

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However, the people on this list went ahead with their revenge plans and got their payback. Their plans are not only hilarious, but if you’re short on ideas on how to take revenge, maybe these could spark your creativity. But hold on; you didn’t hear it from us!

The Neighbor’s Grass Has a Message

Since being nice doesn’t cost us anything, and we never know when we might need something from our neighbors, so we try to get along with them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. Disputes between neighbors are common; they could be over anything and quickly get out of hand.

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This person had been bugging his neighbor to mow his yard for weeks because he didn’t like getting up in the morning to see his unkempt lawn. His neighbor finally caved in and mowed his grass. But he wasn’t about to give up without one more fight.

Hello, I Want to Adopt a Monkey

Nobody likes random calls from businesses and people selling them goods or services they aren’t interested in. The worst part about it is that they keep calling no matter how many times you gently decline until they become a nuisance and you become petrified to pick up the phone.

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Giving them a taste of their own medicine, this gentleman decided to place the phone number that continues calling him on several unrelated ads. They will now get random calls from people looking to adopt monkeys, buy ridiculously cheap second-hand vehicles, or sign up for other bizarre services.

Think Before You Ink

Getting your partner’s name or face tattooed on your body is a popular expression of love. However, if you choose to have a large, permanent tattoo of your lover, you should be sure that you will remain together forever because, unlike your partner, who might leave you one day, the tattoo is forever.

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After getting his lover’s face tattooed on his body, it turned out that this relationship wasn’t meant to be. Since removing the tattoo is a long, painful and expensive process, the guy decided to turn his ex into the devil. At least that’s how he now feels about her.

Hope You Enjoyed My Breast Milk

Not all workplaces have coffee cream, so you might need to bring yours if you want to have coffee with cream. This woman was tired of the person drinking her coffee cream and decided that it wasn’t enough to just talk to them about it; she wanted revenge.

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Of course, we can’t be certain that she actually replaced the coffee cream with her breast milk, but it doesn’t matter. Whoever was taking it only needed to believe they were drinking breast milk to be taught a lesson. Hopefully, they won’t take any more chances with her beverages.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

If you leave your dog in the car, then you deserve this. We’re not sure whether the dog did this as payback or just because he had to go. Either way, this will undoubtedly teach this family a lesson, and they will never again leave their dog in the car.

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It doesn’t matter if you just want to grab something quickly. You shouldn’t leave your dog in the car, just like you wouldn’t leave your child there. It’s possible that this wasn’t an accident after all because some dogs are far smarter than we give them credit for.

Go Get Your Game if You Are Really Obsessed

Siblings will always love one another to the moon and back, no matter how much they tease one another. They may do it out of love and know deep down it’s harmless because it can never separate them. This girl’s brother refused to help her clean the house.

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Instead, he was going to spend the whole day playing games. So, she put his games into the snake terrarium because she knew that her brother was scared of the snake. That was a really smart move, and we have no doubt that he will help her with chores the next time.

Time to Go to the Car Wash

Although we know how stressful it is to drive around in circles looking for a parking space, this doesn’t justify parking on the crosswalk. As the name implies, it’s for walking, not parking. Most people who see a car parked on a crosswalk will likely curse it and walk away.

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But not this woman. Driving a nice car does not give you the right to park anywhere. When the woman exited the mall and saw the car parked on the crosswalk, she pulled out the groceries she had just bought and spread strawberry jam over the vehicle.

She Let Him Off Easy

Some men consider their car to be their most prized asset. In extreme situations, it becomes a beloved family member. When this woman learned that her husband had cheated on her, she immediately knew how to exact revenge on him for what he had done to her — his treasured car.

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She made sure he couldn’t get to it without putting in a lot of work, but she didn’t destroy it or damage it as most people would probably do. We’re sure it took him hours to free his car because she wrapped it in layers upon layers of saran wrap.

What a Noisy Neighbor Looks Like

Sharing an apartment with a stranger is difficult, let alone an entire building. We need to be considerate of our neighbors. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. It can be difficult to deal with noisy neighbors because you don’t want to fight with the people you see practically every day.

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But these people planned to expose their downstairs neighbors for constantly being too noisy, inconsiderate, and having parties day and night. The noisy neighbors obviously didn’t take this complaint seriously since they copied the note and added a SpongeBob meme to make fun of them.

Always Tip the Waiter

Although tips are crucial to waiters because they may depend on them, sometimes the service is so appalling that we feel we shouldn’t leave one. These guys debated whether to leave a tip after getting terrible service at the bar and came up with a unique solution.

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While they ultimately left a tip, they made sure the waiter knew that the service was poor by placing the money in a full shot glass, which meant that the bills would be sopping wet and that the waiter would have to make a mess to remove them.

At Least Our Ice Cream Machine Works

Dissing your rivals is a well-known marketing tactic, and Sonic Drive-In certainly appears to believe in it. It’s unclear whether this is payback against McDonald’s, who may have started this feud, but either way, it doesn’t look like the two fast-food companies have much love for one another.

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The Sonic staff felt compelled to disparage their competitors to promote their own business. But they were instructed to remove the original sign, suggesting that not everyone supports this petty rivalry. Maybe the corporation that forced them to remove their sign will be the target of their future vengeance. Fingers crossed.

The Customer Is Always Right

Waiting for service in a restaurant is annoying, and it only worsens as you get hungrier. People can become irritable when hungry, so waiting more than 30 minutes for service is unreasonable. We try to be understanding with waiters since we are aware of their workload.

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But sometimes, enough is enough. This group patiently waited for 30 minutes without a single waiter acknowledging or approaching them. So, they decided to leave, but not before leaving a message with the ketchup and mustard. The waiters got a chance to evaluate their work etiquette while they were wiping off this table.

A Rivalry to the Moon and Back

You know your small neighbor feud has escalated when your neighbor goes to the length of mowing the lawn in an “a-hole” shape large enough to be seen from a Google Maps satellite. We’ve seen neighborhood disputes in the past, but this is something we’ve never seen.

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A Sequim, Wash., resident mowed his lawn to direct this message toward a neighbor’s residence. We wonder what his neighbor may have said or done to enrage him this much. He took the trouble to ensure anyone looking at this location would know that his neighbor was a jerk.

How Was the Shower?

When a relationship reaches a point where the two move in together, it is only then that the man discovers how much hair ladies leave in the shower. It would seem only fair that the lady would clean the drain, but that isn’t how things generally work out.

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Although it’s the woman’s hair, the man usually ends up with this messy job. This guy was sick and tired of it, so he gave her a taste of what it was like. He used all the hair he had removed from the drain to leave her a special message.

Getting Back at Your Co-Workers

Workplace shenanigans are quite common. It was portrayed in the sitcom The Office, and some of us have even personally experienced it. You can play several pranks on co-workers, and there are many ways to get back at an annoying, indolent, or selfish co-worker.

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You can cover their desks with sticky notes, use jello to hide their stapler or pencils, or use bacon to cover their mouse. This has to be one of the most ingenious ways to retaliate that we’ve seen. Really, how do people even come up with these ideas?

Hope You Enjoyed Your Meal

Food theft often happens in offices, and it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. Even labeling food with names doesn’t stop others from eating it. This person kept bringing fresh doughnuts to work, only for someone to eat them. But he had had enough after the third time.

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He got this idea. Doughnuts are good, and mustard is good too, so there’s no reason why doughnuts with mustard shouldn’t be great, right? Well, we definitely don’t want to find out. Since mustard wasn’t intended to be a filling for doughnuts, this sounds like a typical office prank.

A Little Birthday Hunt

When we were young, we anticipated our birthday celebrations throughout the entire year. We looked forward to the gifts, the attention, and of course, the cake and candy. But there comes a time in life when we start to dread our birthdays and the prospect of aging.

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This is a surefire way to exact revenge on a family member, friend, or co-worker who has irritated you. There’s probably no toenail in the cake, but the fact that it is written on the icing is enough to make us steer clear of it and ruin someone’s birthday.

Hot Dog Water and Tea

We’ve discussed annoying co-workers and hostile neighbors, but dealing with disrespectful roommates is the most challenging of all disputes. Unlike your co-workers, who you only see from nine to five, and your neighbors, whom you can avoid, an inconsiderate roommate is something that is really difficult to ignore.

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Luckily, this man knew his roommate’s weakness: ice cubes. He was angry with his roommate for stealing his food. So, he cooked something as payback. His roommate may never find out that he put hot dog water in his drink, but he can still take this as a small victory.

Hope She Was Worth It?

Some guys take such great care of their cars that you can only get to them through the car. This woman certainly knew how to get to her husband — or now ex-husband. She wrecked his car after learning that he was cheating on her.

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We’re not sure if this spray paint can be removed easily. So, his options for the foreseeable future are to take the bus or drive around shamefully with the message. Women deal with their partners’ infidelities in different ways. But we’ve noticed that there’s a connection between unfaithful partners and cars.

After a Night of Arguing

This is what happens when you fight with your lover, but you still love them. Despite being upset with her partner, this woman felt obligated to prepare his lunch like she does every day. Since she still prepared him the sandwich, this isn’t much of a form of revenge.

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But at least she made it clear that she wasn’t happy about it. Maybe her note will make him feel bad about himself, and that will be all the revenge she needs. Well, we believe that the conflict is far from resolved, and they will have a lengthy discussion later.

Maybe Next Time You’ll Park Properly

The most frustrating part of driving is usually finding a place to park. Nobody likes it, and after driving around in circles for 15 minutes inside a hot car, everyone becomes irritated. It’s made even harder when other drivers double park or park outside the lines.

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After he was unable to find parking, this customer decided he was done writing pointless notes and was going to teach the rude person who parked over the lines a lesson about parking. So, he zip-tied a cart to his car. We’d never thought of this. Great idea.

Let’s See You Get Out Now

This revenge may seem small and pointless, but it has a significant impact. You might sometimes feel the urge to vandalize a vehicle or do something worse when someone parks in an unauthorized place that might bother the other customers. Sometimes, letting the driver know they are inconsiderate is enough.

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In this case, this person chose to surround the vehicle with shopping carts. It was a good call because he didn’t do anything wrong (technically). Moving them would be inconvenient for the owner of the car and would give him the opportunity to reflect on their action.

I Think You Dropped Something

Littering is a terrible crime against our environment, but sadly, it keeps happening, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Even if they can’t save the entire planet, some people still try to fight against it and will do everything it takes to improve our world.

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This person observed that his neighbor often left his cigarette butts on the sidewalk. He circled the block and collected all the cigarette butts he found, but instead of just throwing them in the garbage, he gave them back to his neighbor to give him something to think about.

When You’re Dedicated to Revenge

We’re not sure if it was worth it to put so much time and effort into this petty act of vengeance because it seemed to take hours to finish. This person was prepared to put in all of this effort just to punish a stranger.

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They must have been really angry with the car owner. This customer parked in the middle of the parking lot, obstructing cars entering and exiting the lot. This person chose to give him a taste of his own medicine by encircling his car with shopping carts, blocking his path.

You’re Under Big Brother’s Watchful Eye

Sibling rivalry is as old as time. Siblings have an undying and unconditional love for one another, but they can also be highly competitive. This guy decided to pull a prank on his sister after she stole $20 from him. These pranks are usually harmless.

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But they are irritating enough to get the point across. He had access to her laptop, including the biology project she had worked on for several weeks. We can only imagine the frustration on the little girl’s face when she wanted to submit her project but couldn’t find it.

The Best Answer to ‘I Don’t Know What to Eat’

Mothers always prepare our meals and do so with love, but “I don’t know” is probably the worst answer they could get to a straightforward, “What would you like for dinner?” They already go through the trouble of cooking. So, the least we could do is let them know what we want to eat.

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When they make what they deem fit, we usually still complain. This mother was tired of the spoiled and vague answer, so she decided to give her kids what they asked for — a big pot of “I don’t know.” We think this mom takes the cake for the best payback.

How to Deal with the Taco Thief

This is just another solution to the age-old problem of food thieves in the office. Reprimanding a co-worker is difficult; you must be aggressive enough to get your point across clearly, but you must also avoid ugly confrontations if you want to maintain good relations with them.

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So, the best way to cope with the food thief was to exact revenge by feeding him cat food. Although the person eating this taco probably thought it tasted funny, it’s possible that he had no idea he was eating cat food. But we’re sure the person still felt victorious.

Don’t Mess with Grandma

Bernie felt her kids and grandkids were eagerly awaiting her death so they could get a portion of her wealth. And she didn’t like the way she was treated. Given that all she ever did was provide them with love and delicious homemade food, no grandmother should experience this treatment.

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She decided to teach them a valuable lesson. After all, that’s what grandmas are for. She decided to spend her money in an extravagant, obvious way, one likely to be seen by her family: She spent her fortune on magazine advertisements with a significant message for her family.

A Constant Reminder of His Happiness

Divorce is challenging, and once you get beyond the emotional turmoil, you have to deal with the financial aspect, which entails dividing up the assets and everything you shared. Even after a divorce, it’s crucial to keep up positive relationships, but it’s not always as easy as it seems.

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This couple’s divorce was obviously acrimonious, so when the man was required to pay alimony, he devised a plan. He asked that his checks be printed with pictures of him and his new wife with the words “Never been happier!! I love my wife!!” and sent the checks to his ex-wife.

Set the Alarm Next Time

There is always that one student in every class, every year, who everyone counts on to take notes. He normally doesn’t mind giving his classmates copies of his notes, but when he feels that he’s being used unfairly, he stops being so generous. This guy finally expressed his feelings.

Source: Tumblr

If you’re the only one who ever takes notes, then you have power over the other students. And with great power comes great responsibility. You can use it for good or use it to give them a piece of your mind. This guy chose option two.

Cats Are Not to be Punished

We always had a sneaking feeling that cats have a dark, vengeful side. Even cat lovers would agree. Dogs don’t have that in them, but we’re not here to take sides. Cats believe that they are the masters, and if you were to challenge them, you should expect repercussions.

Source: Twitter

This cat was punished with “away time“ in the bathroom because he made a mess while his owner was away. His owners thought this would teach him a lesson. Little did they know they would be the ones to be taught a lesson going by the mess the cat made.

You Can’t Escape This Music Choice

It’s challenging to keep a happy marriage life going. Sacrifices must be made to ensure both parties are content and believe they have equal rights in the relationship. You may not agree on everything, but making compromises is a necessary element of every marriage.

Source: Facebook

The only thing separating this happy couple was their contrasting musical tastes: The woman couldn’t bear Nickelback, her husband’s favorite band. He did the only thing he could think of to really irritate his devoted partner after a heated argument: He plastered the house with corny Nickelback lyrics.

Payback for a Cheating Partner

Remember when we said women loved damaging cars as payback? Well, not this woman! The first thing many people do when they learn of a cheating partner is to break up immediately. But after learning her boyfriend had been unfaithful, this woman decided that just breaking up wasn’t enough.

Source: Imgur

He needed to pay for what he did. She found an everlasting way to remind her ex-boyfriend about his infidelity. The girl made them get permanent ink that reminded him of her. After he got his tattoo, she walked away, leaving him with the new tat.

Don’t Play with My Pumpkins

We can get competitive for parking spaces just as much as when pumpkins are involved. While the holidays are a time for cheer and celebration, they are also a time when people become competitive and agitated because everyone wants to have the best d├ęcor during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Source: Twitter

This person wanted to give his neighbor a good reason to stop stealing pumpkins from his garden and let him know he made the wrong choice by messing with him because pumpkins are not something to be taken lightly. We’re sure they got the message loud and clear.

Photoshop Skills Are a Life Skill

Ryan Reynolds is married, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use him to get over your ex-boyfriend. Just a few days after prom, Gabi and her boyfriend broke up, and while she didn’t want it to tarnish her happy memories, she also didn’t want him to destroy her prom pictures.

Source: Imgur

So, she gave the pictures a little facelift and replaced her boyfriend’s face with Ryan Reynolds’. This is some fairly solid Photoshop work (in our opinion). Now, she won’t remember her ex-boyfriend when she sees her prom pictures; instead, she’ll laugh about it. Gabi has a good sense of humor.

No Time for Horsing Around

Although we don’t know a lot about horses, it’s safe to say that they are intelligent (and vengeful) creatures based on this picture. We aren’t sure if this was retaliation for the braids, but we wouldn’t accept them, either. We hope these braids add to his comfort.

Source: Reddit

Or else the owners deserve water in their boots. Horses are really lovable creatures, yet anyone can become vengeful if you push their buttons. Those buttons appeared to be braiding his hair. We’re lucky that this was caught on camera since it has taught us never to mistreat horses.

What Are Neighbors For?

Many things can cause disagreements between neighbors, especially when they share a yard, a fence, or even a street! It might be difficult to turn the other cheek and walk away when your neighbors are loud, messy, or inconsiderate. What should you do if your neighbor is impolite?

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Some choose to give their unkind neighbors a taste of their own medicine, while others choose to take the high road and bring peace offerings. This person decided to just ignore his neighbors completely — as if they don’t live there. That’s why they cleaned only their side of the fence.

Make Sure You Stick it to Him

Dealing with an irritating co-worker is almost like dealing with a rude neighbor. You can be the bigger person, or you can stoop to their level. It’s clear which option this person chose. While you can take the high road, you should also learn to stand your ground.

Source: Imgur

This guy was always taking office supplies from co-workers without asking and ended up losing them. So, they made sure he never lost the sticky notes again. They covered his workspace end-to-end with sticky notes. It probably won’t take too much time to remove them, but it’s a clear message.

A Service to Humanity at the Mall

We’ve all experienced a rude stranger at the grocery store, but we just ignored them because it was pointless trying to teach a stranger manners. If their parents couldn’t get them to be polite, they won’t listen to a stranger. But this woman had the perfect idea for a rude stranger.

Source: Twitter

She knew she couldn’t educate her anymore, but she still wanted to teach her a lesson. So, she let everyone waiting in line behind the stranger go before her, making the woman wait. One thing we’ve learned so far is that payback often requires patience, but it’s usually worth it.

You Just Got Yourself a Slice of Herpes

This sign raises a lot of questions. Who wrote it? Did they put up the sign at home or at their workplace? How did they know their leftover pizza would be eaten? Finally, why didn’t they try to conceal it or attach a warning note to it?

Source: Imgur

Their pizza would have gone untouched, and the whole situation might have been avoided if they had written a note stating that they had herpes. They didn’t get to eat their pizza, but at least they got their retribution. So, there were no winners in the situation, only losers.

All You Can Eat Olive Garden

Tasty revenge! Nothing is more satisfying than getting even with a co-worker you dislike. In an ideal world, we’d all get along wonderfully and become best friends with all of our co-workers, but in reality, that doesn’t always happen. You can’t always get along with everyone at work.

Source: Twitter

This Stephanie person was disrespecting her team leader, and this lunch was his chance to retaliate in a very subtle way, but right where it hurts. When he inquired about their exact lunch preferences, Stephanie replied, “Literally anything but Olive Garden.” Guess what they got? Of course, Olive Garden.

How Does it Feel?

We’ve seen many petty paybacks, but getting back at a fly is just a different level. Flies are annoying, but they’re just flies. They really can’t control how annoying they are. Getting back at them is silly. But it doesn’t seem like this person cares. They were bent on revenge.

Source: Reddit

It takes some creativity to come up with this idea and then carry it out because catching a fly alone is not an easy task. We’re not sure if the fly is upset by loud music in the same way that we are by the buzzing in our ears.

Not Sorry; It Won’t Kill You

This picture shows why it’s not a good idea to go to bed angry. After a particularly heated argument, this couple went to bed angry. Everything looked much clearer the next morning, but this guy wanted revenge. He supposedly made her lunch to take to work as an apology.

Source: Facebook

She didn’t know this wasn’t an apology sandwich until she took a bite and realized their quarrel was far from over. He wasn’t apologetic for the sandwich or the fight from the night before when he made those remarks about her friends.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Graffiti is often prohibited because some people view it as vandalism, but it can also be considered a form of art. Some painters see the streets as the ideal canvas, and their “graffiti” is actually a piece of art that is intended to brighten and creatively decorate our city streets.

Source: Imgur

Graffiti can be quite beautiful, but it depends on the artist. Although we are unsure if this graffiti qualifies as art, it’s clear that the vandals were proud of their work and didn’t like the city clearing it up. They ultimately had to redo their masterpiece using a different strategy.

He Could’ve Been Watching the Game

This woman learned of her boyfriend’s infidelity after purchasing tickets for the two of them to a football game. While it was probably the worst possible timing for him, it was ideal timing for her because she could use this game to exact her sweet revenge.

Source: Imgur

At least she had the chance to humiliate him on television. It won’t make up for her heartbreak, but it’s a small consolation. She could be over him, judging by the expression on her face, but we’re sure it still feels fantastic to be able to score this small victory.

That’s a Garbage Way to Park

We are all aware of how tough it can be to find parking in some places, which is why sometimes people park in an inappropriate place. These people either don’t know or don’t care that there is a reason why certain areas are off-limits for parking.

Source: Imgur

The cleaning staff in this picture had to maneuver around this person’s vehicle since he parked in front of the garbage bins. They decided to discipline him after completing their tasks by repositioning the bins around his car. What do you think —is this retaliation justified or petty?

When You Get a Gym Membership for Instagram Pictures

In every gym, there are those who can’t stop taking selfies and those who can’t stop flexing in front of the mirror. If you’re a gym rat, you’ll know these people. The fact that Clarence and Paul appear to be fighting over this mirror makes their situation considerably worse.

Source: Facebook

The gym owner finally decided to end the constant ruckus that these two gym regulars were causing over this mirror. All he actually did was describe the men’s ludicrous behavior as he set up a sign that would cause both of them to avoid looking in this mirror.

Chilli Pepper with Cookies and Cream

Sharing an apartment with someone else is much harder than it seems, so it’s crucial to choose your roommate carefully and establish some ground rules. Some housemates like to keep their privacy and their meals to themselves, while others prefer to share everything they have.

Source: Facebook

This gentleman resolved to exact retribution after growing tired of his roommate eating the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream he was saving for a rainy day. To teach his roommate a lesson, he added a hefty amount of chili powder to his cookies and cream ice cream.

Catch Me if You Can

The office thief has struck again! He is stronger than ever this time. This person put up this polite notice, respectfully asking that anyone who has been eating his lunch in the office stop because he was sick of it. As you can see, it didn’t help.

Source: Imgur

If anything, it merely served to increase the food thief’s determination. This proves that if you want co-workers to stop eating your food, you’re going to have to come up with something much better than just a kind message since it won’t get you very far.

Just Dispose of the Empties

Everybody has the habit of leaving their empty shampoo and soap bottles in the shower months after they’ve been used. This guy kept asking his girlfriend to discard her empty shower products since they took up too much space, but to no avail. Finally, he decided to do it himself.

Source: Tumblr

He duct-taped her bottles to the wall to convey a message. While this is petty, it doesn’t seem much of a retaliation, considering that it probably took him a lot longer to tape the items to the wall than it would have for his girlfriend to remove them.

We Hope You Enjoy the Music

Many of us have experienced problematic neighbors at some point. There are several ways to deal with noisy neighbors — try to have a reasonable conversation with them, call the police, or give them a piece of your mind. For this man, the first two options failed.

Source: Twitter

So, he stooped to their level. He bought his son a drum set and a trumpet as a lesson to his loud neighbors, and while his son played them every day, having a blast, his neighbors finally understood what it was like to live next to loud neighbors.

Making the Roommate’s Bed a Cornbed

There are many ways to cope with irritating roommates, but pulling a prank (or a pun) on them is perhaps the funniest one. This guy decided to cover his roommate’s bed in cornbread as a way of getting even with him for making the house smell like noodles.

Source: Twitter

Confused? So are we. At least he was considerate enough to cover his bed with trash bags to protect the sheets. We’d hate to see all this food go to waste, so perhaps his roommate likes cornbread and ate some of it because no one can eat that much cornbread.

Time to Get to Work

After his brother wrapped his Christmas present in duct tape as a joke, Mat waited a year to take revenge. That’s a pretty long time. As payback, he “wrapped“ his brother’s present in concrete and gave him a hammer to get to work. Tit for tat.

Source: Imgur

We’re still quite curious about the present after Mat captured his brother and sister attempting to break the concrete or unwrap it, not knowing what the gift is or whether there is actually a gift inside this unusual wrapping. Now, this is what we call peak payback.

Better Luck Next Time, Dude

This man thought his partner was giving him a birthday present, but he was in for more. A few days before his birthday, this woman unintentionally stumbled into her boyfriend’s multiple chats with other women, which led her to discover that he was cheating on her.

Source: Facebook

She waited for the ideal moment to tell him that she had discovered his cheating. She printed up his infidelity chats and packaged them as a birthday present. We can only imagine the startled expression on his face as he opened his present because he had completely different expectations.

Two Can Play This Game

This girl told her roommate that she wanted a minimal birthday, and also that she hated balloons. And sure enough, as a playful prank for her birthday, her roommate decorated the entire house with balloons and ribbons. She didn’t know her friend was planning to get payback.

Source: Imgur

When Christmas arrived, this girl paid her roommate with the same coin and decorated her room with presents. In fact, she turned her room into a giant present by wrapping every piece of furniture and the walls in presents. Good luck taking down these decorations, and Merry Christmas.

Waiting for the Perfect Moment

You can share your Netflix account with four other people, but usually, only one of them pays. We allow our loved ones to access our accounts, but what happens to your Netflix account if you split from your partner? There seems to be an unwritten rule in these circumstances.

Source: Twitter

Despite being a reasonable request, asking your ex to stop using your Netflix account can be awkward, and after a breakup, you might not want to see your ex at all. Rather than asking, this woman chose to cut her ex out of her account at the worst possible time.

How to Keep Them in Line

It has become clear that poor parking and driving are sensitive subjects, as we have observed how people respond to both. Finding parking is difficult enough; however, to see that a wonderful parking spot was wasted because someone parked outside the lines is simply unacceptable, and they should be punished.

Source: Imgur

This person has come up with a less severe method of reprimanding the offender, but it still works. He left a note advising this person to practice parking between the lines because he was awful at it. It’s not overly harsh, but it will undoubtedly deliver the intended message.

I Slashed Your Tires for Poor Parking

We’ve seen how different people react to poor drivers, but if there’s one lesson to take away from this, it’s that bad drivers must be penalized. Although that’s not the first time we’ve heard of someone slashing someone’s tires for inconsiderate parking, it still strikes us as an extreme action.

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This person wrote on the car that they slashed the tires. Fortunately for him, this was a rock fan who left a picture of Slash from the 90s rock band Guns N‘ Roses instead of really slashing his tires. The panic the person must have initially felt was enough punishment.

As Good as New

The problem with pranking your siblings is that you know they will eventually get you back. You can bank on them coming back at you since they live with you and know you better than anyone else. Even with this knowledge, siblings continue to prank one another.

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That’s because it is fun. If you ask us, the punishment, in this case, is appropriate for the offense. Her brother cleaned his shoes with her toothbrush, so she applied her powder makeup to give them the sheen they were missing — a rosy glow. This is a classic sibling prank.

Happy Birthday to You

Would you feel bad if your co-workers forgot your birthday? Some people wouldn’t, but not this person. He decided that everyone would pay since he didn’t get a birthday celebration. So, he filled the emergency exit with balloons, or at least that’s what he wanted people to believe.

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Although we don’t know how the rest of the prank turned out, he certainly made people afraid to open this door. They must have remained there for a very long time before someone got the guts to open the door and realize that the balloons were merely a joke.

The Alpha Dog Gets Busy

Even animals have the propensity for vengeance. Our animal buddies don’t want to be treated unfairly, and they‘ll let you know if they don’t like you. This guy kicked the stray dog lying next to the curb when he got out of his car. The dog left sadly.

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But only to return later with his pals and wreck the owner’s car. Since people typically aren’t punished for animal cruelty, we’re happy this dog took matters into his hands. When these acts of cruelty happen, no one is usually around to witness them, so this is refreshing. Go, doggo!

Would You Like a Sandwich?

Jade Hameister crossed the North Pole, the Greenland ice sheet, and the South Pole on skis at 14, becoming the youngest woman to do so. But the responses to her TED talk were negative. Men commented on her TED talk, saying, “Make me a sandwich,“ because “women belong in the kitchen.”

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So, she journeyed back to the North Pole and said she went back there “to take this photo for all those men who commented, ‘Make me a sandwich’ on my TEDx Talk. I made you a sandwich. Now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole, and you can eat it.”

Who Even Steals Christmas Decorations?

Stealing your neighbor’s Christmas decorations is risky because hiding them in your home would be pointless once you placed them out on the lawn and they realized you were the one who took them. This man noticed his next-door neighbor had stolen his holiday decorations.

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So, he did something quite unexpected. He replaced his stolen Christmas decorations with images from the security camera footage that showed the decorations thief in the act. He made sure to let him know he saw him do it. This would make a lovely backyard decoration, no?

200,000 People Are Suffering with Her

Snoring can sometimes be a serious problem, especially for those who share a bed with a habitual snorer. Some people even undergo procedures to stop snoring. It appears that this man didn’t take his snoring as seriously as he should have and chose to let his wife suffer the inconvenience.

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He laughed at her and brushed it off each time she brought it up. His wife promised to record him snoring and upload it on Spotify as retaliation so everyone could share in her misery. He laughed at her, but he would soon realize she wasn’t kidding.

Time to Work on Something Important

Proofreading is crucial if you’re going to send a letter to your ex-girlfriend. Although we don’t know why they split up, there must have been a good reason. Giving her a letter full of errors doesn’t seem to make things any better because she is already furious.

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This guy obviously doesn’t know his ex, so maybe breaking up was the right call. He ought to have known better than sending her an apology letter filled with mistakes. She ultimately gave his paper a D- and advised him to work on something (not their relationship, but his grammar).

A Very Poor Choice of Napkin!

When we were kids, our mothers sent us off to school with a packed lunch and a sweet note wishing us a good day. But most kids eventually reach a point when they no longer find these gestures sweet and see them as silly and unnecessary.

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This mother didn’t take it too well when her child asked her to stop with the notes. Parents may find it difficult to accept the fact that their children are growing up. Although she acknowledged her son’s request and technically didn’t add a sweet note, she passed along another message.

Time to Go Hunting

Everyone has their way of dealing with a cheating partner, and as we’ve seen from this list, there are many creative ways to exact revenge on an unfaithful partner. This man mistakenly left his Facebook page open, and his girlfriend of two years saw a chat that revealed he was cheating.

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She certainly made the right decision by ending their relationship, but not before ensuring that she meted some minor but satisfying retaliation. She dispatched him on a wild goose chase around town in search of his personal belongings, his priceless video games, and all of his clothes.

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