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As parents, expecting a baby is one of the best feelings ever. The excitement is incredible, from finding out you’re pregnant, buying a cradle and car seat, researching baby formula, and then decorating the nursery! But there’s nothing quite like the moment you share the news with your loved ones.

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And with the internet, many moms and dads also decide to share their happiness with the whole world. However, some parents deviate from the norm and make their pregnancy announcements even more fun. Here are some creative and hilarious baby announcements you’ll see. Who knows, you could even be inspired!

It’s Time to Move Out

Although eviction notices are nothing to laugh about when they come in real life, this is a funny and cute way to announce that their toddler will soon be moving out of the crib. Of course, the coming baby needs a place to stay! Looks like your time is up!

Source: Reddit

The big question is how they got their kid to cry like this. It made the picture even funnier. This child certainly has a great future being an actor. Or the parents probably lurked around waiting for the toddler to start crying before pulling the props out!

Inspiration From The Handmaid’s Tale Series

Who can blame people for wanting to tell everyone they know about the miracle of life? For some people, having a child is one of the most thrilling life milestones. This couple’s maternity images have a really intriguing theme. The Handmaid’s Tale served as the inspiration for the entire shoot.

Source: Reddit

Fans of the show will know it’s not the most romantic one. But mom and dad must really love it. However, after seeing this pregnancy announcement, the expectant father’s ex-girlfriend said she felt like she had “dodged a bullet.” Well, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A Baby Will Soon Hatch

We can’t deny that this is a rather original and hilarious way to reveal that you are expecting a child. It’s also extremely remarkable how much work it must have taken to devise and execute the entire concept. They even put in the effort of wearing a dinosaur costume!

Source: Reddit

But something tells us that’s not the mom dressed as a dinosaur. For a person who already has a bun in the oven, it’s probably too hot in there for her! This is cute, and now everyone will know that there’s a little monster hatching soon.

Facing Your Fears for Your Pregnancy Shoots

We’ve seen many pregnancy announcements over the years. They could be funny, weird, creative, or terrible. But we don’t know how to classify this shoot. This expectant mother was covered in bees for her pregnancy announcement! Oh, and the mom-to-be is also allergic to the insect! Wow.

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Was it worth it? Well, it seems it was to her. The brave mother told her social media followers that she was terrified because of her allergy, but she wasn’t stung once. According to her, there were roughly 10,000 bees. If you’re surprised, don’t forget the doctor approved it!

The Recipe for a New Baby

If you’ve been around babies, you’ll know they’re always eager to know how babies are made. Well, it looks like this couple has found an answer! Maybe all parents should learn from this pregnancy announcement and pretend that having a baby is as easy as following a simple recipe.

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You just need to mix everything, bake it, and you’ll have a baby in no time. The elder sister presumably feels as though she made a genuine contribution to the birth of her younger sibling. She’ll be so startled when she learns her new sibling would “bake” for nine months!

This Is How Babies Are Made

If you don’t like the baking idea we mentioned earlier, you can always use this to tell babies where they come from. This couple’s positioning in the announcement is close to the not-suitable-for-work side. We doner if they also sent this picture to all of their loved ones.

Source: Reddit

Or maybe they only sent it to a few close friends. Then they added a cherry on top with the onesie they chose. It has a barcode and tells you where the baby was made. You’ll have to figure out that location yourself. It must be a custom-made onesie.

More Information Than We Need

You’ll sometimes see things and scream, “TMI!” Here is an example. Sure, they’ve also turned their pregnancy announcement into a baking recipe, but it looks like there is too much information here. We’re incredibly happy for them, but they should probably keep the details of the baby-making princess to themselves.

Source: Reddit

At least they should have kept the “pumps” private. Well, to each their own! As long as this is the birth announcement that they want and would make them happy, who are we to complain? We’ll also get a good laugh, as other people sure did after seeing this.

Nothing Beats Farm Humor

This country couple could have come up with many other creative and unique ways to reveal their pregnancy to the world. But they went above and beyond and showed their love of farm life through the idea they ultimately chose. The expectant mother positioned herself inside a cow-breeding machine.

Source: Reddit

Then the father stood nearby holding a sign reading, “Bred,” while wearing gloves. They captioned the shot, “Mess with the bull; you get the horn!” And then ended it with “Herd will begin April 2020!” This is hilarious, but something tells us they will get some backlash from some people.

A New Set of Twins Are on the Way

While some people are happy with just a few children or none at all, others dream of having a large family. These parents are definitely keen to expand their family, seeing they already have three children and are now expecting two more. But not every family member is enthusiastic!

Source: Reddit

At least, this is based on their pregnancy announcement. While announcing the impending arrival of two more children, they also mention their intention to give some of those kids away. We’re sure it’s only a light-hearted joke anyway. It’s a cute and hilarious birth announcement.

An Expensive Gender Reveal

Parents these days are getting creative with more than just birth announcements. Many parents also enjoy cleverly revealing their baby’s assigned gender. Some people decide to decorate a box with balloons that spell out “boy” or “girl,” while others order a specialty cake with the color indicating the baby’s gender.

Source: Reddit

This growing family chose a completely different course of action and rented a chopper to spray the area with blue smoke. We are curious as to what motivated them to choose this particular format. Maybe one of them flies a chopper? Who cares? They look so happy!

Daddy Delivered His Load

This is one of the most creative pregnancy announcements. They made the announcement a riff on the father’s line of work as a truck driver. It simply says, “I’m proof daddy isn’t trucking all the time.” Then they added, “Daddy delivered his load!” next to daddy’s picture with his truck.

Source: Reddit

Finally, they combined these two images with the mother and her baby pump to create a collage that reads, “Load received!” You can see how this was intended to be a cute and clever way to announce their pregnancy to the public. We absolutely love it!

There Is Still a 0.1 Percent Chance

In case it wasn’t obvious, the parents didn’t plan this baby, but it came as a surprise (to put it mildly). Apparently, the IUD failed, and they were so surprised that they just had to put it into the pregnancy announcement. This is one baby that has defied the odds.

Source: Reddit

Self-irony is always funny. So, we love how the couple still found humour in their unplanned pregnancy. Including the IUD in the pregnancy photo was certainly an unexpected twist, just like the baby. Just so you know, there is always a chance and this story proves it.

This Guy Doesn’t Like Protection

This family got pregnant during the pandemic, and they decided to make a joke about it. Apparently, they don’t like wearing masks. So, they made fun of the idea of needing facial protection when they don’t even wear other forms of protection. But reading this was kind of graphic.

Source: Reddit

It was a disturbing visual but to each their own. Perhaps this sense of humor is shared by all of their loved ones. There will undoubtedly be a ton of jokes about this baby throughout its life. From this pregnancy announcement alone, nobody should expect anything less.

It looks Like They Know It’s a Boy

The next image posted by these expectant parents appears to be a blend of a baby announcement and a gender reveal. The family was clearly trying a novel and imaginative method with their announcement. They took pictures of a sign that said, “Adding another wiener to the pack.”.

Source: Reddit

Then they added a bunch of grocery store hotdogs surrounding it. We, therefore, assume that they already have a group of sons and are going to have another. It’s funny, but we just hope that all these hotdogs didn’t go to waste and the family ate them.

Would Disney World Allow Them to Enter?

While many people would probably appreciate the creative Disney t-shirt, this parents-to-be might have taken things too far. For one, Disney is a family-friendly place, and these t-shirts aren’t exactly family-friendly, are they? Thankfully, most kids at the park won’t understand the hidden meaning behind these shirts.

Source: Reddit

Even if they did, we’re sure they would be distracted by all the things Disney has to offer to read this couple’s shirts. Perhaps they wanted to make sure everyone at Disney knew that the man was the child’s father. They obviously didn’t want to leave room for doubts.

A Dirty Laundry Pun

Imagine finding out you’re pregnant, and the first thing you think of when considering how to share the news is a dirty pun involving washing machines and loads! This couple certainly imagined that. They took their pregnancy announcement picture in their home’s laundry room with a message.

Source: Reddit

The expectant mother sat next to the machines with a sign that read, “I also took one too many loads.” Haha! The props were also perfect, as the laundry machine had one extra ‘load’ than it should have. It looks like these guys are big fans of laundry and puns.

Dad, Dad, and Uterus

Have you ever wondered what being a surrogate mother would feel like? Well, if you have, here is an idea of what surrogacy looks like and how some people see themselves and other participants in the situation. This couple chose to use surrogacy to have their child.

Source: Reddit

And they also chose to have the surrogate mother participate in a pregnant photo session. Each person carried a sign, and hers simply read “uterus.” This may be amusing to some people, and perhaps this is just how she views her role in the situation.

Okay, It Sounds Like He Is a Tow Truck Driver

We love when people use things around us to make jokes, and this is one example. This list already has a truck driver and a farm pun. Now, it’s time for a towing pun. Apparently, this dad is a tow truck driver, and his work inspired the pregnancy announcement.

Source: Reddit

The words on the poster instantly give you a graphic image that we didn’t want. They even went as far as posing with the sign in front of the towing truck just to drive home the message. A big shout out to the big sis-to-be!

We Guess That’s a Good Thing

Here’s another couple who have chosen to use their dad’s job as an inspiration for their birth announcement. The dad is in his full cop uniform, posing next to a sign that says, “Instead of getting locked up, we got knocked up.” We think they also got cuffed up.

Source: Reddit

Of course, not by handcuffs. By “cuffed up,” they’re now in a relationship. We, too, can make clever puns about people’s jobs! The parents also made sure they posed in the right way to make the entire pregnancy announcement picture a funny one! This is funny and cute.

Hit It Out of the Park

This announcement can have different interpretations. Perhaps they wanted to let everyone know they went all the way to conceive (if you know what we’re saying). Or maybe the expectant mom and dad are just big baseball lovers who simply drew inspiration from a shared passion.

Source: Reddit

Whatever the reason, it was a sweet idea to draw a baseball on her tummy. We only hope that his bat missed that precious baseball completely! We are sure this idea will inspire other baseball fans. Hopefully, they won’t pressure their forthcoming child to become a well-known baseball player!

Protecting Yourself Is Crucial – In Every Way Possible

When you think about this, some of these pregnancy announcements could also be great for sexual protection ads, too. This couple wrote on a sign that they “stocked up on the wrong protection.” They placed some toilet paper, Clorox wipes, and a mask around the sign. We get their message.

Source: Reddit

This baby was clearly conceived during the lockdown, so they made a quarantine-related joke. The good news is that they will need plenty of cleaning supplies once the baby arrives. So, they’re a step ahead already, especially with the Clorox wipes. Hopefully, they’re happy and not upset.

“The Second Batch Coming”

We all know that kids can be difficult to deal with, and these expecting parents already know what that feels like. In fact, they chose to make it a part of their pregnancy announcement. They wrote “Gremlins 2 – the second batch coming August 2021” on a sign.

Source: Reddit

Then they placed it next to their toddler. In order to match the warning sign taped to the wall, they also sprayed water on their toddler, who didn’t seem very pleased about it. We don’t know what to think about this one – it left us speechless.

A Simple Message on the Dining Table

If there’s a way to use your birth announcement to make people laugh, you should go for it. This couple, who obviously have at least one child, already thought incorporating some food puns into their pregnancy update would be funny. So, they found inspiration in their favorite pasta sauce – Prego.

Source: Reddit

All that was left was to make their favorite dish, write a few words, and place it around the Prego jar. Then, they continued their dinner as a family while someone took a picture. By writing “We’re Prego Again,” they passed the message across in a cute and funny way.

Does That Make Dad the Beast?

This picture has so many aspects that it’s difficult to concentrate on just one of them. The most attention-calling part is probably the height sign behind the mother-to-be. Apparently, she’s almost 7 feet tall! We don’t know how tall the dad is, but that’s going to be a tall baby!

Source: Reddit

However, her sign says she’s not having babies but pups. Apparently, it’s because she’s Belle, which will make the expectant dad the Beast from the popular Beauty and the Beast. Hopefully, that’s the only reason why she’s calling her babies pups. We remember the Beast wasn’t a dog.

Time to Get a New Car

Babies usually come with a lot of expenses, but having to get a new car because you’ve got a baby on the way is one of the less-talked-about expenses. We’ve all seen signs on cars that read “baby on board.” This urges surrounding drivers to be careful with manoeuvres.

Source: Reddit

This appears to be almost the complete opposite. We’re sure that they will use a different car once the kid actually arrives and that this was only done for the announcement. After giving it another look, we’re not even convinced this is a vehicle. There are no wheels!

How on Earth Did They Pull This Off?

This creative and charming way of announcing your pregnancy is lovely. As the northern lights are such a significant part of her life, one woman chose to mix an ultrasound photo of her daughter with the natural phenomenon. According to her, she’ll even name her child Aurora.

Source: Reddit

She claims Aurora Borealis is her “favorite solar show.” She claims she has been “chasing after the lights” for a long time, even before she got pregnant. It’s cute, but now we want to know how they pulled this off. Could it be a holograph, or was it just photoshop?

A Corona Belly or a Corona Baby?

The pandemic affected many people’s lives. But contrary to popular belief, the Coronavirus may have had the exact opposite impact on the global population, increasing it instead of decreasing it as is typical in pandemics. Everyone was locked in their homes and had nothing to do or nowhere to go.

Source: Reddit

So, they turned to alternative forms of pleasure. This pregnancy announcement shows how that type of pleasure created what some have nicknamed “corona babies.” We desperately hope that the family’s non-pregnant members will be the only ones to drink that pack of Corona beer.

There Are Enough Lawnmowers to Go Around

Although there is no one in the picture, this pregnancy announcement is both adorable and funny. Most likely, these parents are both landscapers, gardeners, or just people who enjoy spending a lot of time in their yards. They bought a small lawnmower for their future child.

Source: Reddit

And they used it as a way to announce to the world that they were expanding their family. We love how the “dad” and “mom” lawnmowers are both big while still managing to look different. They must have a big lawn to keep these things around.

This Is What Happens When the NHL Takes a Break

At first, this pregnancy announcement was confusing. But when we looked at it again, we figured it out. During the pandemic and the world was forced into quarantine, hockey athletes were also affected, and there was a break. They are obviously die-hard hockey fans.

Source: Reddit

When the players were on break, the parents-to-be decided to play in between the sheets! And this is the result. But we still don’t know if they’re expecting twins or if they only used two ultrasound pictures in the announcement. There’s only a set of booties. So, it’s just two photos.

Now You Know the Assigned Gender

This is another example of combining a pregnancy announcement and a gender reveal. While it isn’t as elegant as the gender reveals we see nowadays, it’s quite harmless and funny. We’ve all heard stories of gender reveals going wrong. There was no way that could have happened here.

Source: Reddit

The mother held a case with a hotdog without a bun as the couple posed adoringly, gazing at one other with affection. This expectant dad and mom look really happy to be welcoming their “weeni-less child” into their world. Just look at the raw affection in their eyes.

The Farmer and the Crop

It appears that this was intended to be a sweet way to announce their unborn child based on the innocent and adorable clothing that this woman is wearing. They did, however, manage to veer slightly to the wrong side (in a clever and sneaky way).

Source: Reddit

The cardboard sign that the expectant mother is holding reads, “Daddy planted the seed… Now mommy is growing me!” They really went all out as the mother even wore overalls and held a watering can. They might even give their infant a plant name. This family certainly loves gardening!

Is This What You People Do on the Farm?

In case the first pregnancy announcement with this theme didn’t shock you, here’s one that shows you more couples love this cow-breeding farm pun. Most people probably already know that these two are farmers. So, they announced a new member of the family while using their jobs and passions.

Source: Reddit

Who would have guessed that so many people would want to include puns about farming in their birth announcement? Well, now you see that many people love the idea. So, if you like it too but are unsure what people will think, just go for it!

“Blessed Be the Fruit”

Did you think the previous couple on the list who were inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale were weird for choosing such a theme for their pregnancy announcement? Well, wait till you see they aren’t the only ones. It is actually a popular idea, and here’s another example.

Source: Reddit

This mother also donned a character’s outfit from the popular show and posed next to a sign that read, “Blessed be the fruit,” one of the show’s most well-known quotes. Considering the show’s theme, we actually don’t know how to feel about this. But as long as they’re happy!

Welcome to the BaByQ

If you’re in the mood for a BBQ, just remember these parents have got you covered! While you would normally not attribute buns in the oven and burgers on the grill with a new baby, you’ll always find some incredibly creative people who would think the impossible.

Source: Reddit

And these parents sure did. We sure hope that you will enjoy the BaByQ, and there will be delicious burgers and buns there. Was this a BBQ party event or just a sign they made at random to let everyone know they were pregnant? We hope it was the latter.

Mom Can’t Resist Daddy in Uniform

Many women claim that they love men in uniform, and it looks like this mother is one of them. Here is another example of a family who drew inspiration from the dad’s profession to incorporate into their pregnancy announcement. They wrote, “Daddy’s Back Up Is on the Way.”

Source: Reddit

According to the other message, the child is the proof that mom can’t resist when daddy is in uniform. We doubt they plan to put that onesie on the child when it finally arrives, though. It’ll be interesting to see the looks the child will get.

The Put in the Work During Lockdown

It goes without saying that the pandemic greatly increased the birth rate. People stayed inside their homes a lot, bored and without many things to do. Many people decided to start to get busy one way or the other. Creating babies is also ‘work,’ isn’t it?

Source: Reddit

It looks like this couple was busier than many people and even had two babies from the different lockdowns. We wonder how many babies they would have had if there were more lockdowns. Probably one baby each lockdown. They just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

What Are the Donuts Doing Outside?

Now, unless you can get the significance of the random donuts that are sitting on the sled, this one is probably going to make no sense at all (however, most people are donut ignorant). The caption simply read, “Long John + Regular Donut = Timbit.”.

Source: Reddit

This means that the Long John donut, which resembles a long stick, and the Regular Donut, which has a hole in the middle, came together to become the Timbit (donut hole). But one thing we don’t understand is why they’re outside, on a sled, in the snow.

Time to Spill the Beans…

This couple decided to spill the beans about their big announcement – they were expecting twins. And they did it literally – by spilling the beans. However, people usually imagine a different type of bean when this phrase comes up, especially coffee beans, as they are the cuter option in pregnancy announcements.

Source: Reddit

Who doesn’t like coffee? They will need to preserve all of that precious coffee if they have twins in order to stay up after all the restless nights. Well, at least they passed the message across with a handful of beans and decent photoshop skills.

ETA Is Probably a Bit Too Late

Some parents dream that their kids will one day grow into mini versions of themselves. This Police officer is surely one of those parents. They are thrilled for their child to follow in its father’s footsteps and join the police force. It sounds a bit too early for such hopes.

Source: Reddit

Especially when you consider the child may even choose a different life. Daddy’s backup may be on the way, but it looks like the expected time of arrival is a long way off. We just hope the police force will make room for such a young child.

Toilet Paper Was Out of Stock, but Love Wasn’t

At first, this looks like an ordinary, adorable pregnancy announcement. But when you look again, you’ll see that the heart shape was made out of toilet paper rolls. It probably seems like it makes no sense, and it’s a weird prop choice for such an announcement.

Source: Reddit

But if you remember vividly, you’ll know that this announcement drew inspiration from the quarantine. It’s funny because they must have saved lots of toilet paper rolls to create this. As this is their sixth child, we’re sure they were bored with regular announcements and decided to spice things up.

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