Sunday, September 4, 2022

nothing good comes out of china part 7.......


you might have thought by the first lock down they might have learned know the people just do not  simply seem to care ......or is it  another  scam by china to fuck up the globe sure as shite on a camels ass ........they do not  seem to care or something .....or maybe the taste of live bats is  overwhelming know !!!! ....the first taste of it .......and you are hooked ......that's if you are a straight dude .......or a carpet muncher of  course .....thats as  best as i can give you ...i  understand why women like to   munch other women's carpets/rugs/snatch/booyah/the birth canal.........however i will not stray from the topic in hand ......china and strict    the word  go hand in hand that not just chines   life .....taht country hate the truth so bad  ...they are so highly insecure  with that macho  garbage.....they even cut  down on femake  baby  births and  shit .......they are more  racist than any white guy ....i can tell you that the chinese  hate  everyone  that does not  give them money ....that's their  simple dynamics  ........nothing good  every comes from china .......except ........ socks and underwear ......which i need at walmart maybe there is  ..after all ......... 

Millions in new COVID lockdown as China keeps strict policy

BEIJING (AP) — China has placed millions of its citizens under renewed lockdown following fresh outbreaks of COVID-19, authorities reported Tuesday, as the government persists in its hard-line policy on containing the virus.

The measures affected about half of the 6 million residents of the port city of Dalian, along with an undisclosed number in Chengde and Shijiazhuang in Hebei province, both around three hours from the capital Beijing.

Dalian’s lockdown was due to last five days, although authorities have in past extended restrictions depending on the number of new cases.

Beijing has been relatively unaffected thus far, although travel in and out of the capital has been discouraged and residents are subject to testing on an almost daily basis.


Partial lockdowns have also been imposed on cities such as Chengdu in the southwest, Shenyang in the northeast and Jishui in the southeast.

Such measures are mandated under China's “zero-COVID" policy, which contrasts starkly with moves by other nations to coexist with the virus through gradual easing of restrictions, vaccinations, improved therapeutics and voluntary isolation.

China has largely kept its borders closed to foreign visitors, while requiring those who do come to submit to more than a week of quarantine in hotels where sanitary conditions are often poor. Masking and regular testing are also standard and anyone found to have been in close contact with a person confirmed to have the virus is forcibly transported to field hospitals.

The World Health Organization has called China's policy unsustainable and on Monday, a Chinese think tank issued a rare public disagreement with the ruling Communist Party, saying the curbs that have shut down cities and disrupted trade, travel and industry must change to prevent an “economic stall.”

The Anbound Research Center gave no details of possible changes but said President Xi Jinping’s government needs to focus on shoring up sinking growth. It noted the United States, Europe and Japan are recovering economically after easing anti-disease curbs.

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