City Girls up 1000!

Police say a Texas woman manipulated men into buying Rolex watches and fancy cars with the false intention that she was in love with them.

According to Rhode Island federal prosecutors, 31-year-old Dominique Golden participated in a conspiracy that scammed more than $2.6 million from men online.

Golden allegedly collected $1.26 million in cash, checks, money orders, and wire transfers and then deposited them into bank accounts opened under the names of fake people and businesses that she controlled, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Zachary Cunha.

The funds were used to purchase a 2018 Bentley Bentayga, a 2017 Mercedes E-Class, and three Rolex watches.

On Thursday, Golden pleaded not guilty to the charges and agreed to hand over her prized possessions along with two gold chains and three guns.

The US Attorney for the District of Rhode Island also requested that she give up more than $11,000 from her Houston home and the Bentley.

It was reported that Golden and her partners in the “romance scam” formed relationships with men online and on social media apps, where they convinced them to send money.

Prosecutors say that Golden opened various mailboxes and bank accounts under aliases to receive funds for her businesses.

Golden was cashing in for an entire year in 2018 until her guilty plea earlier this week. She is charged with a count each for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.