its your fault

 It's everyones fault  ....if they did not  fuck up their  country  ...but they  will not  stop ....... until the last animal gone ....... the last river  has died ....... or polluted .........its plain stupidity...... and human greed ....... they deserve all they get.......  i have no sympathy hoo sob!!!!!!!! ..... ....

Europe's mightiest river is drying up amid a record heatwave, causing shipping issues and deepening the continent's energy woes

A cargo ship passes a sandbank near Bendorf on the Rhine. In the continuing drought of midsummer, the water level of the Middle Rhine continues to fall. Not all inland vessels can still load fully. July 18 2022
The River Rhine is used to transport cargo including grains and coal across the continent.Thomas Frey/Picture Alliance via Getty Images
  • The River Rhine is drying up amid record-breaking summer heatwaves.

  • The river, which passes through Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, is crucial for moving cargo.

  • The water level at the Rhine's bottleneck is at its lowest level in at least 15 years, Bloomberg reported.

The River Rhine, one of Europe's most important rivers which is used to transport cargo including chemicals, grains, and coal across the continent, is drying up amid record-breaking summer heatwaves.

Germany's Federal Institute of Hydrology has warned that rivers in Central Europe are at "unusually low" levels and are continuing to fall.

Much of the 800-mile Rhine passes through Germany, Europe's biggest economy, but the river also runs through Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands as well as along the border between France and Germany.

The water level at Kaub, the river's bottleneck, was 71 centimeters (just under 28 inches) on Tuesday morning, according to Germany's federal administration for waterways and shipping. When it reached 77 centimeters (30 inches) last week, it was already at the lowest level for this time of year since at least 2007, Bloomberg reported, citing government data.


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