Monday, September 5, 2022

self esteem !!!!!!!!!!


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out this dumb ho !!!!!!!.....she either likes it .......or she has absolutley no self worth .......that's it.......just like  when a  guy  hits a woman a....and she does not get rid of  him ....she likes it .......or has no self worth does not need deidre to  know this  shit ......and as we all know  low self esteem is  at  epidemic levels  ....especially amongst .....young people .......oh well !!!!


Partner is a serial cheat and flirts with women in front of me – it’s so humiliating

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner has sexy messages from other women on his phones – but if I confront him I’m the nutter, or the drama queen.

I have heard him laughing and mimicking me with his friends when I get upset.

He is a serial cheat and flirts with women right in front of me
He is a serial cheat and flirts with women right in front of me

He says I’m the green-eyed ­monster and need to stop being so possessive.

Sometimes he openly flirts with women right in front of me. It’s so humiliating.

I am 40, he is 58 and we’ve been together for five years.

He was lovely for the first year but the last four have been grim.

He has two phones — one for work, the other for personal use.

I check them regularly and, like clockwork, there are normally filthy messages from women I don’t know.

During our relationship he has cheated and lied to me so many times — and while I always forgive him, I never forget.

We live together but he has his own place too. He has a grown-up daughter who wants nothing to do with him.

My son is 17 and has Asperger’s, which my partner finds hard to cope with.

We argue over the comments he makes about him. He calls him horrible names and says I have no life looking after him.

I pay all the bills — food, rent and utilities. He thinks he’s contributing enough by buying a couple of take-aways a week, and that’s it.

My best friend has recently sold her flat and moved far away.

She was like a big sister to me and now I have nobody.

I feel as though I want to get away and be near her.

I dream of a fresh start but I ­suffer with anxiety due to domestic abuse in a past relationship.

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