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 Like i have always said about chinese people regards towards animal life .....they have none  ......these  disgusting servile pigs........ who  blog themselevs eating disgusting food ......... they are the lowest filth on the  rung of  the food  chain ....they are desperate low;lives  striving attention ....they cannot  even eat proper .....chinese people have the  worst table manners ....... the way they eat food  .....their culture  is  sub  human ...... they have no self  respec........ if you had  self  respect you might have table manners .......and  respect for life....its the third world mentality  .....they dpo not know  what civilized is .......look at how they treat  life ........i hope thos bitch either  get poisoned  or  jailed  ...or both sympathy from me .... 

Police investigating Chinese food vlogger who livestreamed herself eating an endangered baby shark

Police are investigating a Chinese food vlogger after she shared a livestream clip of herself eating an endangered baby great white shark.

The influencer, known as Tizi, livestreams on Douyin and Kuaishou, where she has attracted millions of followers for her bold food choices. She often consumes rarely eaten animals cooked in a large wok with spices and oil, such as an ostriches and crocodiles.

In a video clip uploaded on Tuesday, which has now been taken down from her platforms, Tizi can be seen eating the roasted tail of the baby shark while describing it as “yummy.”

She then cuts up the rest of the baby shark and boils it with various spices.

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Tizi claims in her video that the animal was bought legally and that it was “edible” and “bred in captivity.” Many internet users, however, are doubting the vlogger’s claims.

Following the backlash from her video, police in Nanchong, Sichuan province of southwest China, received an inquiry and began a probe into Tizi’s videos. She has since denied eating an endangered species and has sought legal representation.

“I bought it legally and I am looking for a lawyer. These people were talking nonsense,” Tizi told Red Star News.

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Weibo users expressed shock at Tizi’s video clip.

“After watching this person’s video, I was… speechless,” one user wrote.

“I have watched several of her videos. She eats ostriches with her two little sisters. One second they are playing happily with the ostriches, and the next second they are grabbing the ostrich's legs and chewing. Their mouths are full of oil, like two crazy zombies. [It] looks horrible,” another user commented.

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