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We should all pat ourselves

We are all to blame for the planet know   using up all the resources.....deforestation ......fires ....polluting rivers......driving big fast cars......  biilding big houses  having families ........that takes up lot of resources think of the lanf fill ....the diapers ......and of course china ..... they are the  biggest   polluters.......  pumping out cheap crappy  shitty products........ for  people like  wal mart ....dollar  stores ........

Do i feel guilty ........nope conscience is clean .....i did not have kids i did not use the diapers ......however i do like dollar stores

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Europe counts cost of heatwave as Spain PM says more than 500 died

Spain's prime minister said "more than 500 people died" during a 10-day heatwave as Europe counts the cost of a record period of extreme temperatures.

Climate change protesters warned the scorching weather should be a wake-up call for the continent.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the "climate emergency is a reality".

Speaking against a backdrop of charred trees and burnt ground in the hard-hit northeastern Zaragoza region, he urged people to take "extreme caution".

Sanchez cited figures released by the Carlos III Health Institute, which estimates the number of heat-related fatalities based on the number of excess deaths compared to the average in previous years.

The institute has stressed these figures are a statistical estimate and not a record of official deaths.

Meanwhile Greek firefighters gained the upper hand in a battle against a wildfire raging for a second day in mountainside suburbs north of Athens that had forced hundreds of people to flee, an official said.

"For the most part the fire is in decline," fire department spokesman Yiannis Artopios told reporters.

Greece had been spared the blistering heatwave experienced in western Europe, but flames fanned by high winds were threatening the suburbs of Penteli, Pallini, Anthousa and Gerakas, home to tens of thousands of people.

"The fire was scorching our backs, we left in the nick of time. Had we stayed another 30 seconds it would have burned us," a Pallini resident who lost his car and shed to the flames told ERT television.

"The civil protection authority was late in alerting us," he said.

In France, firefighters brought twin blazes near the southwestern city of Bordeaux under control.

Temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) over previous days have spelled misery for millions and shattered heat records.

Cooler air swept in Wednesday, bringing relief to people from Portugal to Britain, but thousands of firefighters continued to tackle blazes that have broken out in multiple countries after months of drought-like conditions.


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